A Fatal Mistake That Internet Marketing Newbies Make

There is one fatal mistake that internet marketing newbies make, that is, trying to make money online.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here. I simply want to highlight to you the way Nature works.

Let me share with you a little story:

Recently I was trying to teach my nephew swimming because he told me that he was very interested in learning it.

For those of you who have learnt swimming, you know that before you can swim, you have to learn many things like how to kick your legs, how to blow bubbles in the water etc.

When I taught my nephew how to kick his legs, he tried it for a while and then ask, “I know how to kick now, but why I still can’t swim.” Throughout the session, while learning how to swim, he kept asking me why he still can’t swim.

My nephew is 7 years old. His reaction towards learning how to swim reminds me of many internet marketing newbies.

Many newbies are eager to learn how to make money online. Whenever they learn something, they want to see the money immediately.

The attachment to making money online is often the seed of failure.

Learning to make money online is similar to learning anything else. One should first master the basics.

When the basics are mastered, making money online is just a natural outcome.

This is how the Nature works. If you can recall how you successfully learned a skill, any skill, you’ll agree with what I say.

So what are the basics in internet marketing?

Too many.

Common basics include:

– search engine optimization;
– how to write ads;
– website creation and many more.

You don’t have to learn everything. But you must understand that the more basics you learn, the more money you can make online.

When I first started, I knew nothing about html, SEO or sales letter writing. Like many newbies, I was reading gurus’ newsletters, buying ebooks and courses. Nothing worked for me until I stopped thinking about making money and started learning like a student.

Remember the time when you were schooling? Having to ‘swallow’ those lengthy and boring words and make sense out of them? And trying to understand those technical jargons that look alien to you?

That’s what I mean by learning like a student.

If you are simply reading a “how to make money” ebook as if you are reading a novel, you are not really learning like a student. You are merely entertaining yourself.

I know. It’s hard to be convinced that you will make money online if you simply focus on mastering the basics of internet marketing. Just like my nephew who can’t see how learning to kick can eventually make him swim.

But that’s how Nature works.

When the basics are mastered, making money online is just a natural outcome.

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  1. Hi Kennth,

    Great post from you.

    Its true that whenver we want to succeed, we have to build our foundation first.

    Just like building a tall building, without building a strong foundation first, building will defintely collapse.

    This also apply in whatever things we are doing.

    ‘A Down to Earth’ method is the best successful formula to build your wealth.

    1. Great point Daniel,

      When I mentor someone I try to show them this process. It’s easy to understand but hard to do because we are adults and figure we got it so they just want the “tell me what to do” and to make it happen plan. When you give them a plan they fail because they really haven’t internalize the process.

      My best advice to newbies is to join a business preferably one that is a one time cost this way they don’t have to stress about paying monthly fees while they work on learning how to do this.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    An excellent post and a great reminder for more experienced internet marketers as well.

    On my website I freely teach anyone who wants to learn the basics of internet marketing. Far too often I find people either unwilling to learn the basics or they try something and if they don’t get immediate results they head off in a new direction.

    I would add for your readers that you need to learn the basics AND you need to give your business/efforts time to mature, much like growing grass…..if you have to mow it, grass seems to grow far too fast, but if you sit and stare at it, grass doesn’t seem to grow at all.

    Don Merrill

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    I enjoyed the post even if I’m not a newbie anymore and make a solid income marketing my website and several tested and proven viral affiliate programs I am promoting long term, like LeadsLeap.

    The newbies I’ve helped to succeed have all had one thing in common (these are the ones making money) they stuck with one opportunity or program (or even better their own site) and learned some basic internet marketing techniques and applied them with vigor over time until they where making some money.

    Best regards,


  4. How true it is Ken
    any newbie reading this post take this advise to heart
    I am one of those newbies and have been for 5 years now!

    I am just coming around to Kens way of thinking and it works believe me it works

  5. Well said Kenneth. Focus is the key and efforts are required to master the basics. I feel that Income needs Selling (direct OR indirect). Selling needs customers (targeted traffic). Customers need value. Value needs Content/service/product in online world. Money earned – money spent = Profits. Newbies forget this basic formula. There is a lot of free content to learn and apply. Rarely a “how to make money” e-book is worth buying. We can make profits when we focus on “Selling” + we restrict/reduce “buying/expenditure”. Most Gurus dont tell this because they want subscribers to keep buying…forever :)

  6. After spending over a year and a half looking for ways to make money I realized there was no ‘easy’ way. I ventured into making my own site where I could have total control. Adding ads and making money for fun is my mission. I was never looking for any MLM or get rich quick tactics. When I started seeing friends lose their jobs I began this online quest to see if I could help them. Any work that someone attempts to do online will require some sweat and hard work and anyone who thinks that just flipping some magical switch to make money needs to come out of the closet so they can see better. I have gotten to where I am now by being the ‘student’ and have become a junkie on learning all I can. Great article!

  7. What a great post. I am a “newbie” too for the last 4 years and trying to help all the newbies who are coming after me with my site and blog. I’ve found that the more I’ve learned, the more I need to learn. That’s the one thing I really love about the IM business…it’s never boring!


  8. It’s important to notice that newbies must learn some stuff about Marketing, Seo, Copywriting, etc before trying to make money online and they have to INVEST some cash in their training to become successful entrepreneurs…

  9. Hi Kenneth,

    This is so true – there is a definite (and big) learning curve to Internet and Affiliate Marketing. When you first start out, you don’t realize it. But the more you “master”, the more you realize just how much there is to learn. But, as you say, just take it a step at a time and build your foundation.

  10. Good article, Kenneth.

    Especially liked the part about “If you’re reading a ‘how to make money’ ebook as if you are reading a novel…”

    Caught myself in the early days doing this one too many times. Common mistake, however…

    Again, great post.

  11. Boy, I could have sure used this information back in 2001 when I first started out. This is also a message I’ve tried to share with friends who want to know “How do I do this?” RIGHT NOW! From now on I’ll make them read this post first then go from there! :-)

  12. The quickest way to learn how to make money is to follow the steps of others who are Leaders and are already making money. Ideally, find one who will support you and show you the way.

    My support includes promoting on my members’ behalf in order to give them direct referrals. There is nothing more discouraging then joining a program, and not earning any money. I ensure that they also earn money and also help their members to earn money, because it is only then that one builds a STRONG and DEEP Team!

    I have compiled a report on “The Solution to earning money online”. If you are interested in grabbing this *free* report, send me mail at salad1948@gmail.com requesting this report, and I will immediately send it to you.

  13. As always good post Kenneth,

    I think it’s really hard for anyone starting out not to get sucked in by the dream of making it rich online.
    This is why the so called experts flood your inbox with the next best thing, not everybody online is like this.
    First step I think for anybody starting out is to decide what type of marketing suits them. See Leadsleap post on Nov.


    I found if your new a good way to learn is to read and write articles. The best part is cost is minimal or none, usually the case when first starting out and hold on to what you write
    to later drive traffic to your site.

  14. Hi Kenneth, It is true that basics are important to walking before running but basics are boring so it is important to persevere and learn to enjoy learning.
    Also there is so much information out there it is important to have a strategy and plan. Add to your strategy when new information improves what you already have and skip over the rest.
    Don’t reinvent the wheel with every new source of get rich tips.

  15. “first master the basics”

    That isn’t the most controversial bit of linkbait there, but it’s the absolute truth and I’m glad you said it. Anyone who wants to make IM work for them needs to start with core principle mastery and move out from there!

  16. Hi Kenneth and all readers of this blog

    What you said is absolutely true. When I first started online work it was learning how to use the pc and the internet. Somehow I still cannot master html etc, but have manged to get my site to page 1 – 20 on google and yahoo. Have yet to make money from the site as I have not found what to sell but working on it.
    However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive 3 paychecks so far from Leadsleap and all I did was refer people to the site. Thank you so much for the income. LOL


  17. Hi Kenneth,

    First time I heard that internet can make some money, I feel happy and then I follow seminar, purchase some books and software from some big guru. But until 3 month I just spend much money for nothing. And then like you I try to flashback and just focus one technique. I follow this site http://budurl.com/xzus and I got my first dollar from there.
    The point is I have to focus one technique, and if success try the other.

    Thank you Kenneth.

  18. While learning the basics is important, one should not over look some special skills such as list building AND maintaining our list. Very little is being talked about and very few ebooks go into more detail to cover the topic of keeping a list in good shape. If you are thinking about a good communications tool to give to your list members, make it a user forum. Give away some good tools or utilities for free, ask your list members for their comments and let them add a few words about themselves. This will help keep your list alive and your members interested in staying on your list.

  19. You have a cute nephew. I remember myself like that for every swimming lesson I took. But I still never learnt to swim. I hope that is not the case when it comes to Internet Marketing for me!

  20. I’m fairly new to marketing online, I started late January this year and I’ve only made one sale and that was using pay per click. It was merely a fluke – I’ve tried altering keyword lists so many times I’ve just given up on pay per click until I can gain the funds to test it again.

    I’ve started writing articles and blogs instead, it helps me to relax and I’m also gaining potential customers who are visiting my site. Just written several on EzineArticles.com and waiting for review :-)

    Great advice btw Kenneth.


  21. Great one there. Every one starts up with the underlying notion of quickly grabbing as much or even more than the ads project. Sooner than later we all got hit by the bitter reality of not being able to make it as fast as that.

  22. Great information, especially the part where you say people buy ebooks for entertainment as opposed to learning internet marketing. I have tons of ebooks on my hard drive right now that I’ve never even open!

    What changed for me was when I started focusing on just doing one business and accepting that the business wasn’t the problem it was me not working the business. That’s why I really suggest newbies pick a business that is more like a franchise business that has a one time cost so they can just get involved in the business for a one time payment for life and this way they can spend the rest of the time concentrating on learning marketing will they earn.

  23. This is a timeless post. So many people I have tried to help give up because they didn’t make money in a week. Getting past the “I can make money overnight on the internet” mindset is always a challenge. I am sharing this post with all my downlines. Hopefully, hearing it from someone else will be effective.

    I do have to admit that I used to be exactly like this myself. Finally, after many failures, I decided I had to do something different. That “different” was paying attentionto the ebooks and courses I had and learning instead of selling.

    Succeed Along with Me,
    Bob Caine

  24. Hello Kenneth,

    Awesome News or great post!
    God Bless You and I am a child need hands from Mom and Dad (LeadsLeap)!
    How to talk and walk and doing thing be succeeded!

    Sincerely yours,
    Antonio Serra

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