How To Create An Online Business

Today we are going to continue our discussion on how to create an online business using the free LeadsLeap M.Y.O.B List Builder Script.

Let’s recap what we’ve discussed so far…

In our previous discussion on What Are The Steps In Creating An Online Business, I told you that there are only 3 steps in creating an online business. They are:

1. Choose an online business model
2. Create a website to deliver the model
3. Promote the website.

Out of these 3 steps, the most important step is Step Number One, choosing an online business model.

Your online business model can make or break your entire business. It determines whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or prospering everyday.

I’ve also showed you a powerful business model that can help you to build a list and make immediate cash at the same time.

I need to emphasize the importance of making immediate cash. The cash is not for you to keep. It’s for you to fund your expansion plan and advertising costs.

Recently someone come out with a new term called “Funded Proposal”. The idea is to build a list and entice your new prospect to purchases a low cost product. The profit from this initial sale is used to cover your marketing cost, which means the prospect has essentially paid for itself to be on your list.

The idea of a funded proposal can easily be achieved with the M.Y.O.B List Builder Script.

In another previous discussion on How to Create Profitable Business Ideas, I have shown you how to create an irresistible one-time-offer. If you combine the idea into the script and putting everything together, you will build yourself a powerful “fully funded” online business.

Ok, enough recap.

Today, I want to show to how to structure your online business. It can be a little technical, but it’s important.

When you create an online business, you have to make sure that your business model is created for different traffic sources. The reason is obvious – you want to get traffic from as many sources as possible.

First, you must understand that different traffic sources are good for different business models. Say if you have a blog, you can’t really use traffic exchange or PPC advertising to drive traffic there. Well, technically you can, but you are not keeping the traffic. The traffic will simply ‘flow through’ your blog.

Or if you have a squeeze page, you can’t really get much traffic from the search engine because there are very few keywords you can optimize with just 1 squeeze page.

So when you create an online business, you have to take a multiple prong approach. Here’s my “Best Of Trio” proposal:

1) Install the M.Y.O.B. script as the home page.

This is your main offer page where you give away a “too-good-to-reject” offer.

You can promote this page with almost any traffic generation methods, from PPC advertising, traffic exchange all the way to article marketing.

2) Install a wordpress blog under a sub-directory, say

This blog serves two purposes:

i) It will eventually become a magnet to the search engine traffic.

ii) It’s a great way for you to communicate with your list and build rapport.

3) Start your own affiliate program.

With the M.Y.O.B List Builder Script, you can easily run your own affiliate program. Having your own affiliate program is important because it allows you to leverage on another powerful traffic generation method, i.e. viral marketing.

For example, you can get the Master Rebranding Rights to Affiliate ID Manager and give it to your affiliates. They in turn will give it away to other people in an effort to make some affiliate commissions and promote their other programs at the same time.

I hope you can now see that with the Trio working together, you will be able to get traffic from almost every traffic source available online. This is my proposal of how everyone can create an online business, especially a “built-to-last” and “profitable-from-the-start” online business. Set up your own Trio and start your own online business today!

27 thoughts to “How To Create An Online Business”

  1. All good advice Kenneth thankyou. I believe that a lot of people stand off the devlopment of membership sites and blogs etc. Infact anything that needs maintaining. I myself have been guilty of this in the past so I understand only to well the reasons why? In answer to this though, there are lots of software program’s that help with content and management in these area’s. The main gains obviously come from the increased leverage that You have with a number of members/affiliates promoting for You.

  2. Thanks Kenneth again for your help, i successfully installed the script and looking for a offer too good to reject, but i think this is the biggest challenge and i remember you recommended that the best is to create a unique product, but for newbies like me, we need more information and orientation. There are thousands of products been offering by many marketers and most of them are almost the same. What to do? i understand that not all is saturated there must to be something new to give. I been thinking about how to create a new product (software for example) but how if you are not an expert in programs or a guru?

    Thanks again and God bless you.

    Alfonso Ruiz

    1. Who defines a guru? Someone who stands on the stage to give a presentation? Or someone who create tons of products to sell on the internet? Or someone who really makes lots of money on the internet? (Who is there to verify?)
      If you decide to be THE GURU, you are the guru! Keep on saying “I’m a newbie” is simply another excuse that losers use.
      To all GURUS out there,

  3. Thanks Keneth,

    Step 1, step 2, step 3. This sounds like a good plan to adopt. Am just getting started and am still working on step 1. I am a newbie and to this point I have not had a real plan in place. Your blog is helping me to get one started.

    Will be checking in frequently.


  4. Kenneth

    I wawnt to thank you for your help.
    I am a new newbie to all this and your wisdom and
    knowledge helps a great deal. Someday I will get
    some of it figured out and get something going.
    Keep up the great work…Tnx…Chet

  5. Hey guys, Ken is not lying here. I used to be in a program called the InsideBlueprint which was also known as It had a self funded proposal which then led people to the main program after they paid $7. To make a long story short, I would earn anywhere from $100-$600 a day with that little program. All I did was place Solo-Ads. Since I made the money back really fast, I could place Solo-Ads everyday without going over my budget.

    Good info Ken.

  6. Awesome post! That is true when you create an online business, you have to make sure it is great for different traffic sources. You can not depend on just one traffic source like Google or Facebook.

  7. thanks for sharing this such great info well i was looking forward to do a online busnies but still thinking about . but now after reading your artciles i think im ready to do a great one.

  8. Great post, Your article shows tells me you must have a lot of background in this topic. Can you direct me to other articles about this? I will recommend this article to my friends as well. Keep it up.

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