5 Useful And Free Tools For Webmasters Or Internet Marketers

Today I’m going to share with you 5 useful and free tools (software) that I use very often when running my online businesses.

1) PDF Creator

If you have been thinking of creating your own PDF ebooks, yet you do not want to buy the expensive Adobe PDF writer, I have a solution.

A free software I’ve been using for a long time is CutePDF. It’s free and very easy to use. Just install and print any page or document into a PDF file.

2) Screen Shot Software

Getting a screen shot of your desktop is very useful when you want to add some useful graphics to your ebook, instruction manual or in your sales letter.

I’ve tried numerous screen shot software but frankly, none of them compares to this free version.

Most screen shot software are complicated and they offer too many features that you don’t need. But
Screen Shot 1.0
gives me exactly what I need. It’s easy to use and it works fast.

3) Multi-purpose Text Editor

This software is not for everyone. But if you are an experienced ‘hands-on’ internet marketer, you will appreciate this software.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have to change just 1 word in ALL your html files? You open as many windows as possible and try to repeat the change at top speed, only to realize that you still make mistakes along the way.

What if there is a software that allows you to open unlimited number of text files, including your html files, php files etc, and you can replace a word or sentence across all the opened files at the same time?

This is just one of the many advantages of Notepad ++.

With Notepad ++, you can also view 1 file in two different windows. This is very useful for debugging purpose.

Another feature that I like is its color distinction for different syntaxes and codes. If you know a little about html, php or asp, this software can be your best editor.

Basically, if you ever need to perform any text editing, I can’t recommend any editor other than Notepad ++.

4) Audio Editor

Nowadays MP3 recorder is very common. You can easily record your own voice or an interview session. The problem is how are you going to edit the recording?

There are some expensive software out there. Yet again, I’m using a free audio editor that is superbly easy to use, very reliable and it produces top quality audio files.

The audio editor I’m talking about is Audacity.

You can edit most of the popular audio formats with Audacity. But if you need to export the edited file in MP3 format, you will need to install an extra plugin. I suggest if you want to install Audacity, install the MP3 plugin too because you will definitely need it one day. The detailed instruction to install the plugin can be found at


5) English Dictionary!

Please, don’t laugh at me. English is not my mother tongue and to make sure that I’m using the right word most of the time when writing a blog or newsletter, I need to use a dictionary.

Online dictionary is too slow and one needs to be online to use it. What I’m using is WordWeb. It’s free and it’s easy to

I have it automatically turn on whenever I start my computer and I set up Ctrl-Z as the hotkey. Whenever I need to check the meaning of a word, all I have to do is highlight the word and press “Ctrl Z”. It’s that simple.

Besides the meaning of the word, WordWeb also gives you the synonyms. Whenever I can’t think of an appropriate word to use, I’ll enter something close and see if I can find a better word in the list of synonyms.

If you have used one of these software or you decide to try them out, share with us your experience in the comment section below. Or if you have a better recommendation, let us know. We are all looking for better software to improve
our efficiency, aren’t we?

14 thoughts to “5 Useful And Free Tools For Webmasters Or Internet Marketers”

  1. We use Audacity for our audio editing. We record and stream our teleseminars for our members of our apprenticeship program. Audacity is really easy to use and we love using it in our business.

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    I have another really great product that I think yo should add to your list of freebies that marketers should use. I have a program called Treepad, which is really neat. It is a text editor, database, and personal information organizer. This tool is really great for Internet marketers because it is easy to use, plus it allows for you to organize all your information into a tree structure much like your computer’s hard drive does with its files and folders.

    You can get it by going to the following link.

    Download Treepad

    I personally use the lite version of the program because I don’t need the program to do all that much for me, but if you want more features, you may want to check out the other versions of the program that are on that page.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    I teach web design and graphic design online. I use ALL the free tools I can. One that you didn’t mention is Open Office. It’s TOTALLY free to use and has a Suite of programs that are better than the Microsoft Works or Suite.

    One of the amazing functions is the ability to create PDF’s directly from the SWriter (which is their program that’s akin to MS Word) – but it’s way better, easier to use and has the advantage of being able to create PDF’s instantly without having to turn on some other software to create them. It also creates clickable hyperlinks and Table of Contents (hyperlinked) which a lot of the free PDF softwares out there don’t do.


    To your Health, Wealth and Success
    Claire Poulton

    1. Wow Claire,thanks for the recommendation. I know there must be better software out there. Just waiting for people like you to give us the recommendation.



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  4. That free pdf creator is a good idea. I have installed two ebook creators and have yet to get them working. I will probably have to employ someone to show me how.

    What we like is easy things to work and none of this complicated stuff to work with like ebook creator which require too much knowledge.

    I get a little buzz out of writing and I kinda have this theory that if I keep writing long enough I will have written a book without writing a books

    Happy Riches

  5. Hi Kenneth

    Some good tools here. The Open Office is added, I would have added this if not already done.
    Do a search in Google for any topic you want with “topic+free” in the search bar, you will be amazed how much you can get for Free Online. There is stuff about almost all.

    But what I suggest all the time, and principally for Newbies, is to get guideline what to do Online.
    See, what’s happen if you go behind all free “money making stuff”, is : you end up with your PC stuffed with a ton of ebooks where you have no clue what to do with them.

    So you should know how to market Online BEFORE anything else, because knowing this will determ if you can make money Online or not. Inform yourself about this.
    Most people fail due to the fact that they have no clue how to sell something. Perhaps the best resources on this are not for Free as valuable information has “value”, i.e. will cost some.

    Get Free infos about Internet based Affiliate Marketing, as well you can get a Free ecourse and 14 Free ebooks at the site below my signature.

    Success to all
    Guido Mueller
    A proud memeber of the Wealthy Affiliate University

  6. Hi Kenneth,

    Enjoying the LeadsLeap concept although I do need to work it harder ;-)

    As an alternative to notepad I personally prefer Note Tab Light which readers can grab free.

    For PDF and Ebook creation it’s hard to beat eWriterPro as far as I’m concerned as it includes everything including its own word processor, although as Claire mentioned, Open Office is great too.

    For screenshots I go for either the Firefox plugin FireShot or the excellent and free MWSnap

    Keep up the great work.

    Maurice – The CaymanHost

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  9. Hi Kenneth:

    Very useful post about the 5 free tools. It’s allways good thing to have a collection of tools to help us in our internet endeavours. I think I’ll try first the PDF Creator.

    Thank you

    Jesus Moreno

  10. Kenneth,

    Great Stuff as usual.. Just a quick comment, as Claire already mentioned, openoffice.org is a great tool for newbies or skilled pro’s like yourself.

    Jesus, Open Office is a great comparison of at least 3 or 4 different Microsoft / Adobe products COMBINED and its free with no UPGRADES or TRIALS.

    Download it, use it and start profiting.


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