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Last update: 2023-05-18
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Araix Rand
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Last Update: 2023-05-24
I have come to love lifetime deal (LTD) on online software. I own a total of 15+ LTD software. I don't use all the software, some of them have never been used after purchase. But the truth is, software that I use daily, and I can't do business without, has a monthly subscription.

Some company can make profit from offering lifetime deal on their software, must can't due to high development and maintenance costs.

SEMRush is a most popular digital marketing software, that I use daily basis. The cost for having software like SEMRush is huge, $99 per month. I just can't afford $99 per month as I am not an agency offering SEO services. I am using SEMrush for my business to do keyword and competitor research. This is where I need help with buying software that I can't afford at low cost.

Introducing "Group Buy SEO Tools"

If you are facing similar issues as me, then you need to give a try to group buy tools. There are companies that offer multiple software such as SEO, content writing, graphic design, stock photo etc. software services as group buy service at an affordable monthly subscription. They buy online software and offer software access to their members using a secure method.

Before buying into one of the group buy services, I had questions about how they will stop people from hijacking the account or getting banned from the software company. Well, I was surprised after my group buy order. The seller contacted me directly and sent me login access and tutorials that answered all of my questions and helped make must out of the software bundle. I am now loving their group buy services, and I am planning to keep it for longer, as I see big potential in the software bundle that I have access to.

I think anyone can benefit from a group buy software service, even if you have no online business that you want to do keyword research for. You can use the software offered in the group buy to sell freelance service or create a digital marketing agency. You can help other people with your software and make money from digital services.

What I Like

  1. Software related issues are resolved quickly
  2. Easy access to software bundle and one-click login
  3. Awesome customer support
  4. Video tutorials

What I Dislike

  1. I need to stay logged in to the group buy service website to have access to the software bundle.
  2. Each time I use the one-click login feature to access the software, a new Chrome Browser windows get opened which makes multitasking slower
  3. Some software accesses are slow due to browser virtualization

Final Verdict

I am paying $24 per month to have access to 80 online software services. I am saving lots of money on software subscription. I don't think I need any paid software subscription beside group buy software bundle. I am super happy with the purchase. I recommend you to give a try to group buy software service if you own a blog, niche website or if you are an affiliate marketer or freelancer.
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