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Last update: 2020-11-01
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Last Update: 2016-10-25
Scarlet Clicks is one of the most trusted and legit site paying since 2009. You can check it out on netbusinnesrating.

I gained $ 1,500 in 1.5 year.

Currently I do a $ 75 cashout per month. Clicking 4 ads per day.

This PTC is really strong. It’s not a get to rich site but I can confirm one thing if you remained patience and worked over direct referrals (because there is no limit of direct referrals in scarlet clicks one of the best part of this site) than there is no way why can’t you earn 50$ to 100$ a day.

The rented referrals are another additional opportunity to earn faster.

Investing in this website is not mandatory but lets help to earn decent money in a short time.

Scarlet-Clicks was launched on April 2009 by their admin Dimitris Kornelatos. He’s a proven and trusted Admin. And he’s doing great managing two top PTC Sites at the same time.

Total Paid: $737,446.80

Total Members: 462128

Here is a break down of how to earn money from scarlet-clicks:

View Ads:

* It’s simple. Click ads and get paid!


* Click ads in the Grid and get a chance to make up to $1.00

PTC Wall:

* Offers from members. Do simple tasks and earn money.
* PTC Ads – Clicks available Ads.
* Quick Tasks – Do simple tasks.
* Network Offers – Do tasks. Answer surveys and much more.

PTSU (Paid To Sign Up):

* Sign up to another program and earn decent pay.

Point and Referral Contest:

* Earn Huge prizes from these contests. The Top 10 winners can earn from $1 up to $500 (depends on the prize of the contest).

Referral Commission:

* Earn Money from referrals activities.


* Earn Points from your own activities.


* Online for More than 6 Years
* Paying All Members on Time
* Trusted Admin
* Low Payout Threshold
* Unlimited Referral
* Profitable Rented Referral


* Slow Earner for Starters

Contact me. I can help you.

Have a nice day!
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Last Update: 2020-06-25
Scarlet Clicks is one of the best PTC sites. I am a member since 2016. Actually I have Yearly Gold Membership with 499 rented referrals. To earn money daily you need to click at least 4 ads - I click usually 6-7 ads daily, each of them is worth 1 cent. Rented referrals works very good, but if you want to earn from them you need to upgrade.

There are a few methods to earn money. I prefer to view ads and manage my referrals.

What I Like

I like this site and use it daily. You can work smart, it takes only a few minutes daily to earn decent money. Rented referrals are really good. I also have used advertising options to get new referrals to other sites.

What I Dislike

Rented referrals are profitable only for upgraded members

Final Verdict

In my opinion it is worth to use this site daily, earn money or advertise. Get direct referrals, earn money and upgrade to rent referrals and grow your profits with easy daily work.
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Last Update: 2020-11-01
Scarletclicks online since 2009, paying 11 years to 1 millions member till now!

I joined this site in 2015 as free member, and I have earned $300 free money online.

What I Like

No direct referrals limit, you can recruit as many as new member you want!

Best Paid to promote program, you can earn back money just promoting you referral link!

Legit and trusted admin, never delay a single payment since day 1!

What I Dislike

Need put some effort to learn how to use this program effectively.

Final Verdict

Scarletclicks is great website to earn some side income, no need investments, free for all!
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