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Last update: 2020-11-10
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Robert Ritter
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Last Update: 2020-11-20
Everywhere you look, there are videos. From the local coffee shops to the dog groomers. Some are quite entertaining, while others... Not so much.

But video is hot. And, according to trends, it's going to be getting even hotter. As an online marketer, if you are not embracing video in your marketing plan, you're going to get left behind.

If you have ever attempted to use some of the higher end video editors out there, I am sure you would agree that the learning curve is quite steep to become a master at the art.

But, certainly there have to be simpler, more user friendly platforms out there that will make you look like a genius, right? Well, in most cases I would have to say, no. But in this case, the platform of which I speak does an outstanding job making you look outstanding.

I am writing this review of Wave. Video. I have been with them for nearly a year now, and they never cease to amaze me with more value every month. They are continuing to improve their already feature rich platform on a daily basis.

What I like

The first thing that stands out is how clean the dashboard is, and how easy it is to navigate from one place to another. If you are lost on Wave, it's easy to find your way back. And, with simple newbie friendly buttons that can make even me look like a genius, that's no small task.

Another great thing about Wave. Video is how easy and quick it is to upload your videos. One click of a button and you're inside the video editor.

Once inside the video editor, it becomes obvious on how to actually edit. If you were a pilot, there would be large neon signs pointing the way. There's very little you can do to mess things up, and believe me, I have done so. But, the forgiving nature of the editor and all it's interfaces makes using it a sheer joy.

From the tremendous assets available (both video and images) to the huge library of royalty free music, this tool makes making a video a breeze. But one of my favorite features of this fabulous tool are the done-for-you templates. From social media posts to promotional ads, this is where you'll look like you've spent hours creating your masterpiece, when in reality you can have a 15 second Facebook post completed in literally minutes. All you need to do is to get creative with the content, push a few buttons, select the size you want to render in, and viola, you have your masterpiece.

Let's not leave out the fact that Wave. Video makes it possible for everyone to get into the video creator's seat. They have a free version that is perfect to learn how to use the editor, and will still make you look like you are a brilliant video creator. The amazing thing is, you have use of the same assets as everyone else, FOR FREE! But, let me warn you. What you are about to explore is addictive. Once you create your first video, you will be hooked. And, with all the things to be hooked on, I can find no better way to stretch your creative juices than with Wave. Video.

One of the features that is an amazing benefit is the video hosting feature. You can host any kind of video, from personal Facebook posts, to a webinar for your business. There are obviously limitations based upon your plan, but the videos are always fast to load (almost instantly) and I have rarely had any issues with playback. Add to the fact that many other video hosting sites charge a hefty premium for commercial content, and you will soon see the tremendous value Wave brings to the table. The standard prohibitions on content that is inappropriate for all ages applies, but other than that you are a free agent to create to your heart's content.

There are so many great things about the Wave. Video platform, that I could go on and on for pages. Last, but certainly not least is the outstanding customer service you get from the Wave. Video support team. I have never had an issue that wasn't handled in the most expedient and professional way ever. And, they are always looking to improve, so any feature that makes sense to you, and others using Wave. Video, they are eager to adopt. The only way to see how truly amazing this platform is, and how well it works for your business, is to give them a trial run. You could stay at their FREE plan forever, though I think you will want to upgrade to unlock the ability to make longer videos. Once you do, you will see for yourself what you have been missing. Perhaps, you will become a great content creator and go viral. Or, perhaps you will start growing your business and become more well known as an expert in your field. Or maybe, just maybe you'll become a hit with your grandkids. And that would be a wonderful thing, wouldn't it.

What I Don't Like

Well, here's the part a good review always has. Constructive criticism. And that is where Wave. Video excels. They listen. They REALLY listen. Literally every issue that I have brought up has been handled. But, some of these are simply the nature of the beast.

One of the most frustrating things about any video editor is when the editor is not working properly. You could spend hours working on a project, hit a button and have your hours of work disappear. That has happened on very rare occasions. Most of the times when it did, I had way too many windows open, and I was overtaxing the resources of my own computer, rather than anything being wrong at Wave.

One thing that does happen on a fairly regular basis is the text editor and the video editor are not working properly. Again, this doesn't become known to you until you attempt to render your project. If this does happen, the project is saved (I love Wave. Videos auto-save feature), but there will be certain letters that will just not show up on the video. In these rare cases, all you need to do is to go back into the editor and choose a different, but similar font and it will be fixed.

The only other complaint I have is that there are simply not enough hours in the day. As this great tool for creating great videos becomes such a joy to use, you may find yourself staying up far too late into the night. And, you know what they say: "time flies when you're having fun. " And, besides for being fun, you could end up helping someone, or educating someone, or entertaining someone, all while helping your business to succeed. And that, I think is a wonderful thing. Wave will make it as easy as possible to help you do that.
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