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Last update: 2022-12-21
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Benito Beceiro
111 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2022-11-06
My experience with the program so far

I testify that the Z Money System is a great marketing App that ease, by automating, many difficult tasks of the marketing activity. I think it is especially important for the less experienced marketers, although useful for them all.

The duty of a marketer provided with the Z App, a $1,900 App offered for free, has only two main tasks:

  1. Set the Tier1 and Tier2 links up so that the System will insert both links in the emails that it auto-sends to your direct referrals (Tier1) and to their referrals (Tier2).
  2. Supply traffic in quantity and quality to your landing page

That's all! Task 1 and task 2, and the system AUTOMATICALLY

  1. Capture your referrals and keep your list (you can additionally integrate your own Third Party Autoresponder)
  2. Capture the referrals of your direct referrals that are also added to your list (2 levels: Tier1 and Tier2).
  3. Send daily emails to all the members in your list to show them the links of the offers you have set up in your backoffice.
  4. Incentive the email opening rate through the highly positive spirit inspired by a wonderful program management by Paul Darby, and also a daily interesting and instructive free download that expires in about 24 hours with a new email.

The system will automatically put daily your appealing offers in front the eyes of your list members (2 levels) for the sales, occasionally, to happen.

All that amazing helpful system is offered for free! You will want to put it to work for you. And you to do your 2 only tasks mentioned above. And do it very well... That's a smart way to go to success.

But the icing on the cake is to go for the Reseller License. If you put your effort to do your 2 tasks to put this system to work for you automatically, if you imbue yourself with the positive spirit which requires the success, you could receive additionally your commissions while you are happily growing your list and selling your offers and giving free this automate system to more people that are striving to find their best way to do the things to get sucess online. We can offer this system that is really amazing. And free.

I am a Z Reseller. Happily user of the Z system. Putting my effort in the 2 tasks mentioned above, preparing offer links and traffic, and observing Reseller commissions poping up occasionally to make me happy and reinforcing my confidence in the system.

What I Like

The automatization provided by the Z System ease the whole marketing process, simplifying my work to only 2 tasks: Insert offer links in backoffice and provide traffic in quality and quantity for my land page.

The system is new, and its manager, Paul Darby, is adding some improvements every now and then. Doing better the best. Amazing!

What I Dislike

Let me think... Deeply... Perhaps I could hardly mention that the backoffice disposition, although functionally correct, could be improved

Final Verdict

In consequence of everything expressed above, I consider, based in my experience, that The Z System is a very good marketing system. It is difficult to find something better, at least for me. Sincerely.
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Kenny Ingram
70 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2022-10-21
My experience with the program so far

Turn up the fire!

This has been very simple for me. Not very easy but very simple. Most people find it hard to trust online MMO programs.

I signed up for this program, and didn't have to wait long to see progress. I just had to do the things suggested in the training videos, and signed up my first income stream the first day. I trust that this will get better and better.

They will also be doing live events and videos that will help instruct me and lift me up and encourage me, however let me say this.

Z will do most of the work as far as sending out my affiliate link in the App emails. People will click on those links, and sign up for any program that I advertise.

My part is just to promote my Z affiliate link, and let the system do the rest.

I have committed in my heart that this is my hill to defend. Most people give up on programs that don't make them millionaires in 3 months or so, and quit to go to the next program. The Z program is where I will make my stand, and stick with it, because it keeps getting better and better each day. Paul Darby really knows how to market, and does it all for us to profit with. I'm going to commit now, and build an empire!

Their really isn't a free lunch. There is always a cost. So stop with the " Do nothing be a millionaire" crap.

All I have to do is get my link out to people every day, all day, all night, and be committed, off the charts determined to do this. Because if I do this, Z will build me a list.

When Z builds my lists, they will be growing me a buyers list that is comprised of people attracted to me thru Z, and then Z will share my things with them and often they will buy those things. Meaning I will have an ever growing list of people who will buy from me. Over and over, all day every day.

I have gone over eleven years with out missing a day of making money online. I have lists and I market to them. Now Z builds my lists and Z markets to them. Z is better because the very best of me knows this is getting better results.

Z does not get emotional, sleep, need days off, get in a bad mood or not feel like sending out the most perfect marketing messages on this planet 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

What I Like

Once I have shared my link enough times which I never will share it enough. When I do Z will build my lists. ZSeller licenses are set up to have Z do the marketing to sell those for me, to pay me 50% residual commissions and to pay me half of what every member under me makes. Infinity across. The money can grow to be more than imagined.

I can put sellable things in my Tier I box, my Tier II box and my bonus link box so Z can sell them to all of my downline members.

What I Dislike

They are adding so much value as a Reseller, that they will eventually increase the monthly cost. Which is basically a benefit for the Reseller, because if they get in at the Grandfathered amount of $63, they will get 50% of future costs. What I dislike is that some people won't see the value and not get planted.

Final Verdict

Something Wonderful Is Happening and is being provided here at no charge. $1900 App Access for Free. That's it. Listen a minute. That. Is. It. My Empire is now beginning and will happen, as I keep doing the things and never, ever, ever quit.
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Tim Moseley
341 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2022-09-27
My experience with the program so far

I must admit, I am absolutely tickled pink with this program. The reason why is because I have not had such success with any other affiliate offer over the years and I have been at this for around 10 years or so. The Z system states that it is a list-build and marketing platform that anyone can use to build their list and promote their links on autopilot; after being a member for the last 3+ weeks, [I received my resellers license on September 5, 2022], I have found that to be the case.

It was free for me to use, just like they advertised. However, they also offer a "resellers" upgrade for people who want to treat the platform as a real business and make money by giving it away. That is exactly what I did. I am a reseller and although I have yet to make a commission, I have built my list and have free four signups so far.

What I Like

I really like the fact that when I get a direct referral, that person will start receiving emails that are generated by the system and those emails will have my other affiliate links in them. The links won't be hyper-linked but the free enrollee will at leas see them and can copy and paste them into the URL field. The emails also encourage free signups to do the reseller upgrade which I will then get a 50% commission check.

Additionally, when any upgraded referral also gets an upgraded referral I will get 25% commission... The 3 level - when my referral;s referral, gets a referral of his own, I will get a 5% commission check. Which is pretty sweet. Pays down 3 levels, 50%, 25%, and 5%. So in essence I will get half of any checks received by my direct referrals and their is no limit on how many direct referrals I can get. In my mind that is an opportunity to earn significant residual income.

I feel like this The Z System has the potential of being so lucrative that it is not all that likely that people will drop out because the breakeven point is only 2 (upgraded referrals)! Get 2 upgraded referrals and my monthly cost is covered for me.

What I Dislike

I have not found any reason to dislike this program yet... If there was something it would be that it is such a new launch that they don't have all the funnels built for us yet. I built my own optin pages on Leads Leap which are actually doing quite well because my list at Leads Leap is growing daily, sometimes by 3, or 4 or 5 new names a day. The 300 x 250 banners I use at Leads Leap also get me optins using those same optin pages.

Final Verdict

I feel really good about The Z System. I work at it every day because I know I will build a huge list by using it and will continue to get optins and signups and some will upgrade to reseller.
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Joseph Doyle
112 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2022-12-21
What I Like

Gee Whiz! Fellow friends & esteemed marketers, welcome to my review of "TheZ712 App Money marketing System. "! Can you feel my Awesome enthusiasm & My reason for becoming a reseller for this one of a kind System Platform.

I have so much respect for the owner Paul Darby & his support team, including Susie Gale, who will immediately respond to any problems you may encounter, getting started, & getting set-up.

When you subscribe for your free Z712 App, you receive your own back-office.

Firstly enter all your required information.

Including how you wish to be paid your commissions, this is very important to Paul Darby & Susie, who will leave no stone unturned to provide you with a first class service, & insure you are facilitated by receiving your commissions, every Friday.

How do you receive commissions ?

You receive your commissions by becoming an Z712 App "reseller. "

Make no mistake Paul Darby, works very very hard maintaining his 22,000 strong membership, & does not tolerate tyre-kickers.

You are very welcome to join & explore this one of a kind App, but to avail or all that is on offer, will blow-you away, as an App re-seller.

What I Dislike

I do not dislike anything as you receive more Marketing and List-building tools than you ever thought possible, to ensure you become a very successful Business Entrepreneur. You will receive free promotions of your own personalized Z app link, and 2 other business Links also promoted to targeted traffic sources, through Paul Darbys mailing service. You may also purchase paid for traffic and Banners of every size for your App & other businesses Done for you Landing and Splash pages.

Your own Autoresponder facility, to incorporate your existing Autoresponder or create a new one. Your choice to name your own Personalised & Hosted Link, pointing to your own Z app business link, to share, for promoting and list building.

The Best Part

The Z App has a sister platform X that targets Free and Paid for traffic for both platforms. Also constant contact is maintained by Paul Darby every week through Excellent Zoom presentations.

One Important Thing

The latest fantastic resellers perk is free promotions as a video influencer page presentation. I really love this Z712 App for its simplicity, for the back office support and both the integrity and kindness shown to me & all its members at all times, by Paul Darby & Susie Gale. Bravo! I have nothing but respect for the creator of this working System App, & love everything about how it is helping you & I become successful.

Thank you for your time


Joseph B Doyle
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