How an internet newbie made $3311.40 in 24 hours.

I just came back from my meeting with Calvin Woon, an internet newbie who made $3311.40 in just 24 hours. I’m going to show you exactly how he did it.

Here’s a summary of how he did it……

The basic idea is he offered a software at Warrior Special Offer (aka WSO) and 100 marketers took up the offer. After some time, he offered a blow out sale (basically a software bundle) to these 100 marketers in his list and made $3311.40 in less than 24 hours.

Sounds simple? No quite because there are a few important factors that contributed to his success. Let me go through the details now:

WSO is a section in the famous Warrior Forum. Many internet marketing experts hang out there looking for cheap but good deals. To make the marketers interested in your offer, you really need to think of something unique. In Calvin’s case, he offered a viral software. To his amazement, many renowned internet marketers took up the offer. Now he has got internet marketing gurus in his list!

What is so special about his viral software? Why are the gurus interested in the software?

Basically, it is a keyword research software. The true power doesn’t lie in the software application but its viral feature. Within the software, he allows the marketers to rebrand 4 banner ads and 2 text ads into the software. And he allows the marketers to give away the software to whoever they like.

Can you see what is happening here?

Imagine you own this viral keyword research software. You rebrand the software with your banner ads and text ads and give this software away to other people. This software will be passed on to hundreds and then thousands of people. Your banner and text ads will be shown to these people every time they use the software. Can you see how viral this can be?

But that’s not all. When these people see the power of the software and want to buy the rebrandable version, which is sold for $37, you will make 100% commission i.e. $37!!

I hope you are starting to see the power of this viral software. That is the reason why other internet marketing gurus are interested in this special offer.

They bought the software, rebranded it with their banner and text ads and distributed it to their list, allowing their list to pass it to whoever they like! At the same time, they kept 100% of the sales of the rebrandable version.

Personally, I think this is a damn smart idea. How I wish I was the one who came out with this idea.

Back to how he made $3311.40.

WSO is a place for you to bait big fish. Once you get the big fish, you have to continue adding values to them. For Calvin, he continues to give his customers free software, just to thank them for taking up the offer. The BIG bait came when he bundled 3 of his other viral software and offered them through a special pricing system. In the system, the pricing started at $37, but after every sale, the price will increase by 20 cents!

See the trick? Either you get it now or you pay a higher price later!

Guess what was the conversion rate for the offer? More than 50% of them bought the software bundle! The gurus were hooked.

Here’s an interesting side story. Calvin launched his blow out sales on the same day and at the same time when Ewen Chia (the world’s No.1 super affiliate) launched his super affiliate membership! Initially, he was worried if that would affect his sales. But guess what, when he launched his blow out sales on 1st December 12pm EST, he was amazed to see that the first sale was from Ewen!! LOL.

Calvin didn’t just stop at the blow out sales. Once the marketers took up the offer, they were offered an upsell package, which is an annual membership which allows them to get 1 brand new rebrandable viral software every month for a year!

Another 50% of them took up this upsell package.

So in total, he made $3311.40 in 24 hours. The entire campaign actually made him more than $10,000.

That’s it. Calvin had no list to start with, no JV partner, no affiliates and was totally unknown in the world of internet marketing. But he managed to achieve this with a simple idea and some smart marketing strategies I’ve shared with you earlier.

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  1. Hi

    I’ve never posted to a blog before, but they said I need to put my url in here in order for a miracle to happen. I’m ready for a miracle or two in my internet efforts, so let’s just see what happens. Consider it posted. :-)

  2. Now take a look at the three fatal mistakes of affiliate marketers:

    1. Don’t send your prospects directly to an affiliate website

    Don’t send your prospect directly to the website without offering any free benefit to the visitor because there is a possibility that the consumer will not like the product and close the website without even buying a single product. Now you have lost this consumer forever because it is obvious that the next time he will choose to visit another site.

    If you want your visitors to visit the website again and again, offer them some kind of free benefit like free gifts, software or e-books. You can send them a free newsletter or weekly horoscope at their email address. If you are successful in grabbing their email address, then you can send them advertisements on their email address on a regular basis too.

    2. Don’t Create a Website Full of affiliate links, flashy banners and Ads

    If your website is full of affiliate links, lots of flashy banners and other advertisements then your visitor may become confused and he may simply leave your website. People like to see the clear and easy to understand websites. Just put an honest product review to get the visitor’s attention. Try to put text ads instead of flashy and graphical ads. Researches have proved that text links are more successful than flashy banners. People like to see what they want and not the fancy graphics. Also the load time of simple websites is much faster in comparison to full graphics, loaded websites. People like to visit the sites that opens in seconds. So be simple and be focused.

    3. Commission theft

    Commission theft is one of the biggest drawbacks in this field. Although, it is not possible to eliminate it completely, you can use some tricks to minimize it. Cloaking and redirecting of affiliate links are the options for you in this situation.

    Usually the affiliate links contain the affiliate id of affiliates at the end of merchant website’s URL. An example is:

    This is not a good style. Any person can easily drop your “aff_id” part from the above link and can visit the merchant website to make sales. In this case the sales are made but you are not credited. The solution of this problem is “cloaking”. After cloaking your affiliate link will be like:


    In conclusion, an affiliate marketer should try to avoid the common fatal mistakes to become successful in this field. Always try to collect the email addresses of your website visitors by offering them some free gifts like newsletters etc. Then use their email addresses to start your advertisement campaigns. Try to design your website really simple and easy to understand for the visitors. People don’t like the fancy graphics when they are searching for something to buy. And don’t forget to cloak your affiliate links to get the maximum benefit. By avoiding these main mistakes you can start earning sooner.

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  3. Hi, I’m a newbie at this Blogging thing. I havn’t looked at the tutorial yet so I don’t know if I can advertise anything.

    It’s scary when you’re new, isn’t it? I just started internet marketing in Jan 08 and have lots to learn about the internet business world.

    I just want to be able to stay home and have the checks come to be, don’t you?

    1. Rosemary, my thoughts almost exactly. I have been dabbling with internet stuff for years, gained virtually nothing, still classify myself a ‘newbie’ and will do until I EARN something. But all is not lost, I have found a site from which I learned much, receive mentoring and it actually markets Internet Marketer Education. To top it off, we have all become ‘buddies’ from all parts of the world and I look forward to ‘spreading the word’ so to speak. good luck in your endeavours.

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  5. I can only hope I’m so lucky I don’t know if I qualify as being a newbie or not. I’ve dabbled on and off with Internet marketing for a few years. I’d buy a product or program, set up a web site and sit back waiting for the money to pour in. Of course, it never did and the project would die. Sound familiar? I was working full time, taking care of a family, and I told myself I didn’t have time to really be an Internet guru. So I quit dabbling.

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  7. Hello everyone! We are new at this–but everyone is new sometime, right? After 3 years as professional drivers we have left the road to re-enter the entrepreneurial world. There is sure a lot to learn!

    This is a very helpful place to be and we are going forward quickly. Go ahead, fire your boss! The only control you have is over your own future.

    We are meeting new people and seizing new opportunities daily. Our energy is peak and our health is bountiful. We’d rather work 24/7 for ourselves, than for a boss, ANY DAY!

    Look forward to talking to all of you! Here’s to good health!

    Smiles, Richard and Marcy

  8. I also have been dabbling on the internet with little success. I have had more success in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. Most of it has been from free traffic exchanges. Check it out: It takes alot of time and patience to get things going your way sometimes.
    Have a great day!
    David Holbrook

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    1. Gaynor,

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  10. Article very interesting, but after years of trying and being stung I have been very skeptical of anything that is said or published on making money on the internet. What can the little guy believe?

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I am so tired of losing money signing up for programs hoping just once that one of them would work. I found one that does work, but there is also a whole lot of work that goes with it, talking to people, weekly presentations, one-on-one meetings,etc. I wish I could find something that works where I don’t have to do all of those things. It pisses me off everytime I see one of these informercials, I made $5,000 yesterday…it just makes me feel so disgusted and fed up, but then I think if it can happen for them it can happen for me. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m wasting my time, honestly…I’m starting to believe them.

      1. HI Elaina,
        There are home businesses out there that do work.
        Believe it or not, it does take work to get them going, but once they get moving it becomes easier. It is like getting a locomotive moving. Most of the energy/work in done just to get the locomotive moving, once it is up to speed it is almost effortless. Not every business is right for everyone. Unfortunately, you will need to find the right one for you. I don’t believe there is a get rich quick opportunity that is right for me. Believe in yourself, be the person that you want to be, do the actions that this successful person would do,then you will have the success that you expect. BE-DO-HAVE. Don’t wait till you HAVE it to feel successful. Remember, success is a feeling, not the sum of money in the bank, or the car, or the house – It is a feeling of possessing these things.
        It is the feeling of health and love.
        These are only my opinions. Thanks for reading.

        “It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.”

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  12. I’d love to promote this. I’m so new to this kind of marketing and can use all the help I can get.

    Abundant blessings, conscious awareness and lightness of being

  13. It’s wonderful. I want to start immediately.

    Abundant blessings. conscious awareness and lightness of being

  14. I was thinking today that there is no venue on the web for the harvesting of collective intent and need. I have absolutely no funds to risk and my time management is severely challenged. There has to be a way for team work to become real currency. I have not found it and I would love for any one to share the venue with me. I am looking for a forum where knowledge is freely shared and real opportunity is sold at micro-currency prices. Sharing costs and workload across
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  16. Thank you for all the great blogs I have found them all very helpful & informative. I appreciate everything that leads leap does to help us all get better results no matter what program we are using or promoting.


  18. hi every body am a newbie to internet market, how do i make money through Google adsense, i have copied and pasted the code but how do i publish it. Please could someone direct me.Anyway ive seen a site that is well explained with tutorials , this site enables you to generate 12 streams of income.Its called the spiderweb marketing system. visit my site www, to learn more about it.

    1. Hi, have just joined and Have got a website with GDI but the only thing is that I am a Real Newbie and have not got a clue of how to set up the website and add my affiliate URL ,so if there is anybody out there who can Explain to me what I need to do I would be Forever Grateful,I would like to start earning some money in the near Future ..Regards Chezza65

      1. Hi chezza65
        My dilemma as well, been in for a long time without getting much info so my site is virtually in limbo, doing nothing because I don’t understand that system. Seems we all have to be up with the tech stuff to survive as no-one wants to tell US HOW to do what is suggested we should do. Apart from that, the suggestion is that we should contact our upline, if you can find them, ask them to guide you but if that fails go further up the line until you find someone that can and will help.
        If you need a MENTOR, have a look at this, because as well as MENTORING with BBS Global Diamond Elite they are versatile and friendly enough to give you the assistance you need. Ask and you shall receive!

  19. Thank you for all the very informative blogs. I’m grateful for leads leap and all the help that’s made available to us all to achieve better results with the programs we are promoting. Great job :)

  20. Obviously I didn’t know what I was doing! I guess this is the trend for many of us newbies, we only get a piece of the information. This is great information!

  21. Von Wright you are correct, it is all a learning trend, until it falls into place, I began in June of this year, and now I am finally making some money!

  22. Truly great way to learn internet marketing, and teaching others how to achieve their goals, and make money to improve the economy and the lives of those around them!

  23. We all learn with internet marketing, as we do not all have the staff and support system to achieve the levels of many of the experts out there. It takes time, just like building a home or a shopping mall in the real world.

  24. hey thanks for sharing nice tips and way of profits nowadays there are many “howto” “makemoney” “getpaid” niche article and I think yours is the best. keep up the good work

  25. I use GDI as a host and domain, to promote my Search Engine Affiliate site, in reply to chezza65 who was asking how to make money with GDI. And I am succeeding with it, good luck.

    1. Hi,I am glad that you are making some money but my Problem is setting up my website and Putting all my affiliate links in to be Promoted,do I need to have more than one Domain to advertise my Affiliate Sites or can you advertise off just the one Domain.I have managed to get the first page with the Template up but I do not know where to go from there to get the links over to my Domain and set it all up to Advertise just my Website,If anybody there who could HELP ME, I would be Forever Grateful,My Domain is just sitting in Limbo at the moment,Thank You all ….Regards Chezza65

  26. I also like this idea but the Internet is growing fast and the key to financial success will always be the same and two fold. First of all ganerating massive leads on autopilot is first priority and the second priority is to stay on the cutting edge of lead generation methods or to stay ahead of the best in the market. I welcome comments to my post.

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