Get Fresh Home Business Opportunity Lead – The LeadsLeap Way

“Help! Where can I get fresh home business opportunity lead?”

With so many home business opportunities sprouting, it seems that the only problem is where to find fresh leads for YOUR opportunity.

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you how you can use LeadsLeap’s FREE system to solve your “lead” problem.

I don’t dare to say LeadsLeap is the ONLY solution, but after reading the methodology, you decide if it’s a sound solution for you……

LeadsLeap is designed to help you get fresh home business opportunity lead through its two-prong approach.

Approach #1 – Proprietary Lead Generation System

LeadsLeap is essentially a lead generation system where you can build a network of leads that you can advertise to.

If you are a LeadsLeap member, you know that I’m not referring to the traditional safelist advertising where you email your ‘n’ levels of downlines and flood each other’s inbox.

I’m not going into the details. You can read more about the lead generation system here.

What I do want to show you is an interesting example of a member’s referral statistic.

Below is a recent enquiry I received from Chris:

Why are my stats so distorted? What happened to my levels 1-3??????

Level 1: 6
Level 2: 0
Level 3: 2
Level 4: 332
Level 5: 355
Level 6: 111
Level 7: 15
Level 8: 0
Level 9: 0
Level 10: 0

Can you see what is happening?

Chris has personally introduced 6 people to join LeadsLeap. Out of the 6 people, probably 1 of them introduced another person to join, but that person quitted for some reasons. That’s why Level 2 has 0 member. But before the person quitted, he introduced 2 people to join LeadsLeap (as shown in Level 3). This is where the magic happens. These 2 members bring in 332 people to LeadsLeap (as shown in Level 4), who in turn bring in 355 people and then 111 people and finally 15 people at the 7th level.

I have no doubt that this is not the end of the story. The network will continue to grow.

So to Chris, his initial effort of bringing in 6 people to LeadsLeap has brought him 821 prospects whom he can advertise to.

In the months to come, even if Chris doesn’t do anything, he will continue to receive hundreds if not thousands of fresh home business opportunity leads.

That’s LeadsLeap system in action!

Approach #2 – Content Network Advertising System

At LeadsLeap, we also allow our members to post their ads in our blog (yes, the blog you are reading now).

How does it help?

Simple. LeadsLeap blog receives more than a thousand visitors a day, majority of the traffic are fresh leads from the search engines.

After more than 5 months of hard work, LeadsLeap blog is now well positioned in the search engine, appearing in the top 10 results for many highly searched home business related keywords.

We planned to make it happen several months ago, and it’s happening now!

For example, the keywords “types of advertising techniques” is searched 169 times a day!

Check out our ranking in Google.

LeadsLeap ranks #2, just below Wikipedia, which is seriously a tough guy to compete!

As a member, since your ad appears in our network, you will get to share the pie.

This is another secret weapon that we use to help members to generate endless fresh home business opportunity lead.

That’s the two-prong approach that LeadsLeap uses to generate fresh home business opportunity lead for its members. If you are an existing member, I hope that after reading this post, you can better appreciate the system. If you are not a member yet, well, join us. It’s free anyway.

13 thoughts to “Get Fresh Home Business Opportunity Lead – The LeadsLeap Way”

  1. Hey Kenneth, good stuff.

    Being a trainer for an advertising program, I also teach search engine traffic strategies and by doing the proper keyword research and using the free wordpress blogs you can get ranked onto page one easily and within a day or two.

    This is another way to start generating a lot of free, targeted traffic to your sites. In your example above, using the longtail keyword phrase “type of advertising techniques” drew 451,000 results.

    This is where you want to be in the results as it is easy to beat the competition. I have used “effective interactive advertising” along with a number of other phrases to get to page one plus using the RSS agregators to get ranked quickly always helps too.

    Great tips, look forward to reading more of your traffic generation techniques, Thanks again!


  2. Money making business opportunities are truly a great way to live a life that many people have been dreaming of. This is the reason why a lot of people nowadays are starting to get into internet business.

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