3 Simple Online Traffic Strategies You Can Start Using Today

In today’s blog, I’ve invited Henry Zeng, founder of henryzeng.com and autotrafficmagnet.com, to share with us how he generates traffic to his websites. Read on to find out what he has to share with us……

First off, traffic isn’t something that happens overnight. It is something you have to build on a daily basis. You need to set up a strategy and work on it every day to build a flow of visitors to your site from different sources.

1) Forum Marketing Traffic Flow

The first tactic I want to share is to use forums and message boards to start drawing traffic (and sales) immediately.

Online communities, or forums, are great channels to promote your links. You will be allotted a signature box, where you can put your links on. For every post you make, your signature box

Obviously, you can only do this through your signature link, and every forum has its own rules about how signature spaces can be used.

The best way to find forums in your niche is to do a search in Google for something like “[your market] forum”, or by searching directories like http://Big-Boards.com and http://BoardReader.com. You’ll also want to check if Google Groups has any relevant categories as well.

No money spent, no website required, nothing to lose. And there is no looking back. The traffic you can pull from this strategy alone is incredible.

2) Download Directory Submission

I haven’t realized until recently that there are a lot of million-dollar software companies out there whose primary marketing strategy isn’t affiliates, SEO, PPC or any “typical” marketing tactics.

They get almost all of their traffic straight off software directories like http://Download.com, http://TuCows.com, and thousands of other sites like these.

This tactic involves creating free software like screensavers, rss readers, web toolbars and then submitting to software directories.

Actually you don’t need to create those applications at all. You can just use a HTML to EXE converter software and turn your salespage into an .exe application. Do a search on Google and you will find several free converters available.

The software directories require you to use what is called a pad file to get all the information about your software.

After you create your software, you then can use a pad file submission program to submit your pad file to 1000s of directories. I personally use a paid software called Robosoft to submit all the software I create.

This tactic is quite successful to me. All the software I submitted brings me some nice, consistent traffic. It’s extra 40 subscribers or more per day.

3) Automated Traffic Program

I’m not referring to any kind of auto/manual traffic exchange programs here. You don’t visit sites, you don’t manually click sites, you don’t get worthless un-targeted traffic.

Auto Traffic Magnet (ATM) is a viral advertising network I just launched that you can expose your ads and get automated traffic. More importantly, it promises higher CONVERSIONS–sign-ups and sales.

You simply have to use ATM to cloak your affiliate links. Once you’ve created at least 1 ATM link and your own ATM ad, you can start to generate traffic.

26 thoughts to “3 Simple Online Traffic Strategies You Can Start Using Today”

  1. Do you have any tangible stats from ATM? I am always on the lookout for new ways of pumping traffic to my sites…..

    Thanks for the article

  2. I have been using method #2 also for just a few months now and it consistently brings me new subscribers as well as commissions. It’s become one of my favorite peices of my marketing arsenal.

  3. I think it is very important to get traffic to your site.
    the first thing is to set up a good site and have a domain
    name of your own. A good way is to do a search on your niche
    for keyword with high traffic and low competion. Godaddy has domain for .89 cents once you find your domain the title should also your keywords in it and make sure it tell something about your site and has some length to it.

    the hosting company has some really good video on this. Combined with the information here you cant go wrong.Since I have used them my rating have gone up. I still need to work on the incoming link to my site. Keep up the good work and I have been follow the informating closely.

    Till next time

    Robert Trueman
    Very good place to start with articles and links to your site

  4. I really liked the comment about advetising on message boards but I do have to agree that about half of them don’t let you put your signature on them.

    I’m definately interested in th ATM advertising and will check it out I’m always looking for ways too get traffic too my website….

    But lately I’ve been looking at different kinds of advertising and a light bulb want off in my head. I found this site that give you “guaranteed sign ups” And I was like OMG this is probably the best way I’ve seen to advertise your business…

    Think about it if you had a store and people were looing at it and peeking through the window and passing by it’ the same as getting lasaer target traffic they click it and then leave..

    How ever if you got people too come into your store they would be about 70 to 80 time more likely too buy from you because they see what you have too offer and you can make a much greater connection with them this is the same as “guaranteed sign ups!!

    Thank you for the great advise

  5. Each post I read is nicely written and published, straight to the point. Your site is effortless to navigate through content to article and locate precisely what I was initially looking for with easiness. Keep up the excellent give good results you are engaging in, and I will be return quite a few times in the near future.

  6. Kenneth,
    Thank you for sharing such nice article.
    It seems simple but actually worth like a goldmine.

    I did sign up through your recommendation and received 5000 credits. It is just that the system didn’t show clearly how much of your credits generated from your traffic. I already browse through the whole ATM menu.

    This ATM, is really nice to have. You can cloak your Website URL and get free credits when someone click on your link. Imagine, you out your link into forum signature, forum review and your website and blog, how much free traffic credits you can earn?

    I just all out promote to the entire internet until Henry Zeng reset my password with more than 25 characters…haha..

    One of the sample link cloak with ATM, Attract-Money-To-Your-Website

    Really nice!

  7. Hi
    Can any one help to start free online marketing , as i am new to it .
    I want to know how and where to start with .

    I have recently open an an International Education Consulting company in UK. I might not be able to spend any peeny .my budget is zero.

    Career Management.

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  9. Kenneth I am constantly looking for new free traffic sources and your excellent recommendation of software downloads is my AHA moment! You can easily get someone to create you a simple piece of software from a site like rentacoder and then just ensure the download has your URL prominently featured. It’s great free promotional advertising plus you get the kudos of being someone who offers great value! Keep ’em coming! :)

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