How I Get Back My Top 10 In Google Effortlessly

Today I’m going to share with you how I get one of my old websites back to top 10 in Google, spending very little time and money.

But before I tell you what I did, let me give you a brief background about this particular website.

I have a niche website that I created back in 2004 and it has been in the top 10 in Google for a competitive keyword for years.

To give you some idea, that ‘single word’ keyword gives 6,900,000 results in Google, i.e. more than 6 million websites are fighting for that keyword.

A few months back, I realized that the sales from the website dropped. I suspected that my ranking in Google had probably dropped. Indeed, it dropped out of the first page into the second page. The exact ranking was 12th position. Just missed the top 10 by 2 positions.

To regain my top position, I needed to get lots of backlinks fast.

Thus, about 2 months back, I engaged a freelancer to submit the website to 1000 link directories for less than $30. That’s all I did.

A few days ago, I realized that sales from the website increased. I went to Google and checked. Indeed, I’m back to the top 10. I’m now in the 7th position.

From this experience, I once again prove that directory submission is still a viable promotion method.

Some Advice In Website Creation

When I first started creating niche websites to profit from Adsense and affiliate sales, I followed the advice of the ‘experts’ – follow your interest.

I wrote very good articles and each website took me one month of intensive effort!

Soon, very soon in fact, I ran out of interested topics and I had nothing to write. It took me a while before I decided to create websites using Private Label Articles.

I’m glad that I made that decision.

The traffic and earnings from some of the websites created using Private Label Articles outperform those ‘sweat and toil’ websites I’ve created.

For example, one of the websites I’ve created using Private Label Articles is now consistently generating more than $500 a month from Adsense. The highest record was $700 in one month. It took me only a few hours to create the website and a few hours to promote it.

I’ve tried at least 4 different Private Label Article services in the market and there is only 1 that worth my time and investment. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), that website will be closed on 30th June 2008, i.e. it will stop accepting new members after 30th June 2008 (but existing members will still continue to receive new articles). When it reopens, probably after 3-4 months time, the same service will cost you double.

If you are just starting out but are committed to build some passive income online, I suggest you grab this PLR service that I use before it’s closed to the public and ‘naively’ follow the instructions laid out by them, especially their 90-day challenge as well as my step by step guide. If you can just do that, you will thank me one year from now.

16 thoughts to “How I Get Back My Top 10 In Google Effortlessly”

  1. Hey Ken,
    I agree I just had one of my niche affiliate products listed in a directory for around $30. and it will be listed for a year. They also make sure its listed in the top 10 across 100s of ISDN search engines and web directories. It just makes sense when you have other obligations, but want to make sure you keep an upper hand with your older promotions. Great stuff!

  2. Hi Kenneth, i got an email from google and they have teamed up with a surf site called ASD, pretty cool system. Keep in touch! Thanks for the forums buddy!

  3. Incoming links are still the king. Getting them from article submissions, directory submissions, forum participation, and blog commenting should be everyones number two priority right behind list building.

  4. One thing about my mlmtoolkit is that one of the bonus sites that is featured is mine perhaps you should take a look? Just click on my name and sign up!

  5. Hi, Do you have any good e-book to give a step by step guidance in building or starting an adsense?
    — Can we have lots of website under one account for google adsense?

  6. Excellent advice. Its not just about general link building. Its good to check the sites page rank is over 3+ to ensure if gives your site the highest possible score and quality relevency to the user search giving you a better top 10 rank

    1. SEO requires patience. You’ll never know when Google upgrades its ranking. Also, it depends on the extend of your effort. For example, to test if a strategy works, if I apply the strategy to all my websites (about 100 of them), I can see the result in less than a month, if it works. But if you test a strategy on one or two websites, you may not see any effect because you simply do not have enough statistic to prove whether a method works.

  7. Greetings Kenneth, Thomas Richmond here, one thing i did forget to meantion, the software search engine that i use and own is one of the top on market today delivering to at least 700.000 thousand top rated search engines on the planet. I also change our keywords every three months to stay on top of all inquiries in the searches people use the most. Google is rated number one at the moment hence the blog you have created. Wishing you a safe and awesome week with your family and friends Kenneth. Happy Thanksgiving is this week in America. God_bless you :)

  8. I think to maintain our search results position is a big job these days, if we lost some, very hard to compensate
    Please not websites are getting more and more, they share keywords, articles, and contents

  9. Hi Kenneth,
    I’m just getting my one and only website off the ground. A freelancer that does 1000 link directories for less than $30 sounds like a deal. Could please please share his/her contact info? You can email me directly if you want to keep it confidential.
    Many Thanks

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