How To Drive Traffic To A New Website?

After spending weeks to set up a website, the next challenge is, how to drive traffic to your new website?

If this is the challenge you’re facing, you are not alone. One of our members, Gina, is having the same question. Here’s her question:

“Thanks to your f.ree list builder script, I now have my own website ready. My question is, what should I do next to get traffic to my new website and build list?” – Gina

Hi Gina,

Congratulations. You are one of the few action takers. Most people can’t even pass the stage of building a website.

Before you start to drive traffic to your new website, you need to get a second opinion on the website. Just get your siblings and close friends to take a look at your website, subscribe to the list and go through the entire sales process. Ask them for their opinions. Now, 99% of the time, they are going to say they are not interested in your offer. That’s expected because they are not your target audience. You just want them to comment on the look and feel of your website. You want to make sure that your new website looks professional in the eyes of others.

Once you know that you have a well-designed and working website, you are ready to drive traffic to it.

First, if you have a list, promote it to your own list. You can use this chance to test how well your new website is converting.

You can also advertise in places that can get you targeted traffic. (If your website is in the internet marketing niche, you can subscribe to our PRO membership. That will usually get you 400-500 traffic every month.)

Initially, you may have to modify your squeeze page and sales letter to improve the conversion rate. Once you are comfortable with the conversion rate, you can then increase your advertising budget. You can also start looking for JV partners to promote your website.

When looking for JV partners, you can start by emailing the small time marketers in your niche with your JV proposal. A good place to start is Google. Search for some active blogs in your niche and contact the bloggers. With our list builder script, it shouldn’t be hard for you to seek JV partners. You are basically asking people to give away a useful product to their lists and let them earn commissions from OTO sales. Bloggers or list builders are always looking for good things (contents or free gifts) to give to their subscribers. If you have something userful and free, and can help them to make money, many of them will be interested to partner with you.

In your JV proposal, tell them that you’ve tested your sales copy and the conversion is XX%. You need to convince them that your system is proven and can help them to make money, providing values to their subscribers at the same time.

Continue to advertise and strike out JV deals. That should keep you busy for a couple of months.

Meanwhile, you should make it an effort to continuously improve on the squeeze page and sales letter. In particular, you should add more testimonials to the sales letter as you receive them. This will further boost the conversion rates.

If you do not have a blog, I also encourage you to start one. It’s a good platform for you to foster better relationship with your list. With a blog, you can also start looking into other traffic strategies such as search engine optimization, which is a big topic by itself.

For other traffic strategies such as article marketing, forum marketing etc, you can use them as part of your effort to build links for search engine optimization. These are slow but consistent way to drive traffic to your website, but they are not likely to make an immediate impact in short run.

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    When anyone have new website, traffic generation is most challengable part. As you suggested JV partners is good, but also as I think Article marketing & commneting is best & easy way generate traffic to any website. It is simple that when squeeze page is well designed with good offers one can build massive list in a short time.

    Thanks for informative article.


  2. Hi Ken, great Blog again, I always leave your blog with a few nuggets.

    I recently made a splash/capture page that is #1 on Google for “your fun job”, and did it with No viral Ad’s or Marketing at all. Now that surprised me a bit.

    Ok, so now I will follow your wisdom for some Traffic!
    LeadsLeap is Fun also.

    Thank you,
    SEO PRO -Tim Henderson, Atl

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  4. Hi Kenneth,

    Great advice on driving traffic to her site. Though I’ve never used JV partners on marketing campaigns, it sounds like a good way to score unique backlinks and boatloads of traffic. I’d also add that a good squidoo page can be a great asset to any online marketing campaign. I just created one to drive targeted traffic to my affiliate programs.

  5. All great stuff! My favorite and most rewarding ways to drive traffic to my websites and affiliate programs are, of course LeadsLeap, and my blog. All other techniques explained above are of course as good, but one has to use what he/she is comfortable with.

  6. Hi Kenneth,

    Some very good info. Finding JV partners is a daunting task for a lot of new marketers but there are resources that can help. But for those ready to get started immediately, might be an option.

    The one thing I have found is that advertising is very time-consuming. And driving traffic to a new website can be a full-time job. So look for avenues that allow you to set-it and forget-it, even if you have to pay for it. It will be worth the money for the time you save if you can afford it.

    Also, consider starting an affiliate program for your new website/product. It is one of the fastest ways to get both traffic and sales.

    Lynne Gordon

    1. Hi Sagar,

      Are you a member of LeadsLeap? This is an excellent opportunity for you to join us and show us your PPC ads!

      You are right now on our PR7 rated Blog! This brings a lot of traffic to your site also…but go here and join LeadsLeap:


      Welcome aboard!

      Lynne Gordon

  7. Well Sagar, you couldn’t be in a better place. Look around the LeadsLeap website, especially the blog, and ask questions. Experienced eMarketers love to help newbies, so go for it Sagar.


  8. When designing a new website you need to be mindful of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When I started my Online Auction Website I did not get the traffic that I hoped for.

    I did lots of research on SEO and realized that including those techniques while developing my website would certainly have helped.

  9. I’ve just started to promote my new website, and I had’nt considered List building and JV partnerships.Perhaps I should now take a closer look at this type of promotion in more detail

  10. What a GREAT post! Thanks again Kenneth! This goes right to the heart of what a lot of people want to know.

    I agree that driving traffic is one of the most challenging tasks a new webmaster can face…but it is not impossible.

    The thing to remember, in my opinion, is that you will probably not go from having 5 visitors today and a million tomorrow. But if you use the ‘DRIP’ process, you can find your visitors, conversions and sales growing every day.

    The key is to advertise, advertise, advertise. There are thousands of places to advertise(many are free) and they are excellent starting places for a new webmaster.

    A really good tip is to use the keyword you want to be ranked for in the ‘name’ field when you post on blogs that are in the same genre or niche as your primary business. It will help you to get ranked for that particular keyword. I didn’t because my primary business is not B2B and it would appear irrelevant in a business blog, I think.

    So, when you find your formula that works for you, simply rinse and repeat.

  11. I have been doing some of your suggested tips and they work great. There are a lot of ways to make one’s website known. And the really effective tools have been discussed in this post such as testimonials. Nothing could persuade a prospective buyer more than a convincing testimonial that the product can guarantee quality and satisfaction. Invest your time learning some of these ideas and it will be a time well spent.

  12. I have been trying and banging my head a lot and all over the web trying to learn how too build organic traffic and finally get sales. I feel like I could about write an ebook on my journey through the W W Web.

    I have actually passed by this site before and have had the fortune to circle back around to it now.

    Thanks for the advice. Fingers crossed. Website waiting.

  13. Traffic is always a challenge for internet marketers. You never can be satisfied with enough of it. I have found that whatever you do for traffic, consistent work is key. I have been getting good results with SEO, but it took lots of content, investing, learning, work, and time. But worth it very much. Last I checked I am page 1 on Google for this program!
    I have been getting good traffic to my blogs, offers, landing pages, etc using several different strategies. Solo ads, content, blogging, article marketing, social media, posting in social media groups, SEO, traffic exchanges, banner ads, text ads, retargeting pixels and paid advertising, and it all adds up. If you pick one strategy at a time, and master it, it only gets more fun as time goes by.
    This is a great blog and good place to get some answers and info. Just another feature that members can take advantage of and boost the value of LeadsLeap!

  14. You will have natural traffic to your website if you have good content. The traffic you get to your website matters a lot and I know that. But you cannot expect good traffic in the first two months itself. it will take some time.

  15. Social media is the buzz word for getting traffic quickly. Twitter and instagram are huge. I am actually studying courses on how to use these programs effectively. Still working on my website.

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