2 Overlooked SEO Tricks That Can Double Your Traffic

It’s no longer a secret that the way to get good ranking in the search engines is to build backlinks. But besides backlinks, there are two other SEO tricks that are important but often overlooked. These two factors can play a significant role in getting SEO traffic.

Today we are going to discuss these 2 overlooked SEO tricks that can easily double your search engine traffic.

1) Title That Clicks

If you are a blogger or content website builder, besides choosing the right keyword and optimizing it, you should spend some time to come out with a title that will entice people to click.

Think about it. Even if your website rank #1 in the search result, if the title of the link is boring, people will just skip your link and move on to the next result.

This is commonsense, but it’s often overlooked, especially for those who outsource article writing.

Personally, although I outsource article writing for my content websites (aka Adsense websites), I still put in the effort to rewrite every title personally. This is because freelance writers are good in writing, but they are often not good in writing juicy title.

I run a program where I help members to promote their Adsense website (membership closed). The method I use to promote their websites is the exact same method that I use to promote mine. But strange enough, my Adsense websites perform much better than theirs. Honestly I can’t think of a logical explanation except for the fact that my titles are juicier than theirs!

2) Turn Every Webpage Into A Resource Center

If you haven’t noticed, besides backlinks, Google has been putting more weight in the ‘resourcefulness’ of a webpage.

Note that I say resourcefulness of a ‘webpage’, not ‘website’.

The idea is this:

If your webpage is about headache, regardless of what your website is about, it would be good to have lots of other headache related articles (from the same website) linked to this webpage. This way, this webpage looks like a good resource center for headache.

Let me show you an interesting website that demonstrates this point:

Take a look at this webpage from Bigresources.com. This webpage, as well as other similar webpages in this website, has the following characteristics:

– All of them rank well in Google, especially in long tail keywords.
– None of them are unique content (they are syndicated from different forums).
– Every webpage contains lots of other internal links. More importantly, the links are in the same topic as this webpage. (In the example, this webpage is about javascript, update, div, frame. You can see that all the internal links in this page are related to these keywords.)

To Google, every webpage on this website looks like a great resource center where visitors can look for more information on the same topic.

Actually this is the internal linking strategy that Wikipedia adopts and it’s doing very well in the search engine. The difference between wikipedia and bigresources is that Wikipedia has unique content whereas Bigresources uses primarily duplicated content. But does Google care?

Understanding this point, when you design your website, you should make sure that the articles in the same topic are linked. This way, every single webpage in your website can look like a good resource center for that topic. For those who use WordPress blog, this can be done by adding a ‘related post’ plugin. For static websites or other content platforms, you’ll have to think of ways to achieve the same effect.

35 thoughts to “2 Overlooked SEO Tricks That Can Double Your Traffic”

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      Hence,we must knock and train our brain for not so forgotten some nice things that are so useful we learnt in the past.

      Have a great day
      Warmest regards

    2. Todaysmotherhood, There is a site called Advanced Marketing Institute that evaluates your headlines for emotional appeal…and a few other things that make people click. You can find it here. http://www.aminstitute.com/courses/index.htm

      This is just a helpful link, it is not an affiliate link.

      Just click headline analyzer and keep trying until you get one that ranks well and is appealing to you. EMV means Emotional Marketing Value.

      Their website says, “… most professional copywriters’ headlines will have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50%-75% EMV words in headlines.

      Great Post, Kenneth!!

  1. hi,

    do you recommend a particular “related post” wp plugin? what do you think of these plugins:

    => Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), by mitcho
    => Similar Posts, by Rob Marsh.



    1. Hi Ken/Alex
      After reading the article, I searched Google for a decent “related posts” plugin and YARPP and Similar Posts were highly recommended.
      I have now installed YARPP and its working pretty good.
      Ken, if you have a better plugin, let us know.

  2. Thank you Kenneth! Your posts are so helpful to your subscribers. They are the real prove, that you care for them and you have what they need – good advice. Although my site is well ranking in Google, i have to improve the internal linking.

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  5. Great job in pointing out the power of internal linking. Building a great website is not only about SERP. A great website must be useful and easy to navigate.

    A well thought out and implemented internal linking strategy will do just that while helping tremendously with your SERP.

  6. Hi Kenneth,
    Excellent Blog Post once again!
    Good idea to use WordPress Blog….I have learned alot from your Blog and I am going to put it into practice….
    Thank you!:-)

  7. thank you for the valuable advice. its very important to SEOize our site so that we can reach the correct people. Though there are some fake service providers who over spam and get into the first positions. I don’t think Google watching this!!!

  8. I definitely stand by the idea that content is king. Some of the major players hire journalists for this reason for the added content value. After all, what would we really prefer to have for our website, a strong link or a popular article.

  9. For some reason I thought your title said 20 Overlooked methods but I see it’s 2. But a great 2 indeed! Making each page a “resource center” is a wonderful tip. I’m kinda already doing this…but not to its full effectiveness I don’t think. I’ll have to review this. Thanks.

  10. Blundering into this excellent post almost THREE years after it was written, I had to smile to see that Ken was WAY ahead of his time, now that blog curation is all the rage! Sounds very much like what Ken was recommending…

    However, I do have a question, pls. I had been using “Related Posts” plugins for a long time, but Hostgator asked me to remove them because they say they (and probably other things) are causing too big a load on their servers. It certainly isn’t my traffic – if only!!

    Can you suggest anything similar now I’ve been asked to remove Related Posts, please.

    1. Hi Joy,

      That’s because your related post plugin uses some tedious processes to collect posts that are related. Those processes are draining server resources.

      For example, imagine your related post plugin got to search through all your posts (say thousands of them) and analyze each of them and finally consolidate 5 or 10 that are most related. Then imagine your server got to do it whenever a page of your blog is loaded. Finally imagine there is 1 visitor to your blog every second. That’s enough to keep the server very busy.

      Do some studies. Some related post plugin are lightweight, though may be less advanced. A simply related post simply get 5 articles in the same category and post them. That’s a simple job especially if the category column is indexed (database management, a little technical.).

      I don’t have any plugin in mind now. Just do a search. There should be plenty in the market.

      Another idea is to do some form of cache. Cache every page of your blog for 24 hours. This will reduce the load on your server.

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