Proven Ways To Make Money On The Internet

HTML clipboardIn this article, I’m going to share with you 3 proven ways to make money on the internet and 1 proven way to lose money online.

Sounds interesting? It will be more interesting as you read.

I am going to approach this topic from a totally different angle, as I always do. If you find this article confusing, just keep reading. You will get a clearer picture when I put everything together.

Ok, let’s start with the first proven way……

Proven Way #1 – The easiest way to make money on the internet

Do you want to know what is the easiest way to make money online?

It’s to exchange your time for money.

In other words, you make money by trading your time.

For example, you can sign up as a freelancer at and provide freelancing job to people who need your service. You can also sign up with surveying firms to get paid doing market surveys, or become a mystery shopper to help companies to do market research. If you are good in graphic design, you can also start your own online design company to provide graphic design services.

Trading your time for money is the most basic way to make money. It is also the easiest way to start making money. That’s why most people start with a ‘job’ when they are newly out from school. I hope you can see that a job is just another way to trade time for money.

There is nothing wrong to trade your time for money. In fact, if you are pressed for cash, providing online services, such as freelance services, is probably the best option to start.

Proven Way #2 – The toughest way to make money on the internet

The second proven way to make money online is to exchange your skills for money.

For example, Adsense and affiliate marketing are proven ways to make money on the internet, but you need the skills of search engine optimization, website building, PPC advertising etc before you can make money from these methods.

It is the toughest way to make money because if you do not have the necessary skills, you will have to learn. Learning new skills is ‘tough’ to most people. If you enjoy learning new skills, I’m happy for you. You will be successful soon.

Proven Way #3 – The smartest way to make money on the internet

The third way and also the smartest way is to exchange your idea for money.

The world may be changing everyday, but certain fundamentals will never change. The economy is always looking for means of doing or producing things better, faster, easier and cheaper.

If you can come out with an online idea that can do or produce something better, faster, easier and/or cheaper, you will have your fortune at your fingertips.

Now that you’ve learnt the 3 proven ways to make money on the internet, how about the one and only proven way to LOSE money online?

The Proven Way To Lose Money Online

The proven way to lose money online is to use money to make money.

If you believe that you can make $X and all you have to do is invest $Y, then you are destined to be the victim of the next online scam.

Without time, skill and/or idea, money is useless. Read again!

Don’t get me wrong. Having money will definitely help you to make more money online faster, but it is only true if you use it to buy time, skill and/or idea.

When you outsource your work to freelancers or professional services, you are buying other people’s time and skills.

When you buy into other business opportunities, you are buying the idea.

Do you see what I mean?

Summing up……

In a nutshell, you can either use time, skill and/or idea to make money online. These are the 3 proven ways to make money on the internet. I personally guarantee that. People who fail to make money online are those who refuse to invest time, refuse to learn the skills and refuse to think.

91 thoughts to “Proven Ways To Make Money On The Internet”

  1. It’s a fact, Kenneth, that a lot of people coming online quickly get the notion that as long as they plop down their hard earned cash there is nothing else for them to do which results in failure and the mindset of all internet businesses being scams. This makes it harder for us legit internet marketers to convince people that whatever it is that we are doing is not underhanded.

    The other biggest problem I have found is a lack of commitment to actually go out and start working their business on a consistent basis to make it grow. It’s that “oh well, if this doesn’t work I’ll try something else” attitude.

    Great post Kenneth, looking forward to more.

  2. I love LeadsLeap because it’s simple and to-the-point. No fluff. Kenneth provides a great value by updating the blog regularly with useful content. This post is amazing! It’s now our responsibility as readers to apply what Kenneth teaches us and then grow our LeadsLeap network globally so that maximum people benefit :)

  3. That might wake a few people up.

    Kenneth, you nailed that one!

    No mincing words and fluff in that article.

    Too many people think making money online
    is reserved for special guru dudes like
    Frank Kern.

    Non gurus have the same chance as anyone else
    but as Kenneth stated, you must be willing to
    learn some new stuff and put in some honest
    effort to reach your goals.

    Thanks for the honest words Bro!

  4. Thank you Kenneth for your great post. It’s refreshing to see someone being as direct as you were in that article. We seem to be living in a ‘Microwave Society’ … ready and rich in 2 minutes or less. I believe that investing in yourself is the only key to success – no matter what you are doing. There are so many great internet network marketing programs out there. Anyone looking to join one of these affiliate, network marketing, or mlm programs needs to be aware of their skill-set and choose who they want to work with wisely. Can’t develop a website? Join a team that does it for you. Can’t write a good ad? Join a team that will do it for you. Don’t know anything about Internet network marketing? Join a team that will teach you how to do it for free. I’m looking forward to your next post!

  5. What I love about this article is that even though it doesn’t provide detailed information or a step by step instructions how to do the ping and trackback process, the explanations is easy enough to understand.

    There are thousands of people who simply don’t have a clue how to do simple things online because it’s too technical but for programmers and computer savvy people, these stuff is like turning on a toaster for them.

    Great article.

  6. This is in essence the very reason that many people fail or never reach their goal. When you fail to plan you aare definitely on the fast course to no where. That is what we are trying to teach at Thanks a ton for reminding us all of that.

  7. many of us have invested in a program or e-book and thought that it would be the solution of our money problems..
    I wonder how many e-books are collecting cyber dust in our computers…?:)
    They will not help us unless we take time to learn the skills that those so called gurus are using – or pay for the job if we can afford it.
    Thanks Kenneth for making it so clear. I guess I might dig up some almost forgotten e-books myself and start learning..!:)

  8. Thank you Kenneth you are right on with those points. Always helpful information, anyone in need of guidance with a system already in place must find out if your program provides just that. Anyone wanting to know what url means, how to determine what a squeeze page is can find the right program for that as well, in essence it is very important to gain more insight right off rather then be left alone. Thank you once again for that information Kenneth..

  9. If there’s one thing that don’t teach and that is spamming other blogs by posting shameless plugs for their websites.

    It is simply a bad habit, I mean would you do business or sign up under someone that habitually or purposely spam other people’s blog? without writing anything constructive.

    Spamming is never a good idea.

  10. Thanks Kenneth, I think that if any marketer have been giving the truth to the newbies like you are doing, many of those who are frustrated about working online could be transmitted other vision and of course earning money.

    Thanks again,

  11. Excellent post!

    What a great way to simplify the idea of making money online. People do need to face the fact that there is no ‘Free Lunch’.

    Your teaching is very similar to the approach I use to explain how to be successful in Network Marketing. Learn – Do – Teach!

    Just signing up for a money making program does not instantly transform you into an Internet Marketer any more than getting accepted to Med School makes you a doctor. It is the ‘Learning’ and ‘Doing’ that leads to accomplishment.

  12. Kenneth, thank you very much for yr great post. I want to quickly post it at my blog before i forget …

    Especially I like the way you mentioned on Proven Way # 3 : “If you can come out with an online idea that can do or produce something better, faster, easier and/or cheaper, you will have your fortune at your fingertips” – Very true.

    Also, I totally agree with you that people who fail to make money online are those who refuse to invest time, refuse to learn the skills and refuse to think. To add to this “These people fail to make money online also because they give up too easily, and they love to complain and whine when they see nothing works for them. :)

    Many thanks,
    Carol Oon

  13. Hi Kenneth,

    Yes…you have pointed out best that how newbies need to know to make money on the Internet. Also you mentioned “The third way and also the smartest way is to exchange your idea for money.” is good, but I want to add this two word in above line that ” with honesty”. Becasue when you offer your idea’s to people honestly they 100% sure that what you have & you make money with them.


  14. Great post. I have to laugh at some of these newbie who think they can throw up a web site and sit back and wonder why they are not making money on the internet and it is not really their fault, they have been taken in by all the work from home scams and hype about making money on the internet. I was reading a post in a forum the other day and someone asked how they could make $3000 online by christmas, then someone else posted back and told them to get a part time job. People need to understand, just because you are working on the internet, does not mean you can work less.

  15. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  16. Very good and very informative. A must read for newbies who are fatally lost in the internet with endless loops.

    One site/link selling a product with another one selling its usage with another one selling some related software which the newbie buyer never knows how to use and associated in between are tall promises claiming to make huge sums through this or that system !!! Oh God this is incestuous.

    Why not build a community to protect this place ( the internet )from these merciless incests.

    To that extent Kenneth through LeadsLeap is doing society a service. God bless him !

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  18. Yes, it’s true, after a few months online I’ve realize that It’s not so easy for making money from internet but you should do try from time after time. Don’t give up…!

    Thanks kenneth

  19. Thanks for your sharing info. All of three proven ways to make money on the internet I think the 3rd way is the best way for me because I If I have an online idea that can do or produce something better, faster, easier and/or cheaper thand others so I could make fortune at my fingertips.

  20. Yes the power of not using your own money can never be underestimated.
    I do find that a lot of people do not understand ptc or ptr.

    I use it quite regularly to pay for my webhosting while I’m building my business online.

    To use your own money when your just starting out is kinda silly in my opinion.

    Especially when you have no idea what this is all about.

    So while your learning, and you will learn by seeing, keep your personal money where it should be, in your pocket.

    I started out treating this as a hobby business, but I did not use my own money until I was completely sure.

    Why risk it. You do need to keep the roof over your head.

  21. i like no 3…

    long ago, someone told me that the marketplace acknowledges only two things:

    innovation and service…

    places like youtube, facebook, twitter and such is proof of the power of innovation.

    however, any original idea or approach can be worth money.

    ok, so you got me thinking here…..



  22. that was great! and that was really true! i can’t agree more with what you have said here. earning money on line is really possible as long as one have the determination and patience. things don’t come easy but it will come if we work for it.
    this is really great article, i love reading it and i just can’t say more.

  23. thank you very much for this nice article. those were really true and this will serve as a warning & a guide for those who aims to earn money from the internet. great ideas. thanks! :-)

  24. If you thing about, if you have the skills, the resources and the mind set, you can be successful at ANY program as long as you know what to do and you know exactly what it takes.

    The internet marketing gurus knew it from the beginning but they chose to hid it from almost almost everybody and if you want to learn ‘their secret’ you have to pay a boat load of money.

    The fact is, there is no secret – all it takes is persistence, hard work, lots of determination, focus and have a good support group.

    Paul Penafiel

  25. Thanks a lot for sharing this great ideas and techniques of you. You had shown to us what are the advantages and disadvantages we can get in making money on the internet. At least now we can identify already if we will meet those consequences.

  26. Looks like you hit the nail on the head with #2 the hardest way to make money online, thats exactly what I’ve been doing all this time, geez!

    I also dabble in affiliate marketing and MLM types of things with moderate success but my passion is mostly the building and optimizing of websites, namely wordpress sites.

    If there was a way to not communicate, socialize with or brand myself for popularity I would really like doing that. the truth is though, one can’t get along very long and be successful without being social and creating relationships online, that’s where the money is and that’s the way it has always been both on and off line.


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  28. You cover a great amount of different ways to make money online. I still have to say one way that everyone seems to want to do and is actually pretty easy to do is “Make money on facebook”, everyone wants to do this and actually it is pretty simple. Their are several different affiliate linking sites that you can partner up with and they pay you for posting their stuff(Pretty much in a nutshell) I cover it a bit more on my site however your page was a very interesting read. Thank you

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  30. For most people, an extra $1,000 or so per month online could really make a big difference. What would $1,000 extra do for your lifestyle?

    Could you payoff some credit card bills, drive a nicer car, upgrade your home, or take a great trip here and there?

    Regardless of how you’d spend it, focusing on making an extra $1,000 per month is a great way to get started online. Sure, you may want to quit your day job, but you have to start somewhere.

    What’s the old phrase? You have to walk before you can run, right?

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