How To Come Out With Innovative Ideas That Sell

Many people can come out with innovative ideas. But coming out with innovative ideas that sell requires some skills. Today, I’m going to show you how to do it.

There are only 3 steps to follow:

1) Find a hot market with lots of buyers

2) Identify the limitation of existing products in the market

3) Think of an innovative solution to overcome that limitation (Tips: the innovative solution is usually a combination of two existing solutions!)

That’s it. If you follow these 3 steps, you will be able to come out with innovative ideas that can easily make you money.

Let me show you how others, including myself, use these 3 steps to come out with profitable ideas.

In the 90s, someone came out with a viral lead building system known as a Safelist system. In this system, everyone in the system is able to send emails to each other, and hence the name “Safe List”, i.e. a list that is safe to send emails to. When it first started, everyone was excited because suddenly, they can reach out to thousands of people for free. However, what they didn’t realize was at the same time, they were receiving thousands of other emails from other members too!

Soon, people realized that their emails were flooded and they started to think of alternatives. A simple solution was to redirect those emails to free accounts such as Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

Guess what, the trick soon spread throughout the industry and everyone started doing the same thing.

The end result was, everyone was trying to email to everyone but no one was reading any email!

As you can see, lead generation is a hot market. But the existing ‘Safelist’ solution has a big problem. People do not want to flood their emails.

Here comes the idea maker who thought of a solution to this problem……

In 2000, a renowned internet marketing guru, John Reese, came out with an ingenious system. He combined the idea of safelist and network system. In his novel system, members can send emails to their 10 levels of members. Let me explain……

For example, A1 recruits B1 and B2 who become A1’s level 1. B1 and B2 then recruit C1, C2, C3, C4 who become A1’s level 2 and so on. It’s something like your referral structure at EmailCashPro. To A1, he will be able to send emails to all the Bs, Cs, Ds, Es, Fs…. all the way to the 10th level.

This is a powerful system because in this system, the maximum number of emails each member can receive is limited to 10, since only the immediate 10 uplines can send emails to the member. But the member can email to thousands of people in his 10 levels of network. If you don’t get what I mean, take out a piece of paper and work out the maths. It’s not hard to figure out.

John’s ingenious system has shaped the lead generation industry. Today, many other lead generation programs use a similar system to build leads.

What John did was he took the safelist idea, which is an existing system but with a limitation, and combined it with network building system, which is another existing system. I hope you can see that nothing truly innovative is created here. He merely combined two systems into one in order to overcome the limitation of the safelist system.

John’s system solved the problem of members’ emails being flooded with thousands of emails. However, members in the system still have to receive emails from their 10 uplines in the system, which is still obtrusive and annoying. In reality, many people in such system still divert their emails to junk accounts.

There you have it. Another limitation that is waiting for someone to overcome.

This time, I grabbed this opportunity to create a system that allows members to build leads without having to receive any email from any member in the system. You may have guessed it by now. Yes, the system is called LeadsLeap.

Basically, I took John’s system, which is already an improved version of the safelist system, and combined it with contextual advertising system. For those who don’t know what is contextual advertising, go to and do a search for “birthday gift”. Look at the advertisements on the right hand side. Those are contextual ads.

In a nutshell, members of will not have to receive emails from any other members in the system. They will only receive info-packed newsletters (now info-packed blog) from me.

The twist in the system is that I allow members to post their contextual ads in my newsletter. To a member, besides reading high quality newsletters, he will also see the contextual ads posted by his 10 uplines. He can click on the contextual ads in the newsletter if he is interested in the ad. If not, he can just read my newsletter and learn more about making money online.

Again, nothing truly innovative has been created. I simply combine two existing systems into one in order to overcome the limitation of John’s system.

That’s it. 3 simple steps you can use to come out with innovative ideas that sell!

Make use of these 3 steps. The next winning innovative idea can be from you!

43 thoughts to “How To Come Out With Innovative Ideas That Sell”

  1. And yet another great article Kenneth and I love the topic. You make it sound so obvious and simple. I suggest for those who don’t quite understand to read this as many times as it takes for the idea to set in. This is extremely valueable information!

  2. Well said Kenneth! It does pay to think out of the box. But very few people do it. Most of them try to be followers. Secret lies in becoming a Leader & making Leaders. Innovation has it’s own risks but is very profitable when done correctly. I love this blog for high value content. Folks, let us make sure that we apply what we learn here :)

  3. One can see how John Reese became a household name with innovative solutions like that but the concept still doesn’t stand up against the best email list solution which is simply to build your own subscriber list by providing an opt in box on your website or blog or in a pop-up.

    Slow but sure is the way I like to grow my subscriber database!

  4. Kenneth

    Thanks for a truly educational article about how someone like me could apply a simple three step formula for hatching the next-big-thing on the net. And why not?

    Any one of us involved in this crazy business of generating business online has an almost equal opportunity for breaking the mould and releasing a ‘new’ problem solving concept for the masses.

    I want to recommend a couple of book titles to help with the creative thinking process. These books have proven ‘life-savers’ for me many times in the past when I’ve been working on radio advertising campaigns for very demanding clients with high expectations.

    1/ A Whack on the Side of the Head – by Roger von Oech.
    The ‘how-to’ bible for creative thinking in my opinion.
    Von Oech suggests that we force our selves to be creative by associating whatever problem we’re trying to deal with at any given time with some randomly-selected “oracle.” You can have the powerful mind of a creative genius if you follow von Oech and his simple strategies. It’s a fun read too!

    2/ Creative Thinking with Tony Buzan – by Tony Buzan.
    Tony Buzan gives us the most user-friendly creative thinking tool ever. It’s the Mind Map. Tony is the Father of ‘Mind Mapping’ and I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about building a successful online business to read any of Tony Buzan’s books.

    When we seek to create something new either by coming up with a totally brand new concept or by modifying an existing set of circumstances as a starting point the one tool we all need to rely on is the tool residing above our shoulders – our brains!

    By firstly trusting that our ‘neck-top computer’ knows more than we think it knows we quickly set the foundation for releasing wonderful new ideas and concepts for all sorts of plans and projects. You will blow yourself away at times and wonder ‘did I really come up with that?’.

    I suppose the proof is always in the results. I have released a new Report to share some of the best ideas for success that I have picked up from my 20+ years of working at the highest levels of sales, marketing, advertising and promotions. I keep no secrets and pull back the curtain on some litle known gems of ideas for making money online.

    It’s a new pdf Report I wrote especially for my site Members who are new to internet marketing and are curious about making money online. I would be happy to send the Report to any LeadsLeap members who would like to have a copy.

    To get a copy of my free pdf Report, ‘Making Money Online . . . Anyone Can Do This!’ go directly to my site:-

    Best wishes
    Michael Searles
    Online Business Developer

  5. Kenneth, You have opened the tidal gate of opportunities! This system is the best so far I have ever seen in all my years in internet marketing. Thank you again, Kenneth. God Bless.

  6. I recently found Leadleap and my first impression is, it’s phenomenal.

    Because of the overload on the Internet, sometimes (at least in my case) you have to swallow up some C. before finding a real pearl. Thanks Kenneth.

    Search the net and find whatever you need.
    From music to fishing accessories and everything in between.
    Search Right Here More Than 1600 pages of free tips

  7. This is really impressive stuff. However, I would advocate a move from what to how. For example, walk through the process of creating a product from the initial idea.

    Following Such a strategy will add a lot more value to people’s/member’s understand of what you are trying to get across.

    Finally, I do believe that people do have ideas even great ones but they simply don’t know how to take their respectives ideas forward to the commercial stage and make money from them.

    1. This is a fabulous idea! The blog has so many helpful ideas and the program works! Leads leap is one of those tools I’ve had on the backburner for far too long. I only just, this past few days, woke up to its true lead building, business generating potential.

  8. Leads leap is one of those tools I’ve had on the backburner for far too long. I only just, this past few days, woke up to its true lead building, business generating potential. I have subscribed to the Pro Membership and i will be carefully evaluating its impact on my own bottom line over the next couple of months. Good luck all!

  9. Very good article. I´m from Costa Rica, I want to know what options do we (as innovators) have to implement an innovative product? ….Investors?…Bank? What would be the best option?
    Thank you

  10. Thanks Ken,

    I am new here,and i just want to say that this article is awesome,Ihave been feeling my way through On-line marketing for a little over two months now,

    and there have been times that i have opened my mail and deleted the whole page at times the whole box,

    Reasons being it was too overwhelming trying to cope with all the mail that was accumulated there,in just a few hours,

    I know that there would probably have been something that i would have wanted to see,but just did not have the energy to navigate through all that traffic,

    And i won`t fool myself that the few mails that i send out will always be read either,

    That`s why i`m grateful to hear you say that the amount of mail from leadslead that is delivered to our box is limited

    Now i think i`ll change my email address,so that mail from this community will get through to me on a timely manner,

    Thanks guys,i can see already that i`m going to like my stay here,and i`d like to remind my community that,

    Faith is:Things hoped for, That are not seen,But known to be true.

    Love Marshm…..

  11. This has to be one of the most effective
    post’s that I’ve have seen yet, Great
    post I will be visiting often for more
    great info from this post. Thanks keep
    up the great work..

  12. Just wanted to mention I am real happy with Leads Leap.. I have just started, but four hits, four new customers that now know that even when something is Free such as my Company & yours does not always mean the Company does not perform or care at that level.. I am very proud to be with you folks..

    Thank you.


  13. Well said Kenneth – Great minds think alike.
    Perhaps you would like to spread some more of your wisdom at:

    The above link has nothing to do with making money online – or does it?

    I have been internet marketing for almost 10 years now and make a very good full time living from the comfort of my own home.

    I have found the #1 hurdle that you have to overcome when promoting anything online is How To Get Good Traffic to your sites.

    Everything you are developing Kenneth helps us to achieve that.
    Thanks for all your great info.



  14. Kenneth Your absolutely brilliant and that’s why I’m a member of LeadsLeap. I try to avoid Safelist and concentrate on the contextual ad and newsletter concepts. I have found that I have been able to build a list of very responsive people who are doing exactly what I do. This system along with my other two similar systems are working wonders.
    Thanks for all you do!

  15. Innovation is the key to LeadsLeap’s success, the fact that building yourself a list is every marketers desire, the email equation is the real winning benefit of the system. The fact that your email will not be flooded with other marketers emails makes LeadsLeap very attractive and different. Also, once you dive into the system all of the awesome features of the program really let you know that this is absolutely a totally different and highly powerful…

  16. Thanks Kenneth for sharing the power of this system. which in my opinion is something that has been long sought after in this Industry. The simplicity it self is a genuis idea. Anyone wishing to come in from the herd should pay attention to how to do it. Thanks again for insights.

  17. building yourself a list is every marketers desire, the email equation is the real winning benefit of the system.

    The fact that your email will not be flooded with other marketers emails makes

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