How To Get Listed On First Page Of Google Under 24 Hours

Yesterday I received a demanding question in our support ticket. Here’s the question:

“I want to start to promote product, i have decided to start to promote your product but i want you to teach me free of charge step-by-step guide that i can take on how i can create blog/review/report for your products that will make the blog/review/report that i will create for your products be listed on the first page of google search engine under 24 hours. Please, include any details that can help me to achieve that very fast so that the blog/review/report that i will create for your products will be listed on the first page of google search engine very fast under 24 hours before any other person do so.”

Initially I didn’t want to reply this question because it’s really out of the scope of our support. But on second thought, I decided to write the answer in our blog because it will be useful to our members.

Now let’s get into our discussion today: “How to get your product review page listed on the first page of Google search engine under 24 hours”.

Step 1: Decide what keyword phrase you want to rank for

Anyone with some knowledge in SEO can easily rank first in Google for the keyword phrase “pineapple durian cookie” because there is virtually zero competition for this keyword phrase.

But what’s the point? No one will search for this phrase.

So the first step is to find a keyword phrase that is low in competition but with good demand. How to do it? Well, I wrote the step by step instruction in our blog some time back. Read long tail keyword research to find out how.

For product review, a common practice is to target the product name. For example, if you are promoting LeadsLeap, you can target keywords like “Leadsleap review, Leadsleap scam, Leadsleap proof, does LeadsLeap work” and the version of the four.

Step 2: Find an authority site

Assuming you found your million dollar keyword phrase, if you want to get listed on the first page of Google within 24 hours, your webpage must be hosted on an authority site. An authority site is a well-established, high PR site with great contents. For example, LeadsLeap blog is well established and whenever I post a blog, that blog will usually be in the first page of Google within 24 hours.

If you don’t have an authority site, you can leverage on other authority sites that allows you to post articles to it. Some of the famous ones include Squidoo, Blogspot and Ezinearticles. I recommend Squidoo and Blogspot. has many constraints and it’s difficult to expand in the future.

Step 3: Write an article

After finding an authority site, your next step is to write a review or article about the product you are going to promote and publish it on the authority site.

The article should meet the following criteria:

– It must be optimized for the keyword phrase you’re targeting. (This is called onpage optimization. I’m not going to talk about onpage optimization here. It’s very standard and you can easily pick up an ebook to learn about it.)
– It must be convincing. (You have to put on your marketing cap when writing the article.)
– It should provide proof that the product works.
– It should give some kind of bonuses for those who purchase from your link (Optional, depending on the product you’re promoting.).

Step 4: Write another article

Next, you have to quickly write another article. This article is for link building purpose. It should be different from your main article and should discuss something more general.

For example, if you are promoting LeadsLeap, you can write an article about “3 easy ways to generate leads for your business”. In the article or in the resource section of the article, you should provide a link back to the main article, using the target keyword phrase as the linking text.

Step 5: Publish the articles and build links

The last step is to publish both articles and build lots of links to the main article.

Say if you publish the main article in Squidoo, you can post the second article to Blogspot, Hubpages, Ezinearticles and other established article directories, linking the second article back to your main article in Squidoo. You can also bookmark your Squidoo page as well as the pages with your second article in social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Propeller.

You should be able to complete Step 1 to 5 within a day.

Assuming you complete all these within a day and sleep through the whole of the following day, on the 3rd day, that is 24 hours after you completed Step 1-5, your Squidoo page should be listed in Google. Whether it’s on the first page depends on how competitive your keyword phrase is. If you’ve chosen a long-tail keyword with low competition, your Squidoo page should be listed on the first page of Google.

(Optional) Step 6-999: Keep building links

What if your main review article is not listed on the first page of Google? Well, just keep building more links to that article. Search this blog for more link building strategies.

59 thoughts to “How To Get Listed On First Page Of Google Under 24 Hours”

  1. Now that I followed your instructions and made #1 on Google, do you have some tips on how to get a video to show in the top of YouTube searches for the same oldbuddy term?

  2. Thanks for that Kenneth. This is such a complex area and difficult to get your head around – especially if you are new to the subject. Your post has been helpful to me as I’m sure it will be to others.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Kenneth for simple step-by-step approach and would like to add that placing a video trumps all strategies for page one results. There are a few products that make video submission quick and easy as well.

  4. Thanks for the great post. I am semi new to the whole internet scene. Getting organic traffic is one of my challenges. I believe I have keyword research down. My main challenge is getting back links.

    Anyways great post!

  5. Once again you have great insight. This is definitely true and confirming as well. There are two pro memberships I have LeadsLeap and Free Traffic System.
    That’s the link no ad just the sight I won’t promote it just check it out. It lines up with everything you just said.
    I’ll add this article to my site!

    Great, simple, and so turnkey! Great job once a gain.

  6. Another great post Kenneth! I wrote about this in my latest newsletter that I send out to my list.

    The quickest I’ve had Google pick up one of my articles is 5 hours. I was number 3 on page 1 for the keyword phrase I chose.

    If you’re not using articles and blogs, get started it’s a great way to generate traffic, leads & sales.

    Follow the steps Kenneth laid out here and you’ll be on the right path.

  7. One further step Ken would of course be to buy a domain name with the keywords in the domain and instead of putting the article on Squidoo or Hubpages host your own site with a simple WordPress blog.

  8. Thanks for the full picture. I had pieces of it but now you’ve put the entire thing all together for me. I’ll put it all into effect A.S.A.P.

    You really offer great quality information and service here at — thanks again.

    S. A. Williams

  9. Kenneth,

    You have described easy proccess to get listed in Google within very short time. Also I want to add one more that you may put your site link in higher page rank site. This will pickup very fast by search engines.


  10. Hi Kenneth,

    This is some excellent advice. When I first started online, I wrote a lot (I mean a lot) of articles because I thought the articles would get people to come to my website.

    Little did I know that those same articles would still be out there working for me after all these years. I track everything and I still get traffic and sales from the articles I wrote 2 years ago!

    But optimizing an article can be a very demanding challenge. It will require educating yourself on the proper technique and there are lots of FREE courses out there to help you.


  11. All this sounds Great! On thing… The getting ranked with Squidoo almost never seems to work this good. With Squidoo I use RSS feeds and a 3step and ezine article for the back link and the 3step and rss feed to get listed. However as of late it seems very difficult to stay listed (indexed)…

    My key words are low in competition like less than 5000 in quotes.. some as low as 1500 in quotes. Micro Niche Finder says that my cat should be able to rank for some of the keywords…

    So always seems to be some information missing as to how the real gurus really do this..

    Yes I have added many back links.. use UAW and submit over 200 back links to the Squidoo article..

    Any new information would be great…

    Thanks RonnyG

  12. In our experience blog on our site would have the primary article, posted to social networks then to digg, facebook,, enzine articles, hubspot, Squidoo, Blogspot.

  13. I am totally agree with your post. I know article marketing is a best way to build quality backlinks. I think Your post is very useful for new users and even old users. Currently I am searching for a best article spinner. If someone already using it then please reply here.

  14. The Procedure is very simple.It’s an awesome that we can get listed on Google Position by following this simple,the sixth step is really required to be on the good position otherwise we will again go to google recycle bin.But,Mr.Kenneth can you tell us any article directories list where we can submit articles.

  15. Hey it was very interesting and useful article. I was very confused how to get my blog page ranked this article will definitely help me. Thank you.

  16. Really these tips are helped a lot.

    I am strulling a lot to rank my blog into SERP. After reading this article related to boost my ranking its helpful.


  17. I have tried many keywords to rank in google’s first position. Your article is really helpful for me to rank the keywords in top positions easily.

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