Real Ways To Make Money Online

Today we are going to discuss real ways to make money online. This is a question posted by our member. Here’s his question:

“I have been working on the internet for 4 years now, seriously, trying to find something that really makes money and as of yet I haven’t made but $1. I’ve read books and more books about internet marketing and MLM and Google and on and on but no matter how many ads I place on over 20 sites, either I get no response or I get someone wanting to sell me something. What should I do?” – Ken Drake

Ken, you said that you are seriously trying to find something that really makes money online. But based on what I read from what you’ve written, you are seriously trying to find ‘quick’ ways to make money, not real ways to make money online.

Sorry for being blatant. I arrive at this conclusion because your experience tells me that all you know is about placing ads trying to make money. That sounds like the common ‘get rich quick’ idea – “Just Signup And Advertise, And Your Will Be Rich”.

It’s not your fault. Most people are like you. They want to make fast money online.

Can you make money with this method? Yes you can. Many of my clients make money that way. But you need to spend money to test which salescopy works, which product works, etc.

Many people don’t do enough testing and they quit too soon. Moreover, if you are on low budget, you may run out of money before you find a gold mine.

I can’t say it’s not a real way to make money online. This method of making money online simply require more skills than simply posting an ad.

Personally, I feel that your #1 mistake is that you are not building an online business.

Take my advice, stop thinking of making money and start thinking of building a business.

I spend money to develop the “Mind Your Own Business” list builder script and give it free to our members because I want our members to start building a real online business. Have you seriously given it a look?

I’m not saying the list builder script is the only real way to make money online. But it’s the way I recommend. Build your own list, run your own affiliate program and sell your own product. You can use your initial sales to fund your future advertising campaign. With your own list, you can also sell other people’s products.

Making money through this method is not without challenge. The main challenge is that you have to think of a good business idea. A poor idea will give you mediocre results, but an good idea can make you very rich in a short time.

If you are someone who aren’t too creative and not interested to think too much, a simpler way to make money online is Google Adsense. You don’t have to know how to write effective sales letter. You don’t have to do any form of customer support. It’s by far the simplest and truly autopilot way to make money online.

Click here to see how I started making money with Google Adsense. No creativity needed. Just keep working and result is almost guaranteed.

When I feel uncreative, bored and tired, I usually simply ‘waste’ my time away building Adsense sites. I don’t have to think too much. Just work – like a robot.

Last but not least, you mentioned that you’ve read many books on internet marketing. If you do, trust me, you already know the real ways to make money online. The real ways to make money online are the ways that you are most reluctant to follow. If you don’t believe, make a list of all the ways to make money online and arrange them in order of preference. Take your least preferred method and start working hard on it. You’ll be surprised that is when you start making real money online!

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  1. Greetings Kenneth, Thomas Richmond here, hope all is well with you and your family this holiday season buddy. I want to give Ken a few thoughts , being an internet marketer for almost 5 years i can say it has its ups and downs Ken, trial and error is how a good marketer learns from, thinking outside the box and relying on your own instincs. MLMs isnt the problem the problem is your learning curve on how to construct better ways to be involved rather than just advertise, once you’ve learn to get involved in the companys , friendships and top leaders who are smarter than we are, it is then your advertising skills will take care of itself and eventually pay off- big time! Never Give up Ken!! Never!! Best Regards Thomas R. :)

    1. Internet is like a product life cylce which consists introduction-grow-maturity-declined-saturated. Learning is never ending and part of our human being compulsory process.

  2. To make money on line, you cannot work alone. You have to be part of a Team that is Unselfish and Successful.

    However, recently a program has been devised specifically to help those who cannot recruit. Everyone has heard of Forced Matrices and how difficult it is to fill up. Well, not any more, because with this program, the Matrix is filled three ways: Normal, Upside Down and starting with those earning the least and these occur every five days – including payment.

    For details, have a look at my Blogpost:

    1. This I do not believe you have to work with a team or anyone else. You can make money on your own if you are determined enough and outgoing. I think most people are just looking for a get rich quick with no work system. You just have to find the right niche… like cell phone advertisement. how many people do you know with a cell phone? just think about it. Check it out…

  3. First off, have you investigated this idea – take a relaxed seat somewhere in your house where you do your best thinking (even if it’s on the crapper), and then slowly review your PASSIONS. Not your likes, and not your loves. What is it that sets your soul on fire? What is it that truly makes you vibrate down to your rectal cavity? When you’re humming all over, STOP THINKING. You’ve found your passion. After this is sorted, the research begins. Pore over the different niches that encompass your passion. When you find the area, then it’s time to get to grips with finding out what is the depth of your knowledge in this area. This will make it really easy for you to examine if there are things that you can add to the overall body of knowledge on the subject that anyone who’s into the subject will come to regard you as literate-to-expert when they read that information. This helps sharpen your communication skills that you’ll need for copywriting, email/safelist ads, and any other types of communications not face-to-face. If writing is not your thing, it’s going to have to be and quick, otherwise you won’t even be able to make anyone else connect with what you’re saying or make any sales. If you are good at writing, then investigate areas like paid forum posting, ghostwriting, and other eLit activities. Why not use your friend Google to give you a guided tour of some of the most successful of the people
    that are where you want to be; take the time to STUDY THEM and see why they’re at the top of their niche. And lastly, you are going to have to learn how to “D.I.Y.” – EVERYTHING. From
    learning how to read and write HTML, PHP, JavaScript, to database administration and manipulation, and maintainence of security, and backup issues pertaining to websites & spaces.
    WHY? These things will give you ultra-marketable skills and allow you access to other places, concepts and money-making ideas that you’ll be using to generate online revenue because you’ll have the skills to create original products & services.

    1. I loved this comment and it reminded me to refocus on my passions. It is an ongoing process, even when you think you are on your way it pays to spend time thinking about your goals. And the advice to learn everything? I agree that it is important to know as much as you can or have a team that you trust. Thanks for these wise words.

  4. Hello to all of you here.
    Firstly, I wish best of health to you,your freinds and your family.

    I understand how the topic starter feeling.I am sorry to hear about that.I am also hear many this type of feeling from the past and it will carry to other newbie who just came to internet online to aim at making money online which perhaps allow you work from home.

    However,internet is like a product life cylce which consists introduction-grow-maturity-declined-saturated. Learning is never ending and part of our human being compulsory process.

    To main your position / program is not an easy job.You would be tempted and lured in by hunderds or thousands well-designed salespage.You join from one program to another.Let me share some useful infos with you that majority or mostly people is ignorant, they get blatantly scamed,get you send money over and over again, promise to make “huge” money online,get rich quick,sound too good to be true (it is usually is) and so on.

    My 2 cents advise is learn how to avoid these scam by using feel powerful tools for review and evaluation a company.

    For instant, if a company having traffic rank as like 12,000,000 , it means this company suckz , you better avoid.One of powerful and you used to hear is

    1.If a traffic rank is 100,000 , means it is approximatly 130 people to view the page per day.
    2.If a traffic rank is 50,000, means it is really a hot site.
    3.According to alexa, the , , …… ……

    Hence, IMO, a company with traffic rank 50,000 – 100,000 consider good company ,the lower rank ,the better indicator.

    This is just one tool to evaluate a company scam, there are many out there and some can be found on my website.

    I invite you to join me and help as many people as possible to get rip off as many SCAM as possible.

    Let’s together make internet a better place to live and to make money online.

    With warmest regards and sincerely,


    1. Hi Henry, thanks for the link. Here’s my 2 cents worth. Although Alexa is a great site, most of us would agree that Alexa rankings can be manuiplated. As you might have noticed, the top hundred (or even thousand) sites are usually social networking or the kind. So it’s difficult to gauge if a website is a scam. A way is to yahoo (google is so-overly-rated) the company’s name and read reviews on that company. Having said that, such opinions can be biased, either negatively or positively. Due care should be taken.

      Ken, I am sorry to hear about your story. I am sure 99% of us here have felt the same way as you do! I salute you for your preservance! Keep going! Like what Davis said, do you love what you are doing?

      Kenneth, thanks for the great post again. But aren’t you tired of answering the same type of questions all the time?

      (btw, I am typing this whole post all over again! :( I missed out the spam protection part and when I click back, my previous comments are all gone!)

      1. You bet I’m tired. That’s one reason why I create free tools to help newbies to get started. MYOB script is one good example.
        As for replying the questions, I try to answer them from a different angle. I think it’s good because sometimes we human need repetition in order to get the info into our subconscious. When readers keep getting the same message from different angles, things will become clearer to them.

  5. Hi Ken, I feel the same as you even till now. I have bought alot of the ” How to make money guides ” And even a couple of them are from the same guru! Just like what Kenneth has said, most probably you do know what are the steps that you need to do but you choose not to follow. My biggest problem is that I do not like to read guides with lots of information, which i call information overloaded, making you lost and wondering what to do next. After I have been follow the “usual steps” of making money online, I tired of not getting results. So after all the setbacks and years wasted, I woke up my dream and realise what I really need is to build an internet business. How is this different? Its your own business!! You create your concept, you build your websites and you make it unqiue! I not saying this is easy, but if you use Kenneth’s MYOB script, you can really save lots of time and money. I spent lots to build my own website. Even the results is not as expected, you know you have done you best and you should feel proud. Trust me, when you start having you own business or websites, you will start to have lots of business ideas.

    You are not alone. If you haven’t read the real problems faced internet marketers, you can read my post to Kenneth.

    Never give up without a fight!

    Gerald Lum – my failure is your success!

  6. As usual Kenneth – great content!
    I like Lee Davis comment too – especially for his final words – ‘create original products & services’.
    My take on the importance of ‘passion’ is totally different however.
    For me it’s not MY passion that is important. It is finding the passions of the market place – maybe outside of my own every day interests – and responding to those!
    My Internet Marketing business took off when I stopped staring at my own ‘passion’ and instead searched and responded to the passions of the millions of people online.
    They are out there telling us what they need and want every single hour of the day – literally in their millions.
    You only need to access the different forums and sites to get this information and away you then go to create an information product in response.
    Best thing with your own products is you keep 100% of the sales.
    Best wishes to Ken who first wrote to you.

  7. I hope members read prior posts before asking questions. It will save everyone’s time. This wonderful blog is loaded with valuable information & I enjoy reading every word. It has helped me save money on buying my list-builder script too because I got it free here :)

  8. What excellent content and advice not only from Kenneth, but from so many of you. I’d like to add just one thing, I think it’s extremely important to pick a good business model and then stick with it. No more jumping from one thing to another. And keep working hard at that until you become successful! I have become ruthless in deleting emails with opportunity after opportunity so I can concentrate on what I really want to work on. I hope this is helpful along with all the other great advice in this blog.

  9. I am about to add my personal experience:i have been online for a few years,at first did promotions of the other’s Affiliate programs-with passion,created my own web sites, posted classified ads,traffic exchanges, and more….Beside, i got numerous clicks on links,nothing more there was…
    Now,i am blessed for being able to get attention from more people visiting my blog posts to read articles i have written.
    I’m doing what i know best and that is my advise,to chose doing what you like the most,only this way you can expect results.I experienced it myself,visit my blog to see my most visiting post got over 300 visitors./for me it is great/in regards to how many sites there are online,especially how many Articles and people are engaged in writing-nice writing!
    so, i can say i am successful!
    By doing what i love most,got others to read genuine written texts,and by realizing e-book:Long Live Witches made a list of subscribers/100/
    And all this on my own,even i have big problems to get an account/no Click bank,my country is not allowed/

    According as in our offline life trust plays important role the same standard matters online.If i feel someone’s good will i shall pay attention .That is why i am here!

    Thank you

  10. Hello Everyone,
    I am surprised at so few comments to this post.
    Ken, you do not have to buy a gazillion dollars worth of stuff to get the answers. most of what you need can be found at online giveaways, for NOTHING! New Giveaways
    One tip I can give was written by David Lovelace and I urge you to go read his post. It shows this process in a nutshell.
    Pre-sell, dont sell. Get your visitors onto your list as their first ACTION.
    Follow-up with more pre-sell info.
    Most people will not buy on their first visit, thus the follow-up to help them make an informed decision.
    If they are not interested in this particular product, then you still have them on your list so that you may offer something else which they may be more intersted in.
    Build a relationship with your list so that they become familiar with you as a person, not as a money-grabbing tyrant.
    Your chances of success dramatcally increase via this process
    All the best,

  11. Maybe one of the most efficient ways to get people to know you and listen to you is social networking.
    It is not the fastest way to sell things but it may be the best in the long run.
    Giving a gift could also make people stay on your site and read more.
    It could be better not sell too much – who wants to be the one who always is paying? If you give something, they might become a good customer in their own time.
    Perhaps someone gets more ideas when they read my site!
    Welcome to click!

  12. Greetings Kenneth, Thomas Richmond here, I agree with the last comment Graham, to make good money you need your own website and your own autoresponder with an opt-in page or your stuck being an affiliate for your entire online experiance, we all at one point started out as an affiliate with someone at one point and thats cool for some but not for the profit makers. I made enough money from affiliate programs to get started with my own website and it just boomed from there. Always remember readers that there is tons of informatin from the big dawgs in which i have learned so much from and continue to learn from, i suggest you do the same. Happy Holidays my friend :) Till next time! Peace. Admin

  13. Hi there George,
    Great replied, I appreciate of it.
    It seems that you have more valuable tools for evaluation.I will be very grateful if you could drop a few nice messages here for sharing with us.

    Sharing is nice.Sharing is part of post comment.I am honest, sincere and speak in low tune,really thank to “Kenneth” for bringing this beautiful post to us.Maybe it is not mean directed to old members, but for the new comer like me who is keep never ending learning about internet marketing & network marketing. As you know, a particular program can used up few months of your time.Making you eager to try by creating a domain,blog,forum etc. The registration and process of trying consume you most of your time marketing for people.

    Anyway, this is how we learn to equip us with knowledge and experienced until one day you reach to a point where this point is reading leadsleap’s blog post,you or I discover that I am now is near to making a big decision of making a business of my own.

    Kenneth,I really thank you direct from the bottom of my heart.You not only guide us to make money online but your FREE “List Builde Script ” is really worth me to have a closer look and I found I have to really sit back ,relax and think how to build my own business.

    I have tried the script,that’s why I would like to pass to other people especially newbie don’t overlook this FREE script,I know you very busy,busy advertise for people and so forth.Well,what I am sharing with you is you are going to save money and you are to have your own business.Do I have to say more ?

    This post might become my turning point.From it, I also looked at some useful infos from the above posting.Thank you for your kind valuable inputs.

    Lastly but not the least, I wish all of you include Kenneth best of health to you,best of heath to your friend and best of health to your family.

    Wish you a very Merry Christmas & A very Happy New Year !
    Have an awesome day

    Cheers !

  14. For any of you who are still sitting on the fence concerning LeadsLeap…Check this out.

    I started some new affiliate marketing today. I posted my ad at LeadsLeap then went to set up my PPC ads.

    That took about 20 minutes.

    I then went to check my email at Clickbank to see if I wanted to change it and lo and behold!!! I had made my first sale already.

    My PPC ads had not started rotating yet so I know the lead came from LeadsLeap.

    How sweet is that?

    Thanks Kenneth…and thank you for LeadsLeap!


  15. Hi Kenneth

    As always your post is inspiring and informative. I am going to link to this post from my blog. I am in a class with 499 other students who are being coached by Alex Jeffreys. So far it has been a fantastic class and we are all learning a lot about internet marketing. Every day many of these students visit my blog just to see what I am up to. I keep an eye on them as well.
    Anyhow I think this post is information that many of the other student will be interested in seeing as it verifies the information Alex talked about back in the very first class.

    Thank you
    Thomas Northrop

  16. Hi Kenneth!
    I’m quite new to this site, but have read your post with great interest – really good advice, I must say! As for myself I spent years “shopping around” among all the ‘great’ offers to make money online until I finally found out WHAT I wanted to do (just a couple of months ago), and now I’m in the difficult process of finding out HOW to do that successfully.
    The desire was to create a website about golf – that in itself was a great challenge since I’d never tried making a website before, but I succeeded in doing it through hard work and many mistakes during the process.
    So now the site is there, up and running with all the technicalities functioning. WOW!, I thought: ‘It’s your own’. Nice step to have completed.
    What next? Well, people have to know about it, so I went searching for all sorts of free traffic, much of it really crap, but already after 2 weeks I feel that LeadsLeap is worthwhile exploring, and I’ve promised myself that this time I’m not going to jump from one program to another in the hope that some miracle will happen. 6 years of jumping around have taught me that it won’t!
    So to all of us trying to do business on the net: Stick with it, work hard, and find the good, serious partners to work with. I hope that 2-3 months of hard work will make my site work. At least I’ll give it a serious try, and I feel that there is lots of good advice to be found on this site.

    Thank you,

    and a Merry Christmas and good luck to all of you in 2009!
    Claus Jensen

  17. Just start 1 page, and build your network from there. It’s very easy to make money online. Dont fall for how to make millions in months scams.

    Start the business and worry about the money later.
    “Shoot first ask questions later”

  18. Hi everybody,

    This is a great article as a main menu written by Kenneth. One thing I learn is ‘don’t talk about money instead talk about building a business.’ I am still thinking to justify Kenneth statement: “The real ways to make money online are the ways that you are most reluctant to follow”. I need time (may be 2-3 days)to think about the Kenneth statement. I will follow his advice: “make a list of all the ways to make money online and arrange them in order of preference. Take your least preferred method and start working hard on it. You’ll be surprised that is when you start making real money online!”.

  19. Just like you said “The real ways to make money online are the ways that you are most reluctant to follow”. is that not the truth. and I might ad that you should never give up. Most folks give up before it happens for them.


  20. Just to depict my feelings from my last comment here;everyone who is thinking like person who started this post is wrong.There is no making money by putting your ads and hoping to get paid for done.
    I liked Lee Davis comment here.He stood out by writing useful and nice comment which represents a person of trust.
    First step is finding *yourself* -own value which express you in best way;writing,list building,SEO,Affiliate marketing,Sales market,Amazon,eBay,…..
    Second:what are the means you have at disposal?
    Third:Make your product /book,ebook,software/ or start business/affiliate marketing,whatever you chose/
    Next:how to get people to know your work,where to put ads and how,/by the way i quited traffic exchange except 2-3,didn’t see any result for me/
    So,i joined Social Networks which came out to be a lottery;have good luck to meet best ones and right people;my choice is Sta.rtup.Biz;i am assured my attitudes are right.if you read this join free-i am sure you get a confirmation of your validity.
    Thank you

  21. To make clear:
    I think of Ken Drake who asked question
    “Just to depict my feelings from my last comment here;everyone who is thinking like person who started this post is wrong.There is no making money by putting your ads and hoping to get paid for done.”

  22. It’s very hard to make alot of money online, but you can make some. I use three sites to get free stuff and money. Treasuretroopers gives money for doing surveys, swagbucks gives prizes for searching online with their google-based search engine, and totallyfree gives some free magazine subscriptions. For more info, check out my site

  23. The real way to make money is you have to put an effort no matter what you do. How much effort you put depends much on the program you join.

    If you were having a unique business opportunity that came with unique and exclusive products, safer for your home, switching stores, a business anyone can do, no risk, a business that lasts and you would guarantee reach the final destination sooner or later from how you put your effort, unlike tonnes of programs out there would not helping you making a dime.

    How would you think?
    Have a wonderful day

  24. Thanks for this interesting blog and to those that have commented. I love learning from those of you who are so generous to share. Thanks

  25. Hi everyone,

    I have come across a seminar conducted by, I seen how a newbie can create 14 blogs with 2 hours of work. And all the blogs created integrated with Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank and so forth. Really powerful and speechless to say.

    I didn’t sign up for it because when something that is using “Auto”, I am sensitive unless it is free. I afraid of Google..ban you when they found auto backlinks. auto blasting to Search Engines, the way they treat autosurf/paid to program etc.

    For, first time payment is USD77.00 and recurring monthly payment is USD37.00.

    What I have say is good luck to them. But, I believe sooner or later, uncle Google will know it..just a matter a time. From my past experienced on the internet, certain program at first launch very intense, making quick bucks and then saturated while waiting for another newer program…never ending.

    However,I found a good way to make money from home is here.Because, it is only meant from US. Hence, if you’re from US and with US Mobile phone, this is for you.

    Make Money From Home

    Check it out.
    To your success online and happy life

  26. I recently found an amazing way to make money online. I have made about $60 in the past 3 weeks and I wasn’t trying to make money with this site.

    I use it to hire workers to promote for me all over the internet.

    Using a particular SEO method, these guys got my main website to the first page of GOOGLE for an extremely tough keyword.

    I’ll prove it.

    My business is The Oxygen Therapy Program. GOOGLE the keyword “oxygen therapy” and there I am on the first page! This keyword is worth thousands of dollars and I got there for free using

    I cashed out some of the money I made just to prove to myself that I could cashout with no problems then I used the rest of the money to continue promoting my websites.

    It’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned, I think.

    So, whether you need to make an extra $50 or $60, or whether you want people to promote your website, biz, opportunity or blog all over the internet… will work for you too.

    Best of Luck to Everyone,

    Lynne Gordon

  27. Dear Lynne,
    Glad to hear a positive motivation from you. It is true that anyone can make money online provided they are patient, hardworking and consistency. The most important the willingness to learn or learn from mistakes.

    We improve from our mistake, nothing to be asshamed of. Actually, for you to land into first page, the main important job you need to do is using Keyword tool to find a niche product keyword that is more than 5000 global monthly search. In addition, you have to do a comprehensive promoiton such as forums posting, blog commenting, social networking, article marketing,video marketing,SEO manual submission and so on(Don’t use auto or blasing type of submission, my hunble advice).

    However,if you have a good profitable niche product, PPC advertsing is the way. There’s no need to do any hard ways such as above. PPC if use effectively and efficiently, you can just send “laser” targeting to the landing page.

    This is just a few points of view to bright up those think making money online is difficult and impossible.

    Lastly, but not the least, I wish all of you have a good business and the most important is take care of your health through out your whole life.


  28. Stay focus, research, build a blog on a free website and always have a brand new notebook to write down everything (even your passwords for the programs you’ve signed up for). Remember, this is a goal as well as a job. It doesn’t happen overnight and ask for help.

  29. it is a testament to the quality of advice that this many years later, it is still true without a doubt. Anyone looking to make money online should follow these tips.

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