How To Identify And Promote VRE Niches

“I just read your article on VRE and the idea sounds interesting to me. How do I identify the niches that I can build my VRE in. You also said traffic is from search engines, what about marketing in free ad sites?” – Austin

Hi Austin,

I’ll answer your question in 2 parts: 1) How to identify VRE niches; 2) Can you market VRE sites in free ad posting sites?

1) How to identify VRE niches?

For those who don’t know what VRE is, VRE stands for Virtual Real Estate. The idea is to create many content websites and monetize them, typically through Google Adsense.

In the brick and mortar world, if you own multiple real estates, you know that you can earn passive income from rentals.

In the internet world, if you own multiple “virtual” real estates (which refer quality content websites), you too can earn passive income from Google Adsense or other monetization methods.

The best part is it costs you a lot lesser to build a VRE than buying a rental property.

Ok, back to the question – How to identify VRE niches?

The standard “by the book” answer is go for niches with low competition and good demand. But that’s not what I want to discuss today.

If you are really interested, I suggest that you start building websites in the health niche, especially those that require a CURE.

Let’s say you create a website about yeast infection and you put some Adsense ad to it. There is no surprise that most of the ads will be related to yeast infection cure.

Now, when people visit your website, what are they looking for? A CURE!!

Whether they can or cannot find the answer in your website, they will want to find more CURE. What would they do? Of course, they will click on your Adsense ad that promises another cure for yeast infection.

Here is a good list of health related niche that you can work on.

2) Can you market VRE sites in free ad sites?

Technically you can market your VRE sites through any means. As I’ve always said, the key is to advertise to targeted prospects.

Personally I don’t promote my VRE sites in free ad sites, i.e. websites like classified and free ad forum. Here are my reasons:

– The traffic is short-lived. To get consistent traffic, I need to keep posting ads and that’s crazy. VRE is all about growing lazy passive income.

– I doubt the traffic from free ad sites are targeted enough. But I may be wrong, since I’ve not tried it.

To me, free ad sites are only useful for backlink building so as to boost my search engine rankings.

If you somehow hate SEO, yet you want to build VRE niches, the only traffic alternative I know is article marketing. Built VRE niches and keep submitting articles to directories. You will see consistent traffic to your website over time.

17 thoughts to “How To Identify And Promote VRE Niches”

  1. I feel that VRE does exist as an Opportunity and it is worth building a network of unique, relevant, useful content rich websites to earn income from Monetization methods like Adsense. Ofcourse it takes time but even if we make 1 site daily it results in around 365 sites over a year. And Over 700 sites after 2 years. So even if each website generates $1 per month then we have a residual monthly income of over $700 after 2 years. Sounds easy but it’s boring and requires patience. When we churnout sites of that quantity we donot expect to have 700 domains :) So the idea is to host each site as a directory at root of main site. So may be only main 2 or 3 domains can host those 700+ sites. If quality is good Adsense income can even be many times higher than just $1 per month per site :)
    I donot recommend FREE ad sites to promote VRE.
    It may violate TOS of Adsense like programs.
    I think VRE are meant for search-engines and for people who are looking for more information about a particular topic online.

  2. what about only having one to five theme sites with several info pages each? Could not this take the place of hundreds of many boring one page sites?

    1. Steve,
      VRE is not about ONE PAGE sites. Every niche site is a full-fledged info website with 20-40 quality unique contents.

  3. For those looking to get a jump on building out VRE sites rapidly with AdSense and SEO optimized sites, I found a software program that allows you to not only generate full-blown content filled rich websites in a matter of minutes, but you can also subscribe to their monthly service that will provide you with ready-made templates that you can use to create specific niche sites with in a heartbeat.

    Get this free eBook to find out more about how this software works and how you can build these VRE sites in minutes.

    You can not go wrong with this package, and the software is FREE! The only thing you pay for is IF you want to upgrade to the Gold level to get free templates and content feeds, and IF you want to subscribe to the monthly templates service. Otherwise, you can use the software for FREE all you want.

    Good luck!


  4. Folks, I think some of you are missing the point here.

    VRE involves creating lots of sites with dozens to hudreds of pages for each site. You don’t have to have a seperate domain name for each site, simply use sub-domains.

    Here is an example site that I created from scratch-to-published site in less then 30 minutes:

    Fully AdSense and SEO optimized, full of content, and dozens of content pages.

    Here you can get free software that will allow you to build sites just like this one in minutes instead of days:

    Remember, Today is Yesterday Tomorrow!
    Live every minute as if it were your last!
    Enjoy Life!


  5. Thanks Kenneth for the information,
    but would it work out ok on a review site for a product
    you are trying to sell having adsense on your site?

  6. Not to drag this out but 20 pages per site seems like a lot when you consider creating hundreds of sites. Can a host provider provide this much space to accommodate that with costing extra for hosting plan?

    Also, seems like a lot of uploading and writing etc to wait 2 years to make $700.

    Somebody tell me it’s easier please. I have 2 sites that I use adsense on, and that takes a lot of my time to keep up with.

    1. Steve,

      Email me sometime and we’ll discuss this. I can provide you with the tools to create these sites in minutes, and if you need hosting for 3.00 per month that will let you load all these files and have as many sub-domains as you like, I can help you with that as well.

      Email is wgsgator @ (without the spaces)


  7. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part :) I care for such information much. I was looking for this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  8. Well the key thing is to go for some low competitive niches and promote them in social media and search engines organically. Yeah, it will take some time but in the long run it’ll be much more profitable as once the traffic flow starts coming in, the passive way of earning through Google Adsense opens.

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