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Last update: 2019-11-05
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Last Update: 2018-05-20
I found this website on other traffic exchanges. I upgraded to PRO fast! The reason is that, right now, this TE is one of the most used and best convert for me. Also, I want to have the following characteristics:

-Get random referrals / Sell traffic and the Revenue Share of benefits.

I'll tell you my new impressions;)

Are you looking for a different traffic exchange and that you convert well? Do you want one that really worths well all the time you spend clicking? Well, I think that Traffic Marketplace may be what you were looking for fairly.

Like the rest of the traffic exchanges of the market, its basic operation is to navigate the websites of others to get credits / visits for your own sites. Up there everything as always. However, it has a characteristic that makes it different.

What makes Traffic Marketplace different from other TE?

Basically, it has a common pool of credits that is created weekly with the activity of all the users who surf. You just have to browse 100+ sites each week, and the common pool is shared among all those who surf (1,543 users have qualified for the fund this week). Thus, the advertising that reads "77,000+ credits for 10 minutes of surfing" is real in half practice: it is true that with 10 min. More or less you get to those 100 visits but, in my experience, what you get at the end of the fund week is usually about 300 credits or so, which is not bad and in itself I rent more time navigation than in many other traffic exchanges, more sacrificed. Presumably, when the number of users and activity is higher, more credits will be distributed :)

What options does Traffic Marketplace have?

- "SURF AND PTC": button to start browsing, and PTC section to win with ads (0.010 - 0.001 per click).

- "MANAGE ADS": here you add your sites, banners and text ads that you want to advertise. You can also auto-assign (auto-assign) your credits automatically.

- "PURCHASE": to buy credits or upgrade to pro.

- "PROMOTE US": the section to promote traffic marketplace, earn referrals, recommended resources for promotion and commissions to be earned for the activity of your referrals and other actions.

- "HELP": Faq's and where to solve doubts.

- "PROFILE": (configuration wheel): here you can modify the data of your profile, download free ebooks to earn money online and a "Downline builder" to win referrals in other related programs.

My opinion on Traffic Marketplace

I constantly test different traffic exchanges, to see which ones better convert my offers, which ones are more comfortable for me and which offer more for less. And lately I've been hooked a lot to this, because in addition to giving a lot for a little time, I've noticed that my free offers convert surprisingly well among its users. I like the ability to "sell traffic" ("Sell traffic"), options that I have not seen in any other TE to date.

So ... Yes, I recommend you try it, because its advantages are many and, to me at least, it has made me forget others that I was using so far. Good luck with it!
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Elena Garas
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Last Update: 2019-11-05
Yes, it was a good site. But it closed.

For two weeks now, trafficmarketplace.org has been down.

I still have unused advertising loans and money in my advertising account.

The admin did not warn about the closure of the site and did not inform about the timing of the reinstatement of work.

This is sad for me and very bad karma for the admin site.

I wish you all good luck!

Elena Garas.
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