How To Find Your Own Niche In Internet Marketing?

Knowing how to find your own niche in internet marketing is probably the most important first step in making money online.

Why do I say that?

Because everyone of us has our unique talent. It’s only when we make use of our unique talent can we excel in what we do.

Internet marketing is no different.

If you try to copy the way other people make money online, yet the method does not resonate with your natural self, you will not be able to excel in that area.

For example, some marketers make big bucks conducting seminars. My question to you is, do you like to do public speaking? If you don’t and you force yourself to do that, chances are you will not do well in it.

For me, I enjoy working with technical people, coming out with innovative systems and programs that can help people. I don’t mind spending hours with my programmer, trying to resolve some technical issues. (I know these are non-income generating activities and I should avoid them, but I enjoy the problem-solving process.) That’s me. But you may be different.

Another example. You know who Ewen Chia is right? Do you know what he enjoyed doing most before becoming a successful internet marketer? He liked to compose songs!! He could be spending nights composing songs. Now instead of composing songs, he put his talent into ‘composing’ sales letters! He likes to try out different kinds of sales letters and see which one converts better, something that I don’t enjoy doing! But if you talk PHP or HTML with him, he’ll frown.

Internet marketing is a huge industry and there’re a lot of ways through which you can use your talent.

If you are good in graphic, you can leverage on your strength and provide graphic services online. You can also upgrade your skills by learning HTML and create website templates. You can sell these templates, use them to build leads or simply create websites that make money.

If you enjoy writing, you can start a blog, create content websites and make money from Adsense or by selling affiliate products.

If you have a flair in selling, you can get freelancers to create products for you to sell. Your main focus would be to write powerful sales letters that convert!

“Kenneth, what if I’m good in nothing but I just want to make money online?”

Seriously, this is impossible. Everyone is born with a unique talent. If you haven’t found your talent, that’s because you’re too lazy to find it! No one can help you if you are lazy.

Here’s my 3 simple steps for you to start your online career:

1) Study how the internet marketing works (This would mean joining other people’s lists, spying on how other marketers make money online, reading ebooks, watching video tutorials, spending some money and possibly losing some money. This is a stage of confusion and most people give up at this stage.)

2) While studying, see how you can fit yourself into the game. In other words, you got to find out where you can best use your talent in.

3) Convert your talent into your own niche in the internet marketing game and deploy all the best practices of traffic generation to build traffic to your online business. (Spend most of your time, money and resources to generate traffic. Nothing can happen until you start having traffic to your website.)

Remember, there is no “best way” to make money online. As long as you enjoy the process, it would be the best way for you.

12 thoughts to “How To Find Your Own Niche In Internet Marketing?”

  1. Dear Kenneth! Your reasonings are logical and are correct. But you in any way do not uncover the side of this problem connected to marketing. Man, with what he was talented can not find the niche. To him this niche should be defined(determined) by the reader of his information and buyer of his products. And it frequently will not be coordinated to choice of the man looking for the niche. For example, the amateur of programming begins to notice that his incomes respond in an orb of design. He begins to draw and to connect the figures to the facsimile to pages and annoncementes (even not its, but goods of others). And the sale of these goods blows up. He by will – forcibly (can be being the not so talented artist) is forced to select not the niche for the sake of success from trade. Besides his choice can be affected by processes the authorization (saving of the copyrights on his figures, papers and other). Thus I the supporter of that choice (irrespective of approximate mine it or not mine), which faster and more effectively us to the objective of all marketing – obtaining of the high income and financial freedom, connected to him.

  2. Thanks. It’s very true that each one of us has our own special skills & talents. It’s a God-given gift to mankind.

    I totally agree with yr pt 3 – the 3 simple steps to start yr online career. And especially after we have converted our talent into our own niche, we really need to deploy all the best practices of traffic generation to generate traffic for our online business. Nothing can happen until you start having traffic to your website – how true!

    It’s a great article and so I have just posted into my blog. Thanks again.

  3. My specialty seems to be helping people. Ater working years in the State of Oregon’s welfare system I have learn how great peoples needs really are and am working to help them meet those needs.


  4. I am one of the lazy one describe by you, Kenneth.

    The very reason why I became victim of internet slogan, Just join & watch your income grow.

    Boy, what a waste of time.


  5. Yes, great articles here, Niche Marketing is separate from Mass Marketing, totally different audiences. Search Engines break it down even further, into categories that people look for when researching the internet.

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