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Last update: 2021-02-18
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Melissa Moreno
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Last Update: 2023-01-02
It is a very new program however it is a sister program to propeller ads one of the biggest on the market when it comes to affiliate and ads. Instead of ads and popups they delivery push notifications. They also have something that I think is very interesting and that is the exit traffic option and content locker program. You can lock your content and unless they subscribe they wont get the think you give away for free.

What I Like

I like the very easy way to make money, the many opportunity you can make money and they they constantly developing the program.

An update from 2021 is that you can just post a link and when people click and accept the notation you get money.

What I Dislike

The setting is a bit difficult at first. There is no plugin to wordpress as to the propeller ads.

Google do not like these pushes very much use it with causation and not on your best website.

Final Verdict

If you want to make money in a easy way for example giving away free items or when people exit your website this is a very good way.
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