My Best Website Traffic Strategies

My intention of today’s discussion is to encourage our readers, i.e. YOU, to share with us what are some of your preferred website traffic strategies.

Feel free to discuss your preferred traffic strategies in the comment section below.

Let me kick start the discussion with 3 of my best website traffic strategies.

1) Advertising

Think about this question: If you are totally new to a market, with no network, no JV partners, no customer and no leads, how are you going to establish a presence in the market?

Well, one way is to actively promote your website through social medias such as facebook and forums. But that takes a lot of time and effort. A faster alternative is advertising.

There are 2 types of people when it comes to advertising:

– The first type are those who advertise with the aim to make some sales and hence recover the advertising cost with a good profit.

– The second type are those who advertise with the aim to build a network. Immediate recovery of the advertising cost is secondary because the network they have built will eventually pay back the advertising costs and much more.

It’s hard to say which type of advertisers is better. But personally, I belong to the second type. How about you?

2) Search Engine Traffic

The good thing about search engine traffic is that it is free and pretty sustainable. The challenge is it costs time, money and know-how to build that traffic.

The SEO game is a long-term game (at least 6 – 12 months). Most people fail because they are looking for short-term results. As I’ve discussed in my previous posts, with the launch of Google Caffeine, the emphasis is now on site authority, and one of the major factors that determine site authority is the age of the website.

If you do not have the patience to build links and wait, then what you can do is to leverage on authority sites that allow you to post articles, such as Squidoo and Ezinearticles. These sites have established their authority status and if you post an article to it, with some link building effort, you can easily get it rank well in Google. Then, you can try to channel the traffic back to your own website. The ‘route’ is a little longer, but it’s not a bad move since the traffic is free and tend to be long-term.

3) Word Of Mouth

The best form of traffic is probably word-of-mouth traffic. It’s the best because it is free, and the best part is you don’t have to worry whether Google likes you tomorrow!

Word-of-mouth is the true power of social networking. Instead of you tactfully and subtly promoting your website in facebook, twitter, forums, etc., you now have other people recommending your website through all kinds of channels.

You can speed up the word-of-mouth process with a good referral program. This is something I have been emphasizing, but many marketers are still not having their own referral program, especially affiliate marketers.

Most affiliate marketers limit their traffic sources to advertising, search engine and self-promotion in social medias. Can affiliates who promote other people’s products run their own affiliate programs? The answer is definitely YES. In fact that should be the way.

You can always create a product that caters to the market you are promoting, and recruit your own affiliates to promote that product while on the other hand, you promote other people’s products to the traffic that you receive.

There you have it, my best website traffic strategies. I have been using these 3 strategies since 2006 to build a pretty stable online empire. How about you? Share with us your best traffic strategies. Even if it’s a repeat of the three I’ve discussed, it’s still good to list it down and tell your own experience. I thank you for your contribution in advance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hi Kenneth,
    thanks for the info.

    I have a website that all of a sudden is getting 2,000+ hits a day; mostly from China. It is about importing goods from China, and it sells an ebook on the subject, but I’m not getting that many sales. Any ideas on how to monetize traffic coming from China?

  2. Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks you for the tips on marketing. Traffic is the major concerns of small online business today.
    If you do not have strategies in place, no matter how wonderful your website appears,all your ads dollar will go to waste.
    You may have visitors to your site but if you do not have a funnel to convert them to be buyers, then you are losing dollars per second.
    For those struggling to make money, i urge you to stop and think.. where are you going wrong? May be you need a coach, redesign your sales page to convert visitors into serous buyers.

    If you are serious, check on my website on “Myglobaltraing” link, there is something for you

  3. Thanks for a great article.
    I would like to add, traffic is not always a magic bullet that
    will bring you sales. Many web owners would do better
    maximizing their conversion ratio using short bursts of
    targeted traffic (available on demand from google adwords)
    and then the traffic will pay for itself.
    There is no point sending reams of traffic to a poorly
    converting page; you should work on your conversion.
    – Mark Fisher

  4. It’s just an opinion, but I think advertising online becomes less effective every day and the ONLY thing we should be doing with it is trying to build a list and educate our audience to do the same thing. With all the dirt cheap PLR products around, it’s a simple process to come up with a UNIQUE product of our own for almost no investment and little personal knowledge. Just rewrite what you find and add a nice cover, and there it is! If graphic covers are not your strong suit, get someone on Fiverr to create one for Five Bucks.

  5. Great article as always. The affiliate info is pertinent. You should spend another article on it. Being an affiliate, SEO guy, online/offline marketer; building your own brand and following is a great necessity of sustainability. With my clients I deal with more offsite optimization strategies than internal; although I recommend being aware and internal linking within your site and so on. Authority sites pull rank quickly and can be a great segway. I think people concentrate to much on traffic as opposed to the “exit sign” aka call to action!

  6. Thank you, Kenneth Koh for your most recent newsletter!

    I normally set up a blog site first. Ping that
    Twitter the blog link
    Post on Facebook walls.
    I have several other sites that also receive the Twitter/Facebook info.
    Also …. which is a new ‘word of mouth’, and advertising, social site.

    I am currently getting ready to set up a fan page on Facebook… they get a lot of traffic!

    There are a lot of ways to get traffic! I am currently adding to the ones I have worked for a while!

    Thank you … I intend to include some of your ideas as well!

  7. Great article Kenneth.

    One other thing that helps build your site authority is how long readers stay on your site. To help increase that metric, put a link in each of your posts near the end to another post on your blog that relates to the one they are reading. That way, it becomes a ‘call to action’ to keep the reader moving around your blog, spending more time on it and thus, giving you a better Google rating for having avid readers (i.e. relevancy.)


  8. I have found that these new viral link cloaking programs work great for delivering traffic to websites. They are simple to use and the traffic you get from them is viral so its pretty much set and forget advertising. You make one simple change and the hits start flowing in. The best part is you can set up as many websites as you wish.

  9. I personally like social networking marketing/blogging advertising.

    #1 reason is because it covers word af mouth and free internet marketing all in one.

    #2 it’s an easy way too build up a follwing and that will get reapeating sales in the long run so yes kenneth I like the #2 option on advertising anyone who has been in business for themselves a while know that you have too think long term

    # 3 This is my personal favorte because you will have other people doing the work for you without even knowing it. Affiiate marketers especially live this. So what is it. I call it downline marketing. It is sipmply when other people refer your product or service and get a sale for you and you never pay them a penny for there service. So too all people in business make sure your selling a hot and reliable product or service you DON’T want your downline advertisers too DEMOTE your products/services. I seen this all too much…

    Happy Holidays Everyone
    Jimmy West

  10. I too have had to struggle for a long time before I finally came to the realization the “Traffic Building” is much more important than “Traffic Getting”. When we first start out in our new venture the opposite seems more true.

    Building traffic that is “Viral” in nature is one way to build long term traffic. A few programs that have been really starting to pay off (for me, at least) are Traffic Exchanges and List Builders.

    Just like the options you mention above, they do take time to get them working for you properly. For those who do invest the time properly, you can get to the point where you automatically generate thousands of hits per day.

    This sort of viral traffic is highly targeted (towards the Internet Marketing industry) which leads some to believe that this traffic is not right for them. However, if your product has a wide reaching market it will work for you – you will just need to generate a higher volume of daily traffic. In other words… yes, people who use Traffic Exchanges are internet marketers but they still use Pet Supplies, Cell Phones, Exercise Equipment, Clothes, Weight-loss Products, etc., etc., etc.

    Bill Darton

  11. Thanks for the info. As newbies I will follow up with your article that very helpful .

    Continue with your good job.


  12. Traffic building is certainly the answer to every form of business and networking, with all the various ways of advertising available tody, it think the best is video and webinar, I have just discovered the ultimate in this way of advertising, it is cost effective, in high demand and I have recognized an AMAZING OPPRTUNITY when it
    hit me smack dab in the face.. $8.97 for this product?? This is AMAZING”

    Dot Cully

  13. Hi Everyone

    Seems like I sput and sputter continuously with my traffic. Some of it is my fault and some of it I have no control over.

    I think I have misused the Social Sites, not with spamming but with innocuous content. I do not seem to be Social Friendly. If I have something to say I just say it. I don’t run to Keyword Elite or such like, I don’t run to Yahoo/Google trends and I also resisted making a List of Subscribers as I don’t like how my email is used by the marketers and do not wish to do that to others either.

    Having said all that and keeping in mind the learning curve to figure out everything, my main website is now almost 6 years old. It was only last year when Google moved my PR to 2, and then took it away. I have worked hard at SEO and learned many things the hard way.

    One of my peers pointed out to me it took him 10 years to create a 6-digit income and he did it all by article marketing. Can you day job do that in 10 years? No. That is what keeps me trucking.

    So online marketing is a long term effort – at least from what I have seen and experienced.

    I know there is the “Moth in a Light” wonder that occasionally happens to someone but it is not to be expected.

    I have generated more spam from advertising then I have received any benefits from because I do not use gmail, yahoo or bing accounts. Oh boy, is she ever dumb – right? Maybe, but I can face myself at anytime of the day and not feel bad about being so thoughtless to others.

    I now lean to having unique content in my website, unique article marketing submissions, with some forum exposure (it is very time consuming). Then simply being consistent in my daily chores. If you are not consistent that is the very worst omission in your marketing efforts.

    Oh, Google gave back the Page Rank. Go figure.

  14. Great article and one we will link to from our site for others to read and learn from. Thanks again Kenneth for quality content.

    PnotS – People, not Society

  15. you online visibility is more important now a days if you want to run your business, and the most important factor in it is online marketing,,, you must go with different strategies of these and just go with them to achieve the goals..

  16. There are many ways to boost authority to a new website, but the few one I know and have worked are as follows:
    1.Get more links from well established sites
    2.Start writing good quality articles and put your link in the signature line
    3.Submit your site to other authority sites
    4.Submit your site to top Directories
    5.Install site map to energize your link juice
    5.Set a Google Master account and Submit Your Sitemap to Improve Your Site Rankings

    It may take time to have your site gain that authority.

    I hope this helps!

    1. Good tips. Google has a lot of great tools. In addition to signing up for Webmaster tools, sign up for and implement Google Analytics for more detail.

  17. Thank you for this tip.

    It is good to know that SEO and especially back linking will take upward from 6 months. Anyone impatient should go for advertising, assuming he has deep pockets.

  18. Me and my brother were talking a while back and he was explaining how narrowing your targeted audience can really boost your sales in the long run and I though of my site and how I could implement them as well.

    You see when I first started my site I was aiming towards people who wanted to make income from home and people who needed advertising for there business made since right??

    But after talking to my brother realized that with my disability I could use that to my advantage. Instead of just advertising to people who wanted to make money I could focus on people with disabilities who either couldn’t hold down a job or they were like me and had to quit because there physically demanding job was just too much for them so now I have a very specific audience I speak too when it comes to making money online narrowing down my audience. I hope this helps you in your future ventures.


  19. Good points on getting traffic. There are more variations of traffic getting strategies, basically free and pain. The word of mouth is one of the best things you can do, you invest your time and energy and get the most quality traffic. This kind of traffic has long term benefits for your business, you are building authority.
    Building a list is important, but even more important is to build relationships with your subscribers, so they will promote for you with the word of mouth method…

  20. Hi Kenneth….I really liked your LeadsLeap site and I upgraded to pro right away and already got signups to my new site …If any of your readers are interested in getting Free Traffic, I have a site called Advertise Free on the where they can post lots of free Solos, Hot Links, Banner and Classifeds..

    all the best

    (alias the king of Traffic )

  21. Here are some good suggestions to increase your website traffic-

    1. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – all allow you to place a URL on your profile so why not take advantage.

    2. You can also add a link in your Skype status to your website.

    3. Instagram is a place to share social memes. You can make your own by choosing a graphic from pixabay and then uploading it to Instagram.

    4. Create helpful videos and post them on your YouTube channel. In the description you can link to your website for the viewer to obtain more information.

    5. Buffer is the perfect free tool to share your social media multiple times automatically.

    6. Share your photographs on Flickr and Pixabay If you allow others to use your images they will go back and have a look at your site.

    7. Because Google + is owned by Google it’s very easy to rank quickly so always put in a link to new content.

    8. . List a book for free on Kindle.You can either use your own blog content for this or you can write an e-book. Write the book in word and then upload it to Kindle as a free product. That way you use the advertising leverage of Amazon. This can actually lead to further e-books which you can charge for at a later date.

    9. Get posted on Medium. Medium is a community of writers and they publish articles on a wide range of topics.

    10. Share some content with Sniply . The advantages you can insert a call to action link back to your website with the share. You can track what type of links provide the best traffic back to your site.

    11. Interview an expert. Everyone loves publicity, ask an authority figure to do an interview. Write them an email explaining you want to do a short interview of no more than 20 minutes and outline the questions you would like to ask. Use a skype recorder to record the phone call.

    12.Linkedin Ads can be more targeted than any other form of adverts. They can be a cheaper form of advertising than Facebook, Bing or Google Adwords. The making money online niche is very profitable here because most people are targeted and focused on jobs and careers.

    13.Putting an offer on a thank you page is a very productive traffic generating technique because it is at this point when someone has just opted in that they are most responsive to opening an email. You can choose your favorite email marketers in your niche and ask them if you can rent a thank you page.

    14.Images tend to rank faster and more easily than text. Place your target keywords in the meta tag and also in the alternative text.

    15.Make sure that you use the email attached to your domain rather than a generic Gmail or Hotmail account.

    1. Free is good but how scalable is it. You need to find a channel that you can scale up and if your word of mouth is good then this will increase as a result.

  22. I agree with your statement “those who advertise with the aim to build a network” is generally the best overall. Very good strategies you have shared.
    Terri Pattio
    MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart/Twitter Strategies

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