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Last update: 2021-05-27
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Ian C.
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Last Update: 2021-06-11
I am very satisfied as far as my experience with troncase is concern. Where else can you find an opportunity that offers you 1% daily profit? Aside from that, if you hold it continuously it adds 0.1% daily to your 1% profit up to 1.5% max. There are other bonuses too. It gives you 300% profit after a preset term for every deposit you make. Not even a bank offers you that. That is the essence of DeFi or decentralised finance in the cryptocurrency world.

How does it work?

1. You will need to install an app called tronlink pro since it needs to be connected to a cryptowallet that supports tron. Tronlink Pro can be downloaded from google playstore or the apple appstore.

2. If you have an account in binance.com then buy tron TRX and transfer it to your tronlink pro "receive address". Alternatively, you can buy TRX or tron from other sources like klever too. Klever is an app that acts as a wallet and an exchange too.

3. Click on the link below this article then copy the link from the address bar.

4. Open your tronlink pro app. Tap discover then in the address bar paste the troncase address and hit enter key.

What I like?

1. It is an excellent community program that offers to triple your money in a short span of time. Hence, 300% profit is guaranteed.

2. You can withdraw your gains anytime instantly.

3. You can do multiple deposits.

4. It is very transparent. All transactions and details that have been made can be viewed since the date the smart contract was made.

5. It is truly decentralised. It is not managed by anyone not even its own software development team. Hence, nobody has access to funds. Your fund is secured between you and the smart contract.

6. Highly secure.

What I don't like?

1. No auto invest feature that you can program to re-invest a certain portion of your gains.


It's worth to grow your dispensable cash. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Remember that the tron crypto grows with time. When I started investing tron was only around $ 0.06 and as of this writing it is over $ 0.12 already. Think about it. You are able to triple your tron portfolio and your crypto grows in value too.
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