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Last update: 2024-01-20
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William Nabaza
198 Followers   2 Reviews
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Last Update: 2023-05-11
My experience with the program so far

This is the Home of Gold Standard of List Mailers Value Driven By Paid members. I was invited to join and I remember the price for 1-time lifetime membership was U. S. $8.00 one time and now when I signed up it was already U. S. $14.00 one-time increasing the price to that value. Meaning to say that the value increased and it's only limited to a couple of thousand for the upgraded members.

I like sending my promotion regularly using a viral mailer or a safelist to get more leads and sales to the current program I am currently promoting.

So this event did not escape my notice and I jumped on the opportunity to get free promotion for my websites from another viral major mailer.

What I Like

From the start, I felt like this is a good investment for your money because even if you are a free member here you will get to earn 30% commission because of its cheap one-time price, and other people you refer per person will earn you 30% commission. So hurrying up to get that funds to upgrade is very possible since during these hard times you still get to earn.

So this is a good buy that you can use to send your promotional emails very safely which will amount to more leads and sales for any program you are wishing to promote.

Currently, there is a cash contest of up to U. S. $1,000 in Cash Prizes and there's a credit contest to participate in, to make it more rewarding and exciting. Use the affiliate link here to join in to let you earn 30% to 60% in commissions.

There are already so many referral tools that can be used from swipe emails to banners and buttons from forum posting to blogs.

What I Dislike

For now nothing as of the time.

Final Verdict

I am just setting up a gold standard of list mailers so please kindly join me in this mission. Find your finances and start signing up in the dream of tbuyerser traffic.
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Kit Geri
76 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2023-05-22
My experience with the program so far

I'm gonna keep it plain and simple. Mailer.g.ld is a super-sonic fast train and I would highly recommend you to jump on it & take the ride. Created by Frank Bauer & Clinton Clark, and I can tell you that this system solves the list value proposition problem. You wonder why? This concept creates a permission-based community where members agree to accept emails and read quality content in exchange for the option to send emails to that same audience. Well, I've seen concepts of safe-mailers like these before, but nothing compares with the offers and experience of people that join this community.

What I Like

I love all about this system. The thing I precisely like about Mailer.g.ld is the dynamic pricing when deciding to join, the system gave me the option of whether I like to show my email content to paid members only or the free members as well. The price started at about $8 and increases at $0.1 when each person upgrades their membership. Having this in mind, know that early adopters get the lowest price. As the number of paid members increases, so does the value of being PAID member goes higher. The main thing is the ROI for all who decided to be early adopters. We are getting best value at early membership for the "early risk" taken.

What I Dislike

There's nothing I dislike about this system.

Final Verdict

The sooner you join, the better. Simply because you'll always get fantastic value.
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Tom Kimpton
181 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2023-07-20
My experience with the program so far

I joined Mailer Gold about a week ago, and instantly upgraded within 5 minutes of joining. I don't usually do something like this. I am a serial safelist user, and I am actually pretty picky when it comes to which ones I use. Let alone which one's I'll actually spend money on.

This mailer right away, stuck out, because one, the owner behind it is Frank Bauer. His reputation stands alone. But I was impressed by the amount of membership it has in a short time, and how many of them are paid members.

What I Like

With just a little over a week of joining and upgrading. I've sent out 4 emails so far. And every email has generated leads. That's what it's all about right? 10 leads generated from just 4 emails.

Here's the difference between free membership and a paid (gold).

Free allows you to email 1,000 members, every 7 days.

Gold allows you to email the entire membership, every 3 days.

I personally think upgrading is highly recommended, but I do like that Frank doesn't ignore free membership either. I realize people are on budget, and not everyone can spend money freely.

What I Dislike


Final Verdict

This is just my opinion. I actually think it's going to be maybe the best mailer to use going forward. His mailer is different, it requires members to pay closer attention to your ads, and that will result in more sign ups to your online business.

Without question it's worth joining to help expand your online business.

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Dominic Kristianto
452 Followers   31 Reviews
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Last Update: 2024-01-20
My experience with the program so far

I am quite pleased with Mailer.gold and that means something because typically I don't use Safelist as my main traffic source.

Apparently, I did change my mind and started using Safelist because I managed to make consistent sales from it.

What I did was send an email as a Free Silver member and track the result. To my surprise, I managed to get 3 clicks and 1 sale out of 600 members to whom I can send my email!

This is nuts! To think that a new Safelist help me make a sale is not my intention. I just want to see the CTR (3 out of 600 is small, but mind you, this is completely cold traffic that never heard about me before).

And for that reason, I decided to upgrade to Lifetime Gold membership for just $16 at the time I write this review.

You see, Mailer.gold increases the price with the increment of 0.01 for every new upgrade sale. So the next upgrade price would be $16.01, then $16.02, and so on.

What I Like

Well, I see some "gold" inside this safelist waiting for me to dig it lol. I mean, I did get a sale from the free account, so I can easily justify my decision to upgrade as a No-Brainer one.

Besides the regular email, Gold members will also get 5 text ads and 5 banner ads to get more eyeballs to the offer, and there are also Guaranteed Visitors plus Downline Builder tools that we can use to add some more exposure.

Overall, I like the member's area and the navigation is clear and easy to follow. I guess that is because the owner (Frank Bauer) has done this for a long time. He definitely knows what he is doing.

What I Dislike

Well, since it's still new (less than a year since the launch date), there are less than 3K members right now and that is a low number for a safelist.

Nevertheless, that also means that there is room for improvement and if they become bigger, the founder members will also reap the benefits such as bigger commissions and low initial investment ($16 as I write this review).

Other than that, I don't see any disadvantage of using mailer.gold right now.

Final Verdict

Safelist has been known as one of the low-cost methods to get traffic to your offer and build your list. It still is even today. No wonder there are new safelists emerging every year.

I joined mailer.g.ld because of the credibility of the owner and decided to upgrade for a very low investment after I get a good result as a Free Silver Member.

If you want to know whether this is worth it or not, you can just create a free account and test it.

You may get lucky and make one sale or two. Track your result and let it be the final judge before you make decision to upgrade or not. Easy peasy right? ;)
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Andre Reutens
547 Followers   2 Reviews
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Last Update: 2023-11-24
I tried Mailer Gold just a few weeks ago, and wow! I upgraded the next day. I'm super picky about where I spend my time and money, but this was a no-brainer.

Why? Two words: Frank Bauer. He's the brains behind it and he's awesome. Plus, so many people have joined in such a short time – and a lot of them are paying members!

The Cool Stuff

I sent 2 emails. Guess what? Each one got me leads! Woohoo!

Here's the scoop:

With a free account, you can email 1,000 folks once a week. But with Gold? You can email EVERYONE, and every 3 days!

I say go Gold if you can. But hats off to Frank, he still gives love to the free users. Not everyone's got the cash to spare, and he gets it.

Anything Bad?

Nope, not a thing.


Here's my shoutout: I think Mailer Gold's gonna be THE mailer to use! It's built in a way that makes people really look at your ads. More eyes? More sign-ups. It's a win-win.

If you're thinking business growth, you've got to check out Mailer Gold! To date I've earned more than $50 in referral commissions. This says a lot about Mailer.g.ld.
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Linda Bomba
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Last Update: 2024-01-14
My experience with the program so far

Mailer Gold is a safe list created by Frank Bauer.

With a free account you can email 1,000 people each week. Upgrade to Gold for a one time fee and you email everyone everyday 3 days.

Right now and at the time you go sign up it's $16.83 for a lifetime membership and increases 1 penny every member upgrade.

They have a simple idea provide a top quality list mailer at a dirt cheap price while the membership is just starting to grow.

What I Like

I really like the fact you can have 5 text & 5 banner ads running 24/7.

They have a generous affiliate program that pays 60% commissions!

They want to give you an incentive for sharing this platform with other people.

What I Dislike

The only bad thing that I didn't like is my emails are only going to 1,668 people which doesn't seem like a lot.

There are tons of safe lists out there and ones where your emails get in front of more people, while I do realize this platform is growing their membership base.

Final Verdict

There are tons of choices out there where safe lists and traffic exchanges are concerned.

If you are tight on time and money this is a great choice to get started a low one time fee.

The sooner you join and upgrade the lower the price you pay and they have a goal to get to 10K paid members which will help you increase your reach for more people to see your offers.
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