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Last update: 2024-05-17
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Last Update: 2023-11-11
My experience with the program so far

I would have to say I am both Amazed and Very Impressed on how High the Quality and How Engaging the Leads are! I have not found any other Paid Traffic Source this Good Before!

What I Like

Well I really like how Lead Hero can deliver a constant and steady flow of Very High Quality Tier 1 Only Traffic every week. This is a Set and Forget type of Traffic that you have Two main Choices. Either Send Traffic Directly to a URL Lead Capture Landing page or Rotator. You can Scale very easy with different Click Sized Packages and you could easily create a Team Rotator from this package or choice of click packages of Super High Tier 1 Colo Ad Traffic. There is a 2nd type of Traffic that you can also purchase that is perfect for more advanced email marketers that is Pure High Tier 1 Quality Leads flooding into several different Autoresponder Services that they can Integrate with easily! This 2nd Traffic Option will Build Your List at an Insanely Fast Rate so intense you never have seen this before.

What I Dislike

I honestly cannot think of anything bad or negative to say about Lead Hero and just as the name implies this product will make you a Hero in your online business, Team and MLM!

Final Verdict

This is a Absolute MUST Have For Anyone from Advance Email Marketer / Affiliate Marketer / MLM Business Opportunity Team Building or anything that requires Business Opportunity / MMO / Work At Home / Affiliate Marketing Products Niche Traffic!
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Linda Bomba
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Last Update: 2024-05-17
My experience with the program so far

Lead Hero is premium red hot buyer traffic and is own by Glenn Fedoruk. If his name sounds familiar it is because he is either the #2 vendor on Udimi and I have used both.

While I got a decent opt in rate with the solo ads, I ran from him on Udimi he himself has said this traffic is better because it is buyer traffic, and it does cost more. I always say you get what you pay for and my experience with lead hero was better.

One of the big differences is how slow the traffic I got from his solo ads as I would wait sometime 2-3 days before it would start and Lead Hero it was much faster.

A got an email with a link where I could see all my analytics and track them and on Udimi I just got an email that he accepted my purchase and I have to go to my account to look and see if it has started and how many clicks, I got on it.

For the solo ad I ran with him on Udimi I got 43 leads for 100 clicks plus 6 bonus clicks and for lead hero for the same amount of clicks and xxx bonus clicks I got xxx leads.

The difference is price is $53 for 100 clicks on Udimi and $79 for the same number of clicks on lead hero slightly higher but I think it's definitely worth it.

The ordering is slightly different on Lead Hero than it is on Udimi, they have the following packages you can buy. These packages are at a 25% discount.

Premium Buyer Clicks- 2800 clicks per week for $1,950, 400 clicks per day paid weekly at 0.69 per click.

Premium Buyer Clicks – 1400 clicks per week for $975, 200 clicks per day paid weekly at 0.69 per click.

Premium Buyer Clicks – 700 clicks per week for $485, 100 clicks per day paid weekly at 0.69 per click.

Premium Buyer Clicks – 350 clicks per week for $243 paid weekly at 0.69 per click

These are monthly subscriptions that you can cancel at any time but once the traffic starts there no refunds.

If you skeptical you can try their test package for Premium Buyer 100 clicks for $79 at 0.79 per click

What I like

I didn't have to wait long for my traffic to start which I love some vendors take days before you actually see any leads and they send you a link where you can track your progress with clicks and leads.

What I don't like

The cheapest package to start is $125 which may be difficult for some people on a small budget.

Final Verdict

Lead Hero is a premium traffic source used my some of the top marketers in this industry so it has a proven track record. If your looking for a affordable traffic source.

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Last Update: 2024-05-09
My experience with the program so far

Lead Hero solo ads has been one of the top quality traffic sources for me I have come across. Glenn is one of top solo ad providers around today and has a vast amount of knowledge in the industry.

What I Like

The quality of the traffic is amazing.

What I Dislike

Nothing to dislike.

Final Verdict

Lead hero is my go to traffic source. Anytime I want a quick hit of buyer traffic, this is the place to go.
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