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Last update: 2022-04-09
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512 Followers   19 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-06-03
Pangea is a safelist with 119,000+ members.

Here are my results in Pangea provided by The Real Tracker in the last 30 days:

Total: 846
Unique: 769
Real:  477
Response: 48

I am not a fan of safelists but since it has a lot of members is a good option to get subscribers if you are in a limited budget.
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Dawn Hay
11 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2022-04-09
My experience with the program so far

MY ADS GO OUT TO TO 127,263 MEMBERS! The click through rate is very high.

What I Like

The click through rate is very high.

What I Dislike

Absolutely nothing

Final Verdict

Love all the sets eyes that see my banner s emails and more, oh yes there's a collect -egg game LOVE THE FUN.
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