LeadsLeap 2.0 Is Ready. Check Out What’s New…

After months of hard work, LeadsLeap 2.0 is finally ready!

In this blog, I will highlight some of the new features that will thrill you.

1) Everyone Makes Money, Guaranteed

How can everyone makes money?

There is only one way – we share our revenue with everyone, without members buying anything or referring anyone.

In LeadsLeap 2.0, we added 2 exciting ways to make money.

1. By simply viewing ads.

Simply by viewing at least 10 ads a day, you will be entitled to share 5% of our daily revenue (10% if you are a Pro Member).

The earnings depend on how much credits you earn. How much credits you earn depends how long you surf on an ad. The longer you surf an ad, the more credits you earn, and the more money you will share.

Payout is made daily.

With this scheme, everyone should make some money in LeadsLeap.

2. By sending traffic to ads.

Many of you are already doing that to earn credits. Now we want to pay you in cash!

Simply add LeadsLeap Widget to your website or use The Real Tracker with ad widget. When people click the ads in the widget, you make money.

The earnings are calculated based on the number of third party traffic you send. The revenue share is 15% (30% if you are a Pro Member).

Payout is made weekly on every Friday.

2) One Email A Day System

This is another important change to the system.

We’ve created a smart mailing system that will send out 1 email to you everyday, at your preferred hour.

That email will include the latest update in your account, such as your daily earnings, your daily referrals or whether your ad is expiring.

Whatever the message is, you will only receive 1 email a day from us.

Like before, the daily email will come with ads and upline messages on one side.

Now there is no need to login to LeadsLeap everyday to view ads. You can simply access our ad system from the daily email.

For those who are lazy to login, now you have it.

Just visit 10 ads a day and you will be entitled to 5% Daily Revenue Sharing.

3) 30-day Activity Clause

An important feature of the new Daily Email System is that it will stop sending you email if you are inactive for more than 30 days.

Inactive means you haven’t logged in or earned any credit.

Don’t worry if you are using our tools. Your account is still working. Only the Daily Email System is stopped.

We added this feature to protect your privacy and also to ensure that we have a ‘clean’ list. It’s win-win.

If you are stopped from our Daily Email, you can restart it automatically by simply logging in to your account.

4) More Benefits For Pro Members

First, you already know that Pro Members will double their earnings in the two new revenue sharing schemes.

Second, we added a new feature called “Spillover Downline”.

What happen is not every member has 10 uplines. For these members, the empty upline slots will be filled by Pro Members.

These are permanent placement. Pro Members can reach out to them via the Downline Message System, for life, even if they downgrade their accounts.

5) Minimum Payout Reduced To $10

We reduced the minimum payout from $100 to $10. This makes it easy for members to cash out, especially those who only intend to view ads.

6) Traffic Tracking Charts For All Ads

Last but not least, we’ve added a charting system to track all your ads, similar to what we do in The Real Tracker.

From now on, there is no need to track LeadsLeap ads using The Real Tracker, because it’s already done for in our ad system.

You can view consolidated traffic stats or traffic stats for individual ad.

The stats include Unique Traffic, Non-Member Traffic and Surfing Duration. You can also filter the stats by member and non-member.

Important Things To Take Note

LeadsLeap 2.0 is now in Beta phase. We will test run the system before launching it.

If you discover any inconsistency or see any error, please report to us immediately. I really appreciate it.

Our homepage, leadsleap.com, is now closed.

Don’t worry if you have been promoting LeadsLeap. Your referral link will be redirected to a special backdoor page. Your leads can still sign up via the backdoor. No referral will be lost.

Our official launch date is 16 February 2016, Tuesday. Take note of this date.

There will be a $2600 Launch Contest for this launch. Details can be found in your member’s area. Be sure to check it out.

Interested to take a look at our future homepage? Check it out here.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

30 thoughts to “LeadsLeap 2.0 Is Ready. Check Out What’s New…”

  1. I’m very glad the minimum payout will be $10 instead of $100 and that everyone including free members will be able to earn cash! This will make it extremely easy to get lots of new signups on a daily basis!

    1. Yes, that’s what we hope too. We want to make it easier for members to get new signups, so that the leads building capability of the system can be maximized.

  2. I for one am EXTREMELY Excited about this news Kenneth! I’ve been proud to promote LeadsLeap from the beginning. People have NO IDEA how far you have come for us Kenneth, so I believe it’s only appropriate to Thank You once again for making our experience here the best! NOTHING comes close to what we have here… NOTHING!!!

  3. I really like what you’re doing here Kenneth. It really shows your dedication to your program as well as your members. With all the scams and fly-by-night programs on the Internet, LeadsLeap has truly stood the test of time. The new changes which allows all members the ability to make money is what I like most. It evens out the playing field and makes everyone a WINNER!-)

    1. It’s my passion to keep on building LeadsLeap. I will do it with or without profit, though profit is always a good motivator.

  4. Super website with a great sharing and amazing stories is ur web.. please keep doing what u do now.. thanks to you, Its a great sharing and really informative.. will keep following ur web. thanks to you and ur great website.

  5. A good informative post that you have shared and thankful your work for sharing the information. I appreciate your efforts and all the best. Got some appealing information and would like to give it a try. Applaud your work and keep sharing your information.

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