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Last update: 2021-07-12
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Charmaine MacDonald
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Last Update: 2021-07-20
Great training, videos and information inside our completely transparent facebook group for affiliates only. Right now the app has not even launched yet so we are part of the founders affiliate club! We have a special offer for all those members which is available when you join as an affiliate BEFORE the app goes to the stores! Pay USD10 for an entire year! This is so affordable to everyone and yes, they are accepting GLOBAL affiliates. The app launches first in USA very soon then goes to Canada in September 2021 and other first world english speaking countries, then it will spread out to Asia and Latin America and by the first Quarter of 2022 we expect to be fully global!

This is a great opportunity to get in early and build your teams! If you bring in 10 affiliates you become a super affiliate and can earn 50% matching bonus on all your affiliates income! WOW! FREE members earn on their level 1 ie all their direct referrals, yes just #tapafriend #earnabuck When someone downloads the app from the app stores, when its available in their country they will earn on all those direct referrals a dollar! Refer 100 members that download the app and keep it downloaded, they will earn that dollar month after month! If you are a user of the app you can earn a maximum of USD25 for doing that. Everyone is kept happy that way as everyone earns, even if its just a few bucks, right! How much you earn depends primarily on how many personal referrals you introduce to the app, or if you decide to become an affiliate, how many people your team introduces to users of the app. I do love the simplicity of this program, it doesn't hurt the brain like so many others do and it's affordable to the masses and yes, it's going to go global. My experience with similar free programs is that in certain 3rd world countries, they really catch on like wildfire so I do not imagine that this will be any different, oh my goodness, it is already going viral as there are over 200 affiliates already and 3 GLOBAL affiliates and yes the app is not yet in the stores! So a global affiliate will earn equity from Tapestri and there will only be 50 of those! A global affiliate is one that has brought in 10 affiliates who also bring in 10 and its growing like da bomb!

What I Like

I love the simplicity and affordability of this program. When the app hits the stores, you will pay monthly USD10 or to be precise USD9.95 but you just have to refer 10 FREE members to cover the cost, remember. FREE members will be able to refer 10 people too and get credited so it will make sense to refer 10 more and cover your cost for the upgrade and then get access to 2 levels of earnings and possibly 4 if you become a super affiliate as with those 50% matching bonuses, you could be earning on people 4 levels deep!

What I Dislike

If you are a free member so far you cannot get a link to refer others and I am hoping this will change after launch. Sit tight if you are a FREE member after the app launches in your country, you will earn as a FREE member anyway and if you like the idea of getting paid more then refer to others.

Final Verdict

Easy peasy pudding and pie opportunity not to be missed. The CEO and founder, Walter Harrison is clearly an expert in his field and has accomplished so much already and is working with a team of professionals which is clearly evident inside our facebook group and through the videos. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a roaring success! Mark my words, now is the time to get in and become an affiliate, do not hesitate! Even however if you come in in 2022 you will have a massive opportunity because it is gradually opening up over time, so it will just keep spreading out and helping everyone that wants to simply download a FREE app and get paid for doing it! I do not think there is anything easier than this! Share with others because the world needs this NOW more than ever!
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