Affiliate Traffic Explained – A Simple Guide

This is an article to give you a simple guide on how to get affiliate traffic as an affiliate marketer. It’s also my answer to one of our members’ question below:

“I have been trying to do internet marketing for some client but I have not succeeded. This is by being sales representative of this company and I be paid for every customer who sign up and pay. My problem is that I don’t know how to go about it. Please help me and show me how to do it.” – Susan

Hi Susan, what you’re doing is just a form of affiliate marketing.

In your case, your probably have a personal arrangement with your client instead of through an affiliate network such as ClickBank. But the idea of getting affiliate traffic is essentially the same.

Successful affiliates either own the customers (usually because they already have a high traffic website) or they know where to find the customers (usually through search engines or online advertising).

Understanding this fact, your job of finding affiliate traffic is now simplified.


1) you build niche websites to attract targeted traffic for the product you’re promoting, or

2) you get traffic through search engine optimization and online advertisements such as Adwords.

Each of these is a huge topic by itself. My job is to point you to the right direction. You have to find out the details. (More details can be found in LeadsLeap blog.)

1) Build your niche websites

As an affiliate, your long term goal is to ‘own’ the traffic. You don’t want to keep advertising and sent traffic to your affiliated site.

When I say ‘own’ the traffic, what I mean is creating your own content website, service website or blog, and building your own list.

Yes, it’s much harder than simply posting an advertisement and making a commission straight away. But it’s a business that can potentially grow exponentially and provide you with a nice passive income in the long run.

Building your own niche empire requires long term commitment from you. It’s not a quick fix. But it’s important.

If you want a quick fix, read on……

2) Advertise

Let’s say you are helping your client to sell an apartment in Denver. You can do some keyword research and post some Adwords ads to get potential buyers.

For low competitive keywords, you can leverage on Web 2.0 sites to get top ranking in the natural search results. This will save you some money.

You may also want to advertise in various online and offline property directories.

For some products, you can also generate affiliate traffic through article marketing, a.k.a. bum marketing.

As I said in my previous blog post, the key is to find targeted affiliate traffic.

Final words….

Last but not least, I want to instill into you the idea of passive and fresh traffic. Passive traffic are regular traffic to your website. They can be people on your list or your blog patrons. Fresh traffic are new traffic from advertising, search engines or other means.

You must make it a goal to create a system that builds both passive and fresh traffic. This will give you long term success as an affiliate marketer. Once your system is up and running, you will not have to worry about affiliate traffic all the time.

11 thoughts to “Affiliate Traffic Explained – A Simple Guide”

  1. Yes, that is a very descriptive formula to get and drive traffic to your website or affiliate program, if you post an ad in a cow field, cows do not read, nor do they buy products or services.

  2. Hi Susan,

    To me, you are trying to re-invent the wheel, as Kenneth says, you are trying to develop an affiliate program of your own. This requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in many fields. I don’t want to discourage you, but unless you have a particular interest in this specific client, and what you want is simply to make money, then join some reputable affiliate programs and promote them. You would be provided with some training, tools, sample advertisement, and sometimes a good support system.

    Now, if you really want to do your own, well congratulations! You will find a great deal of information on the web.

    Best wishes of success,


  3. I agree to get traffic to your website takes time and patience. Whether you are using paid advertisment of search engine optimization it takes time. I think it is best to go for targeted traffic using some targeted ketywords because then you will receive traffice from people who are searching for what you are offerring. You will then have a better click through rate.

    To higher success,

  4. Hi, These are all great ways to build targeted traffic but I also write blogs, articles and post in social network sites about the product or service and this has also helped me build my list and make sales.

    God Bless,
    Sherri Lynn

  5. If your looking to learn how to generate traffic, then look no further. Check out Kenneth’s past blog posts, or in fact look at all the past posts I’m sure you will find what your looking for. Just make sure that you target your traffic by that I mean, whatever your client is selling you could join a forum that comments on that particular product or service and leave a link in your signature file.

  6. this is worthy article which always giving new ways of groom our work. emm thankful to you to make current project so easy to provide your luminous information.

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