Best Free Website Promotion Tips With No Product

The best free website promotion strategy is joint venture. But for joint venture to work, you need to have a product that people are willing to promote. Most online newbies start off without a product of their own, so joint venture is not something that they can do. In our discussion today, we will look into the best free website promotion tips and strategies for website owners who do not have a product of their own.

1) Build a list

The first free website promotion tip is to build a list in multiple forms. In the past, building a list is limited to email list. But with the advancement in social media, you are able to build a list without actually owning the list. For example, you can get people to subscribe or like your Facebook page, so that whenever you post something, their will be notified.

There are pros and cons in different forms of list building but generally, you want to build list in as many different forms as you can handle. The reason is simple. People may change their email addresses or their preferred social media. By building a list in multiple forms, you increase the longevity of your list.

2) Blogging

The next best free website promotion strategy after joint venture is blogging. Blogging serves three purposes.

i) It builds trust between you and your traffic.

ii) If done right, it will bring you free traffic from the search engine.

iii) It is used to engage first-time visitors.

The first two purposes should be obvious. Let me explain the third purpose a little further. When someone comes to your website, you need to quickly make them feel that this website is a good resource they should revisit. There are a few ways to do it. One way is by having a good blog that is full of tips and strategies on the topic concerned.

3) Content Marketing

Content marketing includes article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, free ebook giveaway and blog comment marketing. The whole idea is to provide useful content on third party websites so as to channel the traffic to your website.

4) Social Media

Many marketers have raved about how easy it is to get traffic from social medias such as Facebook, Pinterest etc. The power of social media is in sharing. People are curious about what people share and what people like.

To get people to talk about your website, again, your website must provide something useful. That goes back to our second tip – blogging. For example, if you blog regularly, you can share the article on your Facebook page and encourage people to subscribe or like that page. People who do not want to miss your post will want to subscribe to your Facebook page. This will in turn arouse the interest of their friends to visit your website.

If you use wordpress for blogging, you can install a free plugin called Jetpack. It has a feature that allows you to automatically share your blog post on your favourite social networks.

5) Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange is not just limited to traffic exchange networks. The traffic exchange I’m talking about here is exchanging leads with other website owners in the same industry. It is another form of joint venture actually, but in traffic exchange, you don’t need a product.

For example, if you have a list of say 500 people, you can approach another blogger in your industry with similar traffic size and propose a cross promotion. It can be in the form of a guest post or in the form of an email promotion.

6) Create Values

Last but not least, your website must create values. Internet marketing is getting harder than ever, and to win in the competition, you must provide quality content and/or tools. Don’t build a website with the intention to make quick money, instead, build one that focus on quality. If you do that, it will have a multiplying effect on your promotion effort.

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  1. Hi Ken,

    Some great ideas here for getting traffic and well explained. Internet marketing is getting harder, so you must be consistent and provide quality as you mentioned above. I think number 6 spells out everything perfectly. Don’t be misguided for taking the short-term approach and concentrate efforts on the long-term advantages.


    1. “Before we have volunteers working specifically with understudies, we need individuals to come so we can demonstrate to them how we do it, why we do it[… ]and for them to comprehend our prescribed procedures,” Kastner said.

  2. I do practice %95 of these tips already but I do need to forcus on my content writing a little more like posting on forums ect. But I think this will be great advice for newbies thanks for the read well appreciated.

  3. But just remember your main goal, which is to market your product in the best
    possible way. Just as friends gather in public
    pubs, coffee shops, or barber shops, groups of people are gathered and connected through various online
    tools and websites. It’s a powerful tool, and you need to know all the right knowledge in order to
    use it effectively.

  4. I just love your program, Kenneth. I have learned so much from your writings, which has helped me understand about marketing, and enabled me to build my business faster.
    Thank you so much

  5. Now days. Blogging and Social Medias are directly depend on each other because If you want to drive more traffic on your blog then you must follow the social media. Because craze of Social Media increasing day by day.

  6. It is true without having a product to promote, we cannot win in online business. We do not need to have tangible products. Even for a blogger, his blog content is a product. Search Engines and Social Media sites have the potential to bring free traffic to a website and promote our online business.

  7. Hey, these are great tips!

    yes I definitely agree it is a great idea to build multiple lists, ie through social media and not just rely on your email list, although this will most likely be your main one and certainly the most profitable if you are using a sales funnel.

    For newbies, it can be a good idea to get a PLR product or two to promote in the early days, it will save time and they are not expensive either!



    1. I was very interested in the article. It’s quite inspiring I should admit. I like visiting your site since I always come across interesting articles like this one.

  8. Interesting article.When somebody goes to your site, you have to rapidly make them feel that this site is a decent asset they ought to return to. There are a couple of approaches to do it. Restricted is by having a decent blog that is brimming with tips and methodologies on the theme concerned.

  9. Great Information for Newbie and advance Marketers for whatever Niche your In or anyone wanting to make Make Money Online I have done some Of these an Blogging is by far Great Way to build trust share tips an tricks an Value as well as Videos.

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  13. Blogging is the best way to promote your product on the internet. You just need a good blog and good content for your blog. Advertising your product in the social media will also get some publicity for some of your product.

  14. Since i was looking to promote my website, the piece of information which you have provided here is very useful to me. Surely i will follow these tips. Thank you for providing these effective tips. Expecting more useful blogs like this.

  15. Yes, the best website promotion tips is the best you can get form these people and you will most likely make the right choice is the truest of sense.

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  17. These tips are really very good and I think those who are related to marketing fields must focus them a lot.

    Really looking forward to those tips and to apply them practically

  18. Without promotion, there is no customer and no customer means no existence, therefore website promotion is the first step to focus on while introducing our services to our user. this guide is really helpful and i found it very informative. Thanks, for sharing such amazing tips.

  19. I like your arguments. In particular, I agree that blogging is one of the effective strategies to promote a website without products. Thank you for such an educating article.

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