How To Find Your Own Profitable Niche In Internet Marketing?

Last week, I wrote an article called How To Find Your Own Niche In Internet Marketing.

One reader feedback to me with the following comment:

“This article addressed on finding a unique strength and then making it into IM. But it does not address on the issue on what if the niche market is too small, and there are not enough customers to feed this niche business. Customers are a reason why businesses are successful; too small a target size of customers, and the profits will sink, together with a sinking business.”

To give you a better picture, I decide to discuss this topic again.

In my last article, I said that you should understand your personal talent, leverage on that talent and convert it into your own niche in internet marketing.

So, what if your talent or strength is in a niche market that is too small and is unprofitable?

My answer is simple; just use your talent in a niche market that is big and profitable!

In internet marketing, the term niche has been commonly used to refer to a particular “niche market” and that’s why when I wrote convert your talent into a niche, some of you may think that I’m talking about converting your interest into a business.

That’s not what I mean.

Let’s look at the actual definition of a niche. A niche is a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it.

That’s what I mean.

Regardless of which “niche market” you are in, you can always make full use of your talent and carve a niche for yourself in the “niche market”.

I hope you see my point now.

I feel that the best is to give you some real-life examples:

Internet marketing expert, Derrick VanDyke, started as a programmer, helping some of the big names to do programming work. Today, he leverages on his programming talent and creates a system to help his members to build lists and make money. My observation tells me that Derrick’s strength is probably not in marketing. Neither is he a seminar person who likes to speak in front of the crowd. (No offence, Derrick.) But that doesn’t stop him from becoming one of the most successful and respectable marketers out there.

Todd Gross is a national on-air television meteorologist. Speaking in front of the video cam is like his second nature. Todd applies his talent to internet marketing and created, a powerful presale tool that converts sales like crazy.

Both of them manage to carve a niche for themselves by focusing on doing what they are good at.

So, my 3 simple steps to start your online career remain unchanged:

1) Study how the internet marketing works (This would mean joining other people’s lists, spying on how other marketers make money online, reading ebooks, watching video tutorials, spending some money and possibly losing some money. This is a stage of confusion and most people give up at this stage.)

2) While studying, see how you can fit yourself into the game. In other words, you got to find out where you can best use your talent in.

3) Convert your talent into your own niche in the internet marketing game and deploy all the best practices of traffic generation to build traffic to your online business. (Spend most of your time, money and resources to generate traffic. Nothing can happen until you start having traffic to your website.)

9 thoughts to “How To Find Your Own Profitable Niche In Internet Marketing?”

  1. I think making a blog can be easy… its keeping up with the posting that is problematic for me. (I probably just need a good schedule.) If you are not good at writing content, you can get a lot of good (some of it free) content from PLR (Private Label Rights). I know I received 100 free articles just by joining a free affiliate site at one time. I haven’t really used any of it, but have gone over it and read it, just to see what people are putting out there.

    I also think that when you are exploring your niche…go with what Kenneth says…do what your good at. Write about what you know the most about that also includes personal experience. If you are a woman it may be about child care or gardening, a guy might know a lot about maintaining a motor vehicle or fishing…just do what your good at.

    Once you have established that its time to start writing some content and saving it on your PC or disk so that you always have something handy to post.

    I think now it would be time to move on to marketing your niche…Okay Kenneth…your turn…tell us about marketing and testing the ads and everything else that goes with that…!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!

    Mrs Jones

    1. Hi Mrs Jones,

      Side track from your answer, I think you have missed the gist of my article above. I’m not saying you should turn your interest or personal experience into your niche market. That’s another topic. (Neither am I disagreeing).

      In the above article, my point is you should know what is your talent. If your talent is not in writing, don’t even bother to write. Get someone else to write for you.

      Do things that you’re good at and you’re going to be more productive that way.

      Okay, back to your baton to me, if you are talking about marketing blog, the best traffic source today is search engine and web 2.0.

      To win the search engine game, you need at least 20 good posts on your blog. Do 5 to 10 article submissions to all the big article directories and engage an article submission service to distribute to hundreds other smaller ones. This is the bear minimum.

      To win the web 2.0 game, it’s more involved. You need to do some keyword research to get some good keywords for your niche, build web 2.o pages using those keywords, link all the pages together and to your blog, cross promote all the pages and boast their rankings up the search engine at the same time!

      This is a short version of what you have to do. Do the necessary reading to find out exactly how to do it.

  2. Very interesting article clarifying
    what a niche really is.”A niche is
    a position particularly well suited
    to the person who occupies it.”Much
    like the game of chess-large market,
    your position occupying the position
    most suitable for you.Having decided
    your niche, adverts to that market
    will demonstrate your talents to the
    recipient and business may be attained.

  3. I want to add here on Mrs. Jones that as per world best blog writer you must write for a year or more without any break.
    Add some affiliate/adsense codes.Money will just pour in.
    That is difficult task. And if you employ ghost writer, they are expensive on ROI (cost & benefit). Let Keneth guide us in his expertise what we do in the current market status & competition of niche market.

  4. Agreed. Write about what you know. For me, it is Thailand – specifically the area northeast of Bangkok and that is what I write about. I also love metal detecting and have a blog about that.

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