Banners For LeadsLeap 4.0

We have released a new set of banners for LeadsLeap 4.0.

You can get the banners at Affiliate Links & Tools .

Old banners will automatically be replaced.

If you have added our banner to your website, there is no need to change it, unless you want to change it to the High Resolution banner.

Read on to find out more…

High Resolution Banners

Normal banners appear blurry on PC browsers.

This is because PC browsers automatically zoom in content by about 125%.

This means images shown are enlarged by 125%, hence appear blurry.

To make banners clear again, the trick is to use a larger image, then resize it to the desired banner size.

We call such banners High Resolution Banners. (It’s not an industry term.)

Below shows the difference between a low resolution banner (which is the normal banner) and a high resolution banner:

When To Use High Resolution Banners?

If you place banners on your website, you can use the high resolution banner code (see arrow 1 in the screenshot below) .

If you submit banners in advertising sites, chances are you have to use the low resolution banner (see arrow 2).

That’s all for today.

If you have any question on banner usage, please write it in the comments below.

23 thoughts to “Banners For LeadsLeap 4.0”

    1. I love the Leapsleap 4.0. However,the system will not give my Free Marketing as it say my information is already in the system.

  1. Awesome New Banners Kenneth !! Along with our new ‘sales’ page .. Clicks & Conversions should go “thru the roof” ! Thanks

  2. The new banners looks great! The clicks per day I get on them have atleast quadrupled! Great job Kenneth :)

  3. Love the new 4.0 and the banners are totally awesome. The main landing page is such a great improvement! Many thanks for everything!

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