How To Love What You Do In Internet Marketing

When I quitted my job (with no backup income and only a strong desire to succeed), I told myself that I’m going to build a passive income system that will make money on autopilot. By then, I will travel around the world, and sit in my office and shake legs (meaning: doing nothing).

Is that your dream too?

Well, here’s what is happening……

Yes, I now travel to different countries anytime I like. But I have to carry my laptop wherever I go. When I book hotel, I have to make sure that it comes with high speed internet access.

And yes, I really sit in my office and shake leg (as a habit). But my hands are always on the keyboard and my eyes are glued to the computer screen.

So what happen to my dream?

What happen is I’ve fallen in love with my work. (My wife hates me saying this!)

Sometimes I ask myself, what would I do if I retire. Guess what my answer is? I will still be doing the same thing as what I’m doing now!!!

Will you say you are going to ‘retire’ from your hobby? You won’t, right?

You may be wondering what is it that I’m doing everyday that makes my work so interesting.

Let me tell you the truth……

I’m doing all the boring things that you probably have been dragging yourself to do; things like writing articles, posting ads, replying emails, creating websites and managing freelancers.

I bet this is not the first time you heard people saying that to succeed, you must love what you do. But I bet no one has told you my version:

“To succeed, you must love the boring things that you do.”

Most people can’t succeed online because they’ve been painted with the fantasy of easy money, but when they get down to the actual work, they find it boring and quit. Those who eventually make it are those who love doing the boring stuff.

Don’t ask me how I fell in love with the boring things. It’s like falling in love with your wife (or husband). There is no reason!

So, how do you fall in love with the boring things in internet marketing?

Like I said earlier, I don’t know how. To me, it’s like falling in love with your soul mate. Is it fated? I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is that when I first started, I was motivated by money.

As I went through the process, I slowly get used to it and now it has become part of my life.

Come to think about it, that’s how two person fell in love with each other, isn’t it? You may fall in love with someone for some initial reasons, but when you’re truly in love, what you really love is the feeling of being together.

So the moral behind this is, if you want to fall in love with the boring things that you do, keep working until you get used to it.

11 thoughts to “How To Love What You Do In Internet Marketing”

  1. Hey Kenneth,
    When I started internet marketing in 2001 I instantly fell in love with it. I became a sponge and learned everything I could about internet marketing and marketing in general. Im no expert by any means as we all keep learning but I still love what Im doing.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    I love internet marketing because I like the thought of being my own boss. I am a highly motivated person and have the discipline to work by myself. Also, I enjoy learning new marketing techniques everyday. Everyday, I learn a new twist to marketing. Plus, I travel with my husband so I work a online business from my laptop anywhere in the world. I love working on my computer hours past like minutes.

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    We are in the same boat.

    With the internet revolusion in general and internet markerting specifically, we would furnish our valuable time by blogging.

    Like you, the rewards we get is money and it is worth to spend a few hours infront of the computer. What I like most we internet marketing is…it work 24/7, even though we go sleep.

  4. Great way to put it Kenneth! I believe people are drawn to the online lifestyle because they love being able to create and see it in real time, and once they begin to receive validation from their peers, affiliates, and customers, that continues to fuel our love for what we do.

  5. On-Line Work is like a magnet. Once you are in you are hooked. But it takes a lot to succeed in on-line. I have been in on-line marketing since only a short while & I am yet to learn a lot.

  6. I am still asking myself: what is happening, am I crazy? Is someone bewitched me or what?

    I am 57 years old and I Totally and unexpectedly fell in love with internet marketing.!!!

    It feels or is an obsession! I cant sleep, I cant eat, Totally CRAZY!!!
    I want to know everything about it and FAST of cause! So I am learning, working, promoting, etc. etc. 12-16 hours every day!!!

    There is not an answer why we are falling in love! It is just happening, what to do?

    I was an hotel owner for many years and now I am happy to work in complete silence,
    And I am happy with my new life. I hope one day internet marketing will bring me money too..

    But I am already a winner and I am already paid in so many ways …
    I am growing in spirit (and in cash),
    I am connecting with people all over the world…(I speak few languages so it is even more enjoyable)
    I am feeling alive!

    So, I am hooked and I am in.. And I am here to stay!!!
    And you are very welcome to work with me in my on line business.

    Have a grate day!!

  7. i am very new there and i am learning with this blog but i have some questions but i dont know how to contact with my upline

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