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Last update: 2024-07-06
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Last Update: 2024-06-01
My experience with the program so far

I joined ReallySmart.art on the day of launch. In my first 24 hours of joining I made $70 without sponsoring a single person! This got me excited and made me take a deeper look into it and how it works.

For starters, ReallySmart.art is a imaging service that allows you to create personalized images that you can use within your email campaigns when email marketing. I set my first image to use for one of my businesses and from that very first email with the image I used I generated 2 SALES that day! I was impressed by the effectiveness of the service and software.

What I Like

What I like about this platform is that it is a one time cost of $147, so you don't have to worry about any monthly payments to remain active in the system. There are 2 upgrades that you can participate in as well. The Pro Plus membership which is $397 and the Platinum Pro membership which is $497. Both of these memberships allow you to earn even more in commissions from the Profit Lines.

Another thing I am liking about this platform is how members are retired out of the Profit Lines after earning their portion of commissions and everyone in the Profit Line is promoted to the next position to your right until you retire. Once you retire you won't be able to earn until you yourself sponsor someone into the platform. This was implemented to keep tire kickers and people looking for a free lunch out of Profit Lines and only keeping active Profit Partners in Profit Lines. Pure Genius because that is what worries most people about these platforms. If no one is recruiting, no one earns. Well you don't have to worry about that here.

Now I want to talk more about the Image Software. Before joining this platform, I never knew that imaging software was a "thing". But since I have joined and began using it, I have seen a big difference in my clicks and conversions. Definitely seeing more conversions when I use images in my emails. Since this is new to me, I am having a hard time thinking of what kind of images I can use. So far I just place myself on an image for branding, but I do want to be more creative.

What I Dislike

What I dislike about the platform is it is alot to take in. Not so easy to really understand right out the gate nor explain to someone. People don't really like reading now a days and there is a LOT of text on the platform. But if you take your time to go thru the information, everything you need it there.

Final Verdict

My final thoughts on this platform is that it is a completely innovative project that took a lot of planning and thought. I think it is perfect for anyone to get started with and earning. I have referred 14 people personally and don't plan to stop there as the compensation plan on this is incredible! If you are looking for a unique platform that allows you to earn from the efforts of others who are building and also teamwork then this is for you! You will be showered with commissions and passive income.
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Andrew Borici
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Last Update: 2024-05-22
First of all, when you jump to sales page of Really Smart Art, I know what you'll be thinking: it is too expensive, right?

What if I told you that within 10 days not only you would have gotten your money back but much more...

If you lived on the Moon for the past couple of weeks than I don't blame you... However it's not late to start now.

Since my first couple of days after purchasing it not only my CTR went way up but also commissions coming in from people I didn't even refer.

So what more do you want?

The only thing that I don't like about this service is the fact that for some it might be a little expensive.

But no matter the price, it's totally worth it.
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Last Update: 2024-05-23
Is ReallySmart.art worth the money? It makes a lot of noise about being one of the hottest services to emerge this decade and even has a compensation scheme. I'll be going over the system in this review to see if we can find a remedy to this.

Exactly Smart.art: What is it?

Essentially, what you receive is a lifetime membership to a service that lets you instantly generate dynamic, customized graphics. If you've never seen personalized graphics before, see them as personalized emails that you can send using autoresponder email services. Put differently, you already know how to send emails to your subscribers. For instance, you may begin each email with a salutation such as this:

The name of each subscriber on your list will be substituted for the variable when your email is sent out.

Customized photos function in the same manner. In this instance, you can customize an image with text for every subscription. Personalized photos can also be used with membership sites, safelists, or any other location where you have access to a variable.

Consider your clickthrough rate if you had a picture of a person holding a blank whiteboard that was meant to indicate a video. Imagine now that the following text has been written on the whiteboard such that every subscriber sees this image.

What effect would that have on your click-through rates, do you think?

That is exactly what you will get when you sign up with ReallySmart.art; however, you only have to pay a one-time fee for lifetime use, in contrast to similar services that demand a monthly subscription for the same thing. Granted, you can add many personalizations to each image with the monthly membership instead of just one with ReallySmart.art, but how many marketers will actually need more than one?

Using a first name in one area of the image and possibly something else, like the current date, in another would be an example of utilizing multiple personalizations in one image.

What I like:

Lifetime access for a single price.

Amazing compensation plan designed to generate passive income.

Product Evergreen.

What I dislike:

Each image can have just one customisation.

Monthly picture impressions are 2000, however you have the option to increase to 8,000 or 12,000 impressions. The upgrades also have a one-time expense.


A highly valuable personalized image service is provided by ReallySmart.art. Even if it serves the majority of marketers, a small subset of them might require more, even at a monthly cost, than what is provided here. What truly sets ReallySmart.art apart from other programs is the referral system and payout plan, and the fact that the service is evergreen guarantees that this program receives high marks.
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Meir Ben Hadar
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Last Update: 2024-06-18
My experience with the program so far

At the time I'm writing this review I've got 2 commission payment - on my day 1 and my day 2 with this system

So it is pretty cool.

I also like the site design, very techy but simple.

The comp plan

The comp plan is a bit complex but in easy words -

When you join, you become part of a 6 other members team.

They all promote and whenever any member of this team get a sale - you and all of the members get commission on that sale.

When you refer a member you open another team or "profit line" since this member also get into his own team.

The full comp plan is of course in the site in great details.

There is so much in this comp plan that will practically guarantee you will make money but I can't copy paste here all the details due to leadsleap instructions so you just have to see for yourself :)

What I Like

Very appealing site design.

Very well structured compensation plan that makes everyone win.

It seems that the site admin really thought this through and is giving a complete newbies.

The chance to earn big with this program.

The product they sell is also very good, and can easily triple your email clicks(if you are using an autoresponder).

What I Dislike

The impressions they give you to use in their product is a bit low, but you can upgrade to get more other than that, I think it's pretty amazing.

Final Verdict

I think that if you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing this is probably your best chance to earn fast commissions on your first day.

If you are an experienced marketer - you can make a killing with this, mark my word :)
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George Nikolis
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Last Update: 2024-07-10
In the crowded digital space, making your emails stand out is crucial. Enter ReallySmartArt, a tool that's set to revolutionize email marketing through innovative personalization and a distinctive compensation model.

What is ReallySmartArt?

ReallySmartArt is an advanced tool that enables you to create emails featuring personalized images tailored to each recipient. This not only captures attention but also dramatically increases engagement, making your campaigns more successful.

Key Features

  1. Customized Images: The highlight of ReallySmartArt is its ability to personalize images within emails. Tailoring visuals to each recipient's interests and preferences results in a more engaging and relevant experience.
  2. Seamless Integration: With no installation needed, ReallySmartArt integrates effortlessly into your current email marketing setup, allowing you to enhance your emails without technical difficulties.
  3. Immediate Impact: Users have reported click rates increasing by up to 400% during testing. The combination of personalized text and images creates compelling messages that deeply resonate with subscribers.

The Compensation Plan

In addition to its powerful email marketing capabilities, ReallySmartArt features a unique compensation plan that distinguishes it from other tools.

7X Forced Success Compensation Model:

  1. Team Structure: Upon joining, you're placed in a team with six profit partners who assist you in securing your first sale.
  2. Collective Success: Unlike typical MLMs, your team is pre-established, and you earn commissions from both your own and your profit partners' efforts.
  3. Referral Commissions: Every time someone in your profit line refers a new member, you earn a commission. This means you benefit from the team's collective efforts.
  4. Rapid Commissions: Many members see their first commission within minutes to hours after upgrading to a pro member, offering immediate financial benefits.

Why Choose ReallySmartArt?

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Personalized emails with customized images significantly boost engagement, resulting in higher open and click-through rates.
  2. User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, the platform is accessible to marketers of all experience levels.
  3. Income Opportunity: The unique compensation plan presents substantial income potential, making it an appealing choice for those looking to monetize their email marketing efforts.


ReallySmartArt is not just an email marketing tool—it's a comprehensive solution combining advanced personalization features with a rewarding compensation plan. Whether you aim to elevate your email marketing strategy or seek a new revenue stream, ReallySmartArt provides the tools and support needed for success.

Ready to revolutionize your email marketing and boost your income? Join ReallySmartArt today!
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Kat McNeil
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Last Update: 2024-07-06
My experience with the program so far

So far, the ReallySmart.art program has been awesome! The product itself is a really great marketing tool to have in my arsenal and has increased my click rate because of the personalized images I am able to send out to my list. They also have several marketing tools such as swipes, banners, etc. within the platform that you can use.

There is also an affiliate compensation plan that makes it almost impossible not to earn income because you are placed in a team with 6 other marketers. Any time one of your team members earns an income, everyone on that team also earns. I actually earned to commissions within minutes of signing up while I was still working my way through the extensive directions for how to get everything set up! Talk about awesome!

What I Like

I like the multiple options available for creating the personalized images. I can choose to use the images already available within the platform, or I can choose to create my own.

I also like the compensation plan and the fact that I earn anytime anyone on my team of 7 earns (these are not people I recruited).

What I Dislike

It does take a bit of time to figure out how the whole system works and many of the directions are written out in text with very few videos to follow. This can be challenging for those of us who have trouble concentrating for long periods of time. :-)

Final Verdict

Overall, I'm really liking the product for being able to create personalized images for emails and other advertising. Not to mention the compensation plan and the ability to earn every time one of my assigned team mates earns. I highly recommend adding ReallySmart.art to your repetoire of marketing tools!
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