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Last update: 2022-12-03
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Joe Marujo
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My experience with the program so far

What is Mission 10K and why should I care?

Mission 10K gives you to over-the-shoulder training videos explaining any and all steps that are required to get up and running.

Once inside you'll find many of the top-performing offers from Warrior Plus and Clickbank all set up with funnels, ready to add your affiliate link and promote.

Also there are links to all the products' jv pages where you can get the email swipes and ad templates for each program.

There's even a training video on creating campaigns for your own product or service that you may like to promote.

In the training videos you'll find modules on finding and utilizing free traffic sources that can help you get some quick initial sales.

What I Like

Mission 10K is a done-for-you Affiliate Marketing platform that allows you to promote the best products from Warrior Plus and Clickbank, and keeps all your programs neatly on a tidy single interface.

This allows you to maximize your tracking and monitoring activities in one cloud-based platform.

The training videos are helpful, especially for beginners, but there's value in them even for experienced marketers

What I Dislike

If there's a negative here it's that some of the advanced features are reserved for upgraded members. Of course that's no different than just about any program out there.

Final Verdict

I would suggest that you watch the videos in their entirety. If you have some marketing experience, you might be tempted to skip ahead or skip some videos entirely, but there is some real value here that everyone can learn something.

90 Day Update

I have continued to make sales with Mission 10k, even promoting on the back end and signature of some of my other programs.
I have upgraded members from which I earn a recurring income a well.

Al in all it's been a worthwhile addition to my portfolio, and still converts well!

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