The Power Of SEO Backlinks – A Classic Example

First thing first, what is an SEO Backlink? How is it different from backlink?

Quoting the definition from Wikipedia, “Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page.”

Technically, a backlink looks like this:

<a href=””>whatever text or can be the url itself</a>

Backlinks are important, especially in determining the PageRank of your web page. But to rank high in organic search result, especially in Google, the most popular search engine, you need more than just backlink. You need SEO Backlink.

The difference?

Here’s my definition of SEO Backlink: “SEO backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page, with keywords in the link title (a.k.a anchor text).”

Technically, an SEO backlink looks like this:

<a href=””>keywords to rank in search engine</a>

For example, a website may have lots of backlinks but it may not be able to rank high in Google for any keyword it wishes. To rank high for a particular keyword, say “buy iphone”, the website needs to have lots of backlinks with “buy iphone” in their anchor texts.

A Classic Example Showing The Power Of SEO Backlinks

In the SEO world, there is a classic example that can quickly show you the importance of SEO backlink.

The example is…. “click here”.

If you haven’t known the answer, guess who ranks #1 in Google for the phrase “click here”?

It’s the Adobe Reader download page.

If you study that download page, you’ll realize that you can’t find the phrase “click here” on that webpage at all, not in the meta tag, title tag or within the content!

So why does this webpage rank #1 for “click here”?

There is only one reason: tons of other websites are linking to this webpage with the anchor text “click here” or “click here to download”.

By the way, the #1 position for “click here to download” is also the Adobe Reader download page.

Are you seeing the light now?

Get Ready For A Revolutionary One-Way Link Building System

Over the past 1 year, I’ve been working extremely hard on a powerful one-way link building system that can help you to build not just a few hundreds but unlimited backlinks for unlimited domains. (You know that I run hundreds of niche sites. If this system can satisfy my needs, I guess it can satisfy most marketers’ needs.)

The system is now completed and it is now undergoing beta testing with some 130 LeadsLeap members. Thanks to all the feedbacks from the beta members, we’re busy improving the system. I’ll keep you’re informed when the system is ready.

104 thoughts to “The Power Of SEO Backlinks – A Classic Example”

    1. Kenneth,

      I just received the email about the Article directory strategy for one way links and it looks very interesting. The only questions I have are how does the system protect against duplicate content and what type of PR can be expected?

      If you have a good answer for those 2 questions I am in.

      1. 1. All submitted articles must be spun. With our stringent spinning requirement, each submitted article is capable of generating hundreds or even thousands of unique articles.
        2. PR is subject to individuals’ sites. But what’s important is with our unique dual-linking algorithm, the PR of all the domains in the system will increase. So even for domains with no PR will see its PR increase after using the system for some time.

  1. Thanks for letting us know. I will be on the lookout for that email!

    This kind of strategy works so well but too often, I forget about doing it when I’m in the midst of creating backlinks. Looking forward to seeing how your new system works.

  2. So for example, if I make a comment here and use oldbuddy as my name, then use the url I want that keyword to point to, I just got some more Google juice for free.

  3. Ok I’m curious. Will you be using relevant blogs to create these backlinks? I have been using this method for awhile and been getting good results, especially if you have a new site and want your it indexed by Gooogle fast.

    1. There are two answers to this question. The textbook answer is you should create backlinks from relevant content (doesn’t have to be relevant blog). But my experience shows that any link counts.

  4. Backlink is indeed very important for link building. If you want your website to rank well with search engines, obviously the more backlinks the better.

    Kenneth, your one-way link building system looks interesting. Your 120 days money back guarantee is splendid too. In my opinion even if we don’t submit articles to component #1, I suppose backlinks generated by the existing articles will be beneficial to the domain as a whole since the article directory is seated there. Of course if we want more backlinks it’s best to submit more articles! Correct me, if I’m wrong.

    1. Two websites added. Not overly difficult.

      Article Spinning – thats not fun for me. I can spin the body of articles fairly easily to achieve the required level of uniqueness, but I’m having a major problem with achieving the requirements with regard to the title.


  5. I write articles and submit them to article directories but do not spin them. This is because it is important to me that my articles make sense when being read by people. When readers see my name I want them to think. This article will be worth reading.
    Like cheap PLR articles, spun articles are often so jumbled up that invariably they do not make sense. But if all you want is back-links then this is no problem.

  6. Getting real traffic to my sites has been so hard for me. I spent time and money without any real results. I enjoy writing articles and get a big kick when they are approved in top directories.
    Thanks for this great article.

  7. Two ideas that work for us, targeting keywords and quality of article focused on one item. The closer you match your article content with the keywords the better the results, simple and it works. The most important is the article itself, if you can not write an article that creates interest, then rewrite it.

  8. good article about seo backlink.
    I also do the same think when I leaving backlink to other website, but the most important thing to consider is choosing the perfect keyword. If we just using common kerword, than we will competing with thousand website. better we just using “niche” keyword that have low competition but give us enough visitor.

  9. This is the great article for me. Your suggestion make me understand the important of SEO Backlink. I ‘ve never considered about SEO Backlink before and I only think how to make lots of backlink from other websites.
    Thanks for your great suggestions.

  10. I agree that no. of quality Backlink is very important for SEO especially SEO Backlink. Your article make me understand the different between backlink and SEO backlink clearly.

  11. Very nice post. I like your image you use. It is nice to see someone confident enough to use their own sites to help others. Thanks again for sharing……

  12. Well I don’t agree totally with the use of keywords in the link title. You have to use different keyword phrases to be sure that your site won’t be banned by google. Only one keyword phrase is bad SEO.

  13. Backlinks are definitely very important to build the links. But I find that the page rank for the particular page is more important. If there are more backlinks coming from more authority sites, then it’s easier to rank.

  14. Its the most important thing to consider is choosing the perfect keyword. If we just using common kerword, than we will competing with thousand website. If there are more backlinks coming from more authority sites, then it’s easier to rank.

  15. Its crucial thing to consider is choosing the perfect keyword. If we just using frequent kerword, than we’ll competing with thousand website. If there are more backlinks coming from extra authority sites, then it’s simpler to rank.

  16. Backlinks are very important to search engine rankings. Equally important is the Anchor used in the backlink. I think often times people just choose a keyword at random and never look to see if that keyword is best for them. For instance. Say I want to rank for “great pizza” and it has aprox 10,000 monthly searches. Look at the search results for that keyword. I like to add the page rank for each 10 results in to a total number and go…the PR of that page is 42, meaning an average page rank of 4.2. Then look at the phrase “best Pizza” it has 20,000 searches, with and average search page rank of 3.8. Why go after “great pizza”.

  17. I’m going to try some of these ideas right now! Actually I just did in this post. Thanks!

  18. Hi Kenneth
    To a novice,i.e. new to the blogosphere, this was an excellent read.

    Simple and Accurate – well done


  19. Great Post!! SEO is so very important if you want your site to make it even close to the front page of Google. You are correct with your comments about backlinks driving your SEO rankings.

    It normally takes years for a site to progress naturally. There are many ways to expedite this ranking and you hit it right on the head…

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Good article with great example. There’s no question that link building helps improve SEO through page rank. But it would be helpful to get more information about best practices. Thanks

  21. Thank you so much for the informative post. By the way, I would like to know more about One Way Link Building, how to find niche blogs like “Quotes” easily? what are the other factors we need to consider before building One Way Backlinks please, guide me.

  22. Excellent article on The Power of SEO Backlinks. You are very knowledgeable on the subject, I believe it will help a lot of people. Thank you for publishing your article. ~Terri Pattio – MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

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