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Last update: 2021-05-04
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Mickey Smythwood
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Last Update: 2020-11-23
My experience with the program so far has produced over 100 leads and made me $1,652 in residual income. I have joined a lot of systems over the last few years and have made little to no residual income from them, this company really care about people and not just making a buck.

What I Like is the help you get from the owners, like free training and assistance you get when you need help. I have finally found a home and will be using Home Business Academy's funnel builder as well as their Premium products. If you need to build an email list for basically any company then I would recommend Home Business Academy Funnel Builder.
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Lesley Hallows
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Last Update: 2021-09-22
The Home Business Academy is a multi-level product, offering a cost-effective page/funnel builder, a comprehensive training platform, and many other attributes to help you build a successful online business.

You can use the products as you require for building your own business, and if you want to promote the products as well, the HBA offers a very generous affiliate programme (80% commissions).

What I Like (Absolutely Love! )

HBA was founded by two guys with great integrity. They teach time tested principles that help you build an honest, sustainable and successful business (far removed from the glut of shiny new promises out there or get rich quick schemes! )

Their capture page/funnel builder is simple to use - very responsive and easy to understand. If you choose to sign up with this particular funnel builder you will find that it is far more cost-effective than a lot of others. This one costs $25 a month, compared to others for which I've paid $99 a month!

Also if you join their affiliate programme, you earn $20 for everyone who comes into the programme under you (that's for the funnel builder itself - there will be higher commissions, naturally, for the higher priced products in the system). So you only need a couple of other members to join with you and you're already in profit!

If you're new to affiliate marketing when you start with this programme you already have a great product to share.

There is a great supportive community from the product creators, also the other members within the group.

So, to simplify:

  • Relatively inexpensive to build those important capture pages (Funnel Builder $25 a month, compared to other companies who charge around the $99 mark! ).
  • There are already many templates within the funnel builder tool, which are easy to adapt to your own needs. The pages look good on home computers, laptops and are responsive when viewed on tablets and smartphones, which is important in today's online mobile world.
  • Easy to set up and free video over the shoulder training given.
  • Great more in-depth training programme and ongoing support / live sessions with the Premium programme.
  • Generous affiliate programme offered with several entry points (low end, recurring, and high-end products available to earn from).

For those of you who want to be an affiliate for the Home Business Academy, here are the 'entry points' that you can promote, making it very versatile to adapt for each audience you want to share with.

  1. Funnel Builder video sales page (recurring programme, therefore recurring commissions).
  2. HBA Premium (which is a comprehensive training platform to help you build your business - free advertising, paid advertising, etc. Again, potential recurring income.
  3. HBA Premium $1 intro offer (offering a 7 day trial for $1)
  4. Freedom Launchpad (a DFY free giveaway, and funnel ready to promote - several upsell and downsell points)
  5. Private Blog Network (which is part of the Premium membership). This is a vital tool, to help you get those important backlinks to your articles!
  6. YouTube & Email Syndication programme - likewise, a very important aspect to help grow your presence online, whether through video or email /blog.
  7. TAGR (Think and Grow Rich) Mastermind Group - this group is free to join and listen to the daily audio recordings, which can prove to be a lead into the Home Business Academy in due course. It's a great group, and good for boosts of inspiration to keep you going!

What I Dislike

Absolutely nothing. Just wish I'd come across this years ago!

However, worth noting, that as an affiliate you need to be part of the particular programme that you wish to earn commissions on. To be fair if you weren't already signed up for something that one of your contacts then signs up for, the Company will notify you and give you the opportunity to upgrade your own account, so that you don't lose out on the commission. A very fair solution I reckon.

Final Verdict

  • The programme/funnel builder tool is the product of a couple of guys with great ethics and integrity.
  • The affiliate commissions they offer are generous, and you can create a great residual income.
  • The retention rate is good.
  • The funnel builder tool itself is easy to set up and implement system, with over the shoulder video training.
  • There are a few tiers to the full system, which are optional with no hard sell, and the entry points you can promote as an affiliate make this versatile to share according to your audience.
  • Unlike other programmes who only give you part of the puzzle, you can start and set up your business with the funnel builder only and choose the other tiers when and if you feel ready (make sure you have an autoresponder to save your leads).
  • The support is great, not only from the founders, though the HBA community at large.

Definitely worth a look! I haven't regretted joining. It's an integral part of my business-building toolbox.
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