What’s The Best Way To Use LeadsLeap To Generate Leads?

One of our members, David Nuzzi, asked:“LeadsLeap is the only program that seems to be working for me. What is the best way to utilize your program to it’s fullest?” – David Nuzzi

To answer David’s question, let’s first look at how LeadsLeap helps our members to generate leads.

How LeadsLeap Helps You To Generate Leads?

LeadsLeap helps you to generate leads through a 3-pronged approach.

#1 – Leads Building Network

The first approach is our leads building network, where you refer people to join and build your network at LeadsLeap.

You may ask “Kenneth, isn’t LeadsLeap supposed to send me leads? Why am I sending leads to LeadsLeap?”

Fair question. Let me explain.

The people you refer to LeadsLeap are your ‘seed’ leads. Remember that your ad will be shown to 10 levels of your network, for life. As your referred leads bring in more leads, you’ll see your network grow. Over time, more and more people will see your ad.To illustrate, say if you refer 20 people to LeadsLeap, you may end up being able to advertise to 100s or even 1000s of people, for life.

That’s the leads building element of the system. (Note: In addition to building leads, you can also earn recurring commissions on sales made from product order and/or membership upgrade.)

#2 – Contextual Advertising On Our Network

Some new members ask “Is it possible to generate leads without referring people to LeadsLeap?” The answer is yes. This is done through the 2nd element of our system.

Besides being able to advertise to your LeadsLeap downlines, your ad will also be posted in our members area, LeadsLeap blog and on other members’ sites with the LeadsLeap Widget 2.0 added. This means you ad will be exposed to fresh leads months after months, not just limited to members of LeadsLeap.

Sounds good? Yes. But there is a catch……

To have your ad shown in our network, you need to have advertising credits in your account. I’m not going into the details of how to earn credits. You can read about it in your account. But I have one advice for you – try to focus on methods that can earn you credits on autopilot in the long run. You may need to work harder in the short run, but in the long run, you’ll not have to worry about credits.

Alternatively, you can become a PRO member of LeadsLeap, where your PRO ad will be rotated in the network indefinitely.

#3 – Leads Generation Tools

We develop top-notch tools that you can use to generate more leads on your own, beyond the LeadsLeap system.

Two examples are the Slidesense and M.Y.O.B List Builder Script. Even our Advanced Link Cloaker can be used as an advertising tool that you can use to get traffic from forums etc. Again, I’m not going into the details. You can learn about these tools in your members area.

So, what is the best way to utilize LeadsLeap to it’s fullest?

The answer is to make full use of all three elements of the system. Build your team at LeadsLeap, earn advertising credits on autopilot, check out the free tools that we offer and see how you can make use of them.

Last but not least, if you are new to LeadsLeap, check out some of our older posts in LeadsLeap blog. If you experience any internet marketing challenge, it is very likely that I’ve covered that topic in my previous blog posts. If not, you can always send your question to me via our support system. I’ll discuss your challenge in our blog.

107 thoughts to “What’s The Best Way To Use LeadsLeap To Generate Leads?”

  1. I love leadsleap as it’s a fantastic advertising and learning resource. Plus it’s a lucrative Business Opportunity as well. Have referred 236 members personally and earned $170 till date as a result. Current residual monthly income is $20. My goal for 2009 is to refer atleast 800 members more because I want maximum people to benefit using this beautiful program. Thank you very much Kenneth for creating LeadsLeap :)

  2. Kenneth,

    One thing we routinely look forward to is reading your blog entries…and of course receiving leads and sales from LeadsLeap!

    Keep up the good work, LeadsLeap is quickly becoming one of our top recommended sources! I wish we would have tested it sooner!

    Kim Morrissey – CEO

  3. LeadsLeap is a fantastic leads generation program. I continually sign up leads and the oto converts at a high level. I have been earning a comfortable residual for over 5 months now with this program all while advertising my businesses.

    Kenneth offers great value for this program and, personally, I can’t wait for new tools I can use to build my businesses. So far Kenneth has delivered in spades!

    1. $27/mth. A PRO member typically receives 300-500 visitors to their websites. You can read the details in the upgrade page in your members area.

  4. Does our members on level one get reset every month? I thought I had four but it only shows three. I have gotten so many nice compliments from your blog on how to write a presale letter.

    Thanks Kenneth

  5. I have been an active member with Leads Leap for almost two years.
    Without doubt, I have under utilized the power I have at my fingertips with my Leads Leap membership.
    If you have recently joined or are thinking of joining, take my advice.
    Do not second guess a decision to join Leads Leap. Just do it.
    If your budget allows then join as a professional member.
    The value of benefits far outweighs the monetary cost for pro-membership.
    Once you join (either FREE or paid pro-member) – ‘get in and get dirty’ with the features on offer.
    You will learn as you go.
    I can vouch for the ethics of the man behind Leads Leap, Kenneth Koh.
    When I needed a helping hand up at a time when I was low – Kenneth reached down to assist when others did not and I gained instant respect for the man.
    Again, you can trust me as someone who is perhaps two years further down the same path you might be about to step.
    Leads Leap is a MUST HAVE in your internet business tools of trade.
    All the best!
    Michael Searles

    1. Michael, LeadsLeap should hire you to write ad copy for them!

      I’m sold – just upgraded and looking forward to making full use of this program.

      Best Regards,

      Louis (Diamond Lou) Paquette

  6. Hello Kenneth,

    I’m amazed how quickly my downline has growing over the last few weeks here in Leadsleap. Your system is working and doing what it set out to do, which is building my downline and promoting my online business. I look forward in earning my first commission check and checks in the future from Leadsleap, which I don’t believe will be to long with the rate of sign up’s im getting here.

    I also like how we as member’s of leadsleap are able to promote his or her’s promotion in your blog site. It really is a win win situation for all members of Leadsleap.

    With that said, I look forward in continuing my growth in Leadsleap and building my network community of online networker’s.

    Again thanks Kenneth,

    Ed :)

  7. One of Internet Marketing TIPS I picked up early on was that once I sourced a savvy marketing guy whose “drip email” campaign provided value, was to ADD that content to my SWAP FILE and simply mirror his/her process, so as to duplicate success.

    LeadsLeap is such a source.

    Adding Kenneth’s email campaign to my NetDivvy Marketing System has proven to be an excellent resource for me.

  8. Hello Kenneth,

    I read several pages about your LeadsLeap system and a couple of things still aren’t clear to me:

    1. So lets say I have 100 credits and I got them by viewing other peoples ads for 30 seconds. I can then submit an ad into your system and it will show only 100 impressions (email newsletter + LL Blog combined?), then my credits will be zero again, right?

    2. Let’s say my downline “team” is 200. I submit an ad into the system. Then, the system shows my ad ONLY to these 200 people, no one else?

    3. When I get your blog entry emails I see a bunch of the “PPC” ads to the right. Am I to understand that I am seeing these because these advertisers have me in their downline? If so, how did I get there?

    4. How often do you send out the email newsletter with the ads?

    5. Can I use the LL tools (script, affiliate system software, link cloaker) to make a system selling a downloadable product, independent from the LL system? I’m still not clear on how the OTO works.

    Thanks, just trying to understand this stuff before committing to it.

    1. 1. Right.

      2. Yes if you are a free member and has zero credit.

      3. Yes. Your ad will be there is you have downline or you are a PRO member.

      4. On average about once a week. Most of your ad traffic will be from our blog, as it as thousands of visitors (many are fresh visitors). Your ad will be shown in our blog if you have positive credits, or if you are a PRO member.

      5. Of course! All the tools that we offer are free to use to build your own business. As the name of our free lead generation script suggests, Mind Your Own Business! We believe that the only sure way to make money online is to build your own business. And you can use our free tools to achieve that.

  9. Hi,my name is Piet and i have just joint leadsleap,i am still a free member do you guys think that i must join as a pro member now? please check out my blog and leave a comment.

  10. Now I think that I have reached the right way to earn money online through membership of right and trust worthy system of leads leaps.com

  11. Hi,

    I’ve seen your website quite a few times in the past, but did not take any interest to be honest. There seemed to be a lot to take in. Anyway that was then. I trusted friend recommended I join Leadsleap so I have today – and I’m very impressed with the value offered to members. I’m just reading through all of it, but just know I’ll really benefit from membership.

    Thanks for a great resource!!

  12. I just joined in Leadsleap today. I’ve promoted my website http://tripsoz.com/ through googleadwords, but I’ve got any convert rate after I spent $30AUD per day. So I am looking for other way to promote my small business. I hope I could get some support here, you know, I am a totally new one internet player.

    Thank you all

  13. Joined leadsleap one day ago I brought in 17 refferals and 2 paid members that brought me a nice commision not bad for a start I`ll wil get easily 100 refferals before the end of the week Great viral list building system just what I needed

  14. I am new to LeadsLeap! I joined in February 2015. I am learning and absorbing LOTS of valuable information here and

    I already Know this is an Incredible Resource for Marketers!

    Two Thumbs Way Up!!!

  15. There is great value at Leads Leap for anyone wanting to learn how to generate the traffic they need and getting access to the tools they need in order to do so.

    Thank you!

  16. This new look and resources has simply amazed me. I know that LeadsLeap is great since its very beginning, even though the new look is more catchy.

    I wish all the best and love to get leads from LeadsLeap.

  17. I just signed up with Leads Leap and am expecting great things to happen. I am a newbie and have not earned a penny online so far. I feel that Leads Leap will finally give me that “win” that I need to boost my confidence.

  18. I can see wonderful prospects from leadleap’s strategic approach to internet marketing.

    Though I am a new entrant into the game, I am learning quite fast and gaining from the nice and easy newsletters and publications of leadsleap.

    Pease keep up with the good work and hold our weak hands as you pull us along towards success.

    Thank you very much.

    Dalyop Fom

  19. I joined LeadsLeap so long ago, that I don’t even remember when! I’ve been dabbling in online marketing for years & lost much money in junk. I’m re-focusing on LeadsLeap because I am looking for a simple, uncluttered resource for my marketing. As I learn more and build more confidence, I will consider PRO membership, but right now I just need to get started.


  20. I’m in love with LeadsLeap because i learn a lot about marketing and i got referrals to my affiliate programs without extra efforts, only by using LeadsLeap and i’m free member still…..! I recomend LeadsLeap to everyone.

  21. Yes, I can only compare Leads Leap as free super store where you you can grab all the quality materials you just need to improve your online business. The advertisement is just like magic.

  22. Kenneth,

    I am one of those people who have been with LeadsLeap for a while now but, distracted by other shiny objects, have not made full use of the program.

    But that changes as of today. After taking a closer look, I can see I have been missing out on a very good thing. All the more so, given the program is currently being upgraded. Congratulations on the coming launch of version 2.0! This combined with your limited time upgrade discount have convinced me to upgrade and get with the program!

    Was just wondering if you can you explain what the enhancements are in the new version, or point me in the right direction with a link (am sure these are listed somewhere but haven’t spotted this)?

    Best Regards!

    Louis L Paquette

    1. Hi Louis,

      Welcome back! When you login to your member’s area, go to ‘Getting Started & Updated’, read all the 3 links in there when you have time. That will give you an overview of what’s new in 2.0.

      The main enhancement, other than this new surfing system, is our revenue sharing components. Through ‘REAL’ revenue share (i.e. no purchase of Ad Packs or whatsoever), we can encourage members to view more ads, view upline messages and also put up our Widget on their websites and trackers. This will in turn create more traffic for our members, especially non-member traffic.

  23. Hello – I have also been with LeadsLeap and have not fully used the site. My goal is to utilize what is offered to the fullest extent as much as possible – one step at a time….things are REALLY looking GREAT!!

  24. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW, LeadsLeap is truly a internet marketing beast! Absolutely anyone marketing online needs to take some time and check out the unbelievable system that is available FREE of charge.LeadsLeap provides Instant income plus powerful marketing tools and resources that will get your business exposed to millions on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate! Join this breakthrough marketing system ASAP!

  25. I’m just setting it up. I have these tools on my site listed above BUT…am building a new WP site and need to Build Leads, Bring In Visitors, etc. I’ll be more than happy to promote it if it does indeed do what it says. I test everything! If this works (all tools that is) I will add it to my Recommended Resources Page! I want to be able to offer my Visitors/Members Quality at the minimum of picing. I;m on a very strict limited income, need tools that work to build up as much and as fast as possible. BUT…will not offer any BOGUS Products from my sites!

  26. I first joined LeadsLeap in 2008., Never did anything with it! Fast forward 8 years and I am on a mission to learn how to generate an income online. So, today, I have been busy installing the widget on my website. Now to add my referral link or give away to the TE’s I belong to. One thing is sure, I know more today than I did when I first joined long ago. This time, I am moving into action!

  27. This post is very helpful to know the best way to use LeadsLeap to generate leads. I think such articles are very necessary to share this kind of effective tip. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. Keep updating!

  28. The tips and tricks that are share d here on the page to make use of the website to generate leads are really interesting and helpful. I was looking for tips to promote my website and this site has helped me a lot.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. Actually from this post I am able to know the best way to use LeadsLeap to generate Leads. That is really appreciable and I am so glad to read this post here. Keep sharing!

  30. I think the way that you have shared through this article is the only way to generate Leads using LeadsLeap. I am so glad to know about this wonderful option. Thank you so much for sharing this post here.

  31. I have been online marketing for going on 5 years now, and have used countless marketing platforms, but I have always stuck with LeadsLeap and found massive online success with it!

  32. After joining this website. It has dawned on me that. I should have joined a long time ago. I’ve seen the ads on various other websites. And, because there are so many websites that have let me down or was a complete waste of an investment. I’ve avoided using this site. For the past couple of months. I’ve been building a new website. I decided that I wanted to sell ad space on my new site. I’m not fond of AdSense. They screwed me over some years ago. And robbed me of my earnings. So in my search, I came across this site again. So after reading the capture page. I decided to join to get the code to display ads. I was thinking things would be just like the other sites. Either they want ridiculous amounts of monthly traffic or the ads just plain suck. So far, I’m extremely impressed. There’s some thought process put into this website. And it sounds fair, and the upgrade is something I can live with. And making money is why I’m in business. So I say “Thank You” and the only advice I have at this time. Proofread your content. LOL Other than that. I feel my company is in good hands. The tools are cool, and the ideas I’ve come up with to use them, have even surprised me. I can see why people stay for years. Just wish I would have taken the Leap (LOL) a long time ago.

    Keep up the awesome work
    Stephen Thomas

  33. I am going through reading as much information as I can, I am a new member, with an obstacle to do this, but “I AM Determined!!!” I An Not that Savvy on how to all of this, but it’s EXITING!!! Thank You!!! Kenneth Koh and Thank You to All at Leadsleap!!!

  34. LeadsLeap is a great tool to build your list but remember to add a great autoresponder – like GetResponse – on the “backend” if you really want to increase your financial “backend”

  35. I joined leadsleap last month(November) and been asking myself why l did not join sooner,traffic to my site has never been better.

    LeadsLeap is the only way to increase traffic

  36. I have been involved in internet marketing for some time now and nothing comes close to Leads Leap when it comes to a good online Education. This is what i call TRUE VALUE.

  37. I joined leads leap this January 2017 and I’ve been doing internet marketing for six months now and I’m very glad I stumble upon this great website at this early time.. And after reading this comments I’m sure I’m on the right track… Thank you… :-)

  38. LeadsLeap is a very effective program to help us getting good resulting leads. Most people use LeadsLeap for their business purpose. Most of the methods you were discussing above was not aware to me. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  39. Seseorang berkata kepada saya apa yang akan anda dapatkan dengan melakukan aktifitas dengan leadsleap setiap hari.saya pikir mungkin tidak sedikit orang yang berkata demikian.saya hanya bisa menjawab ini adalah ilmu,apapun akan saya lakukan demi mendapatkan satu ilmu.karena saya rasa inilah yang harus orang lakukan ketika mereka sadar betapa buruknya pengetahuan kita tanpa sekolah.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. Actually from this post I am able to know the best way to use LeadsLeap to generate Leads. That is really appreciable and I am so glad to read this post here. Keep sharing!

  41. Your blog website provided us with useful information to execute with. Each & every recommendations of your website are awesome. Thanks a lot for talking about.

  42. I have joined new and think this is a good platform for a newbie like me to know all about the business and how to start. I am not so techie person but this is the start what I was looking for and thank you very much Mr.Kenneth I need your support step by step.

  43. I am constantly AMAZED and highly appreciative of the consistent effectiveness and constant evolution of this Leadsleap platform, every-time I think it has evolved to its highest possible status, BOOM! IT TRANSFORMS INTO SOMETHING EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER.. Now, Leadsleap has just introduced Leadsleap 3.0. WOW! You have simply got to check it out for yourself in order to fully understand just how powerful Leadsleap has now become. Every marketer that is serious about elevating themselves and their online marketing to the highest professional level, simply HAS TO join us here at Leadsleap immediately. My PRO membership here on this platform is something that I will maintain as long as I’m marketing online.. PERIOD!!

  44. To get the most out of LeadsLeap you need to go PRO and use all 10 ad slots if possible. The images matter a lot. A high quality, relevant image gets clicks, and you will get signups for your programs.

    I also love that it is possible to earn residual monthly income from LeadsLeap. As a PRO member, I get many new affiliates placed in my team automatically. Some upgrade and some do not.

    The tracker is also fantastic, one of the best tools for Internet marketers. Tracking is key to success online, we must know where the traffic comes from and if it converts.

    If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to market your online business, then I can highly recommend LeadsLeap.

  45. Hi Sirs! I am a newbie on Internet marketing business! I am so happy and grateful for my sponsor and the Team of Leadsleap.com since I ‘ve joined some days ago. I think it takes time & efforts to learn step by step to become a pro with many instructions here. Thank You very much for your help and support!

    1. Hello there, if you are new and trying to find a way to earn some side income you may have a free website to get leads to build an email list, which by the way will be your most important asset for your online business. Come check it out at http://www.flsfunneltwo.com/874723. It’s completely free for life… and if you need a way to get traffic to your site you can use this free system here https://smh.mx/aqoq/$ also free… good luck with everything

  46. I ‘ve joined some days ago. I think it takes time & efforts to learn step by step to become a pro with many instructions here. Thank You very much for your help and support!

    I think leadsleap is a great System.

    Also im happy with the Tracking System.

    I hope more people will sign in to leadsleap.com and get also good money.

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