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Last update: 2020-02-13
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Loratadine Shack
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Last Update: 2020-02-13
Otohits is an autosurf where everybody has access to the same features, with no upgrades. Being an autosurf, Otohits is a system for getting visits to your sites by visiting those of the membership. It works by installing a program rather like a special web browser on your computer. The program will then automatically surf web sites of the Otohits membership, and grant you points for each one. You can watch it if you want to see some sites, or leave it alone to work by itself. You can then spend your points to get visits to your own sites by the Otohits browsers of other users.

Most autosurfs generate their income by selling upgrades within a structure of account levels. Higher levels generally give access to more features. However, with Otohits, there are no upgrades! All features are available to all members. It is possible to buy points, so you can get traffic without running the viewer, or get additional traffic.

At the start, each member can promote up to 3 sites. Besides buying points, it is also possible to buy extra site slots. Yet Otohits also has a system of achievements in which you can earn more slots by your efforts within Otohits. Each achivement completed gains you 1 more slot, as well as some points. Achievements are in 3 categories, for surfing, referring and donating points. For example, after surfing 5000 sites you get an achievement called "That's a Start" that grants you a slot and 6000 points.

It is possible to donate some of your points to your referrals, in order to encourage them. Doing so can earn Achievements too, for example giving away 1000 points gets you the "Uncle Scrooge" Achievement along with a site slot and 500 points.

Otohits boasts many modern autosurf features, of course available to all members right from the get go. They include geotargeting, bounce reduction by clicking internal links, simulation of scrolling up and down the page, control of the traffic origin via the HTTP referer and setting the user agent. Usage of most of them will cost you extra points per page view, so will reduce the hit rate correspondingly.

Running the viewer 24 hours a day, I get enough points for around 4000 basic hits, without use of advanced features.

I find the achievement system to be fun. They have amusing names and add a touch of interest to monitoring how Otohits is getting along.

A significant drawback for some uses is that site approval is manual. It can take a day before a newly submitted site is reviewed. If your use case involves a couple of pages you will continually promote over the long term, a "set it and forget it" scenario, this won't matter. But if you want to test various things, or have time sensitive opportunities, or have to regularly change your links to promote dozens of pages, then this delay could be critical.

Otohits is one of the few autosurfs offering advanced features to free accounts, and that alone can make it an indispensable part of an autosurf toolkit.
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