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Last update: 2021-10-22
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Salomon Firmin
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Last Update: 2021-10-12
My experience with the program so far

I just wanted to escape the 9-5 jail. I am from west africa. Things are not easy there. I live in germany for 33 years now and I see people living a great life. But me I am still hustling.

I wanted to find a way to gain passive money. And I found one. My wife actually gave me a hint. And she was right. Paraiba is a microcosm where I see my investment grow for days a week. I started with 100€ I wanted to see if it is not a scam or just shutting down weeks later. I also found out Paraiba started 2 years ago. And many many people across the globe are financially free now. Just because of their Paraiba accounts.

What I Like

I can determine how much I want to invest and how much money results from it as a passive income. It is very easy to understand. The back office is simple and easy to use. Withdrawals and funding are working. I tested withdrawing several times to make sure I get the profits. It's really great.

What I Dislike

The in-house exchange is not on the Paraiba website. To transfer money to Paraiba I always must use their crypto exchange website. But fortunately I can see all my Paraiba accounts their in one account.

Final Verdict

It is the first time in my life I am gaining real passive income. I am so thankful and happy for this opportunity. I will benefit even more if you join my Paraiba team. Please click the affiliate link to start if you are interested.
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Mikael Olofsson
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Last Update: 2021-09-17
My experience with the program so far

I have looked into this platform a few months ago but gave it a pass because I didn't research deep enough to fully get how powerful this is.

Recently I watched a few success stories on YouTube and finally saw the power. I decided to join and put in an investment.

I'm still in an early phase and not earning much, but it's growing.

But still I must give my recommendations for this platform and its possibilities!

What I Like

The security of the platform, it is not your typical invest and hope to get your money back platform as most are.

It's backed by a real bank.

Potential to grow your income to life changing amounts.

No need for referrals, you can make your own subaccounts and fund them. This is needed to unlock newer levels of income (your own subaccounts or referrals).

Easy to use.

When you unlock it, you earn of everyone who joined after you. So the earlier you sign up and activate your account the bigger earning potential there is.

It has its own exchange.

What I Dislike

A little slow in the start, depending on your start capital.

Can be hard to understand its potential if you just take a quick look.

Final Verdict

Want to invest crypto but don't want to gamble in risky Hyips, this is a great place to do so.

I have tried many platforms, both with losses and gains, this is my top recommendation.
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Malcolm Keith
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Last Update: 2021-08-15
Update May 2021. It has been nearly a year since I first signed up with Paraiba world and it has become a serious investment opportunity for me and many thousands of others as the company has expanded into real world ventures and assets besides trading. Once I grasped how to maximize the profit streams both individually and with a team - I haven't looked back. Serious people make the most money here, not everyday 'dabblers' ------- I didn't fully grasp what Paraiba was all about at first. It had been building well within the German community and was offered internationally to an existing team I was in run by an German/Austrian leader who knew the Paraiba owner.

This dithering may have cost me money in the long run as when you sign up initially is when you are positioned in Paraiba's single downline. Any time you join is good though and you get 30 days to look around before funding. The concept is simple and the returns are sensible and easily achievable.

The Company takes the profits finalized on Sunday to Tuesday to pay the traders, bills and create a buffer fund for 'difficult' days.

The members are involved in profits issued Wednesday to Saturday.

You can join as a passive investor and just put money in to sit and grow for 100 trading days cycles - the profits can be automatically added to your investment. Or you can take the profits out at regular intervals. It's bitcoin in and out, but the back office runs in dollars.

Building a team by referral is optional, but you can build up good extra profit money this way by weekly % rewards from your place in the streamline, the pools, and the activity of your firstline and downline. Those who put the hard work in can build bigger teams, but that has always been the way.

What I Like

When you dig deep you realize what a robust system this is. The company has been purposely built for long term, solid existence and is presently setting up an exchange, bank and other types of investment.

You get 30 days after your position is allocated to find and put in funds as low as $25 in Bitcoin to hold your place, but realistically with these small % returns, more is better, and $100 minimum is required to take part in any rewards.

They recently introduced an auto-reinvest function that will move your profits into the trading pool to compound at the $25 point so you can literally set and forget this program. The individual returns are small, but certainly better than a bank account.

Deposits return 0.30% every trading day (4 days) so you are looking at 1.2% basic a week Firstline Bonus returns 0.05% on the money of your referrals Downline Bonus returns 0.01% on the money in your remaining team members

Pools are allocated funds depending on your streamline position and the people in that pool Rank

What I Dislike

It wasn't obvious to me at first that I had manual control over my balance/deposit wallets (which is good) and having sent my bitcoin in - I should have moved it into the deposit wallet to start the ball rolling. So it sat in balance doing nothing for the first week!

Now I have set it to move anything over $25 accumulated in balance back in to deposit to work for me.

The lower returns in this program means lower investors are not served well. Many of the established members have personal investments of $10K or more like me and a good jump in point is $1K

The bitcoin is moved to dollars and then back to bitcoin. You may find - if bitcoin soars - you could see less btc coming back to you but the profits are still the same in translation.

Final Verdict

I like this program a lot and as it is built to last then letting it run month after month is fine, I even have a small referral team building up with little effort. 30 days from sign up to look around the back office and read all the information before funding is very generous.

As always - Investment contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for investment and only those with sufficient risk capital should invest.
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Edward Keyte
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Last Update: 2021-10-22
I have been with Paraiba for about 18 months as of writing this review and so far I have been impressed with all the additions that they've added over the time I've been with them.

Paraiba is a business opportunity in the crypto space, it is a web-based platform. A member can earn not only from their own personal deposit but also from the global shares in the Pools (currently 8 pools)

The Pool system is connected to a global streamline which is a company wide downline so everyone that registers with Paraiba will be time stamped and thus as soon as you join you will always be placed above those that join after you.

In addition to the several passive earning ways members can also build a downline and refer people through their own coded link to the program and thus earn greater rewards that include first-line bones and downline bonus.

A member can earn matching bonus on their downline with unlimited depth.

Paraiba world has launched their very own licensed Bank and licensed crypto exchange and as of writing this review they're about to launch their Paraiba Talk app that will include a conferencing system very much like Zoom.

I have personally seen the new conferencing app and tested it myself and I do like it.

What I Like about Paraiba World

Paraiba has a very simple onboarding process and even for total newbies; you can get up-can running in a very short time.

Their very own multi currency Exchange is global for users using crypto but for those in Europe can can use Euro, UK Pounds, or USD to add funds into and out of Paraiba.

I also like the other unique passive earning ways not only from our own deposit but also from the global pools and streamline.

What I Dislike

Nothing that I can say has ever made me dislike anything Paraiba are doing, withdrawals are always incredibly fast and no one has ever missed a payment.

My Final Verdict

For someone looking for a long term passive way to generate bitcoin then Paraiba is for you. If you're looking to make 2% per day on your bitcoin then Paraiba is definitely not for you. Paraiba is long term and stable but you will not get rich within a few months... There are not risky games played with Paraiba. Slow and steady wins the race.

Thank you for reading.
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