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Last update: 2020-10-06
Remark: Warning: This program may have turned into a scam program.
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Alen Zlimen
10 Followers   3 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-29
Hello all, this site is one of the best social sites where you can earn free money daily by simply talking, commenting, posting and sharing stuff there like you do on Facebook, instead you get paid in futurenet for that. I am here for 2 months and I earned for now 17 usd by simply talking with people and promoting my stuff. You wont regret it.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2017-08-24
I found this program to be just wonderful. I have never in my life found a site that does the things this one does. The programs it has is for someone like me that wants to build a new business. I find it easy to work with and I find that it is fun. I find myself on this program working more time than I have ever with another program I have been with. This program is really one of its kind and I just love it. No matter what you post on it or even if you find someone to talk to you enjoy the program.
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Pawan Kumar Yadav
60 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2018-04-29
I found this on internet. This Program is running for the last 4 to 5 years and continuously paying. This is great and stable. It is not paying like HYIP site at 160%. It is only giving 1% daily of your investment. Now this program also launched it's own coin Futurocoin.
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Larry Maphosa
1 Review
Last Update: 2018-06-16
Futurenet so far has proved to one of the greatest and amazing online business where we are getting paid for just watching 10 Ads daily. I like Futurenet business in the sense that it has 3 business all in one platform which is the Futurenet Social Media club, FutureAdpro and Futuro Network.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2018-11-07
Getting paid daily on this social media platform is the best thing that can happen to anyone.
The income potential is outstanding. I just love it!
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1 Review
Last Update: 2019-03-16
FutureNet is one of the very few RevShares that have survived the recent market shift to cryptocurrencies. I believe that there are at least 2 contributors to its success (that make this company better than its failed competitors):

- Multiple profit-generating products and services of its parent company, FutureNet (more about this - below), supporting its growth

- Its long-term-oriented business plan that, among many other things, gives FutureAdPro the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions in these uncertain times

The most passive way of making money in FutureAdPro is to own the so-called “AdPacks” (worth $50 and coming with160/800 Ad views/each), keeping them “active”.

For the latter requirement to be satisfied, you simply need to surf 10 daily ads placed by other members of the network. That will make you eligible for participating in the internal sharing of the company revenues.

Now, if you question the capacity of FutureAdPro to repay its advertisers’ purchases, think of the first reason of its success mentioned earlier. The list of their revenue-making products is already plentiful – and ever since its public launch in 2016, has only been getting bigger and better!

Some of the products from that list that I’d single out are:

- Car leasing (having as a partner such an industry giant as BMW)

- Branded smart phones (produced by Xiaomi and having the FutureNet logo engraved on them)

- Offline FutureNet cafes

- FutureNet Cryptocurrency (and its Cloud Mining)

- VoIP calls

- Online casino

Looks pretty impressive, huh?

But remember that however passive this opportunity is, you can’t be negligent about it: consistent earnings require consistent attention (10 ads every 24 hours)!
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Erik CryptoLove.life
1201 Followers   11 Reviews
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Last Update: 2019-10-20
I love FutureNet!

With the collapse or failure of so many programs recently; There is a unicorn company who has been around since March 2016 and now boasts over 3 million members and has been paying out DAILY while so many failed/fraud programs keep coming and going taking with them people's dreams and money.

This review/testimonial focuses on the advertising division of the company.

Future Ad Pro by FN is the biggest revenue sharing platform on the planet:

BUT ONE WITH A CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE: They are STILL Growing and PAYING Out DAILY! - they have a Healthy & Diversified external revenue source from the many other products Futur.net offers: e. G. Marketing Solutions, Games, Sports, Cars Leasing, FN Foundation, FN Cafes around the world, and even a successful cryptocurrency FuturoCoin.

FAP is the 1st and only standing, Successful NON-Ponzi Revshare - keeps growing and paying out daily.

We get to advertise to a massive database of over 2 million active members which most are essentially premium buyers from all over the world.

Some haters and trolls might say revshare traffic does not work because everyone in there just want to get their clicks fast to get their profit-share, but, if you approach your advertising with the members in mind and not just with your pockets in mind, you'll find this a very powerful advertising source. Remember, many of the members are earning thousands per week (conservative understatement) from futureadpro alone ! It's very high quality traffic if you know how to properly leverage and monetize it.

This advertising profit-sharing platform (Revshare) is the only one in the world that we can say has stood the test of time.

This is because they don't base their revenue only with the sale of adpacks like all the revshares of the past have proven to fail. Futurenet is not just a fancy website. It's a real business - genius biz model with properly diversified income streams. Keeping with the times. They already have two futurenet cafe's in europe soon expanding all over the world with the opportunity for members to buy the franchise and open one in their cities.

They also do sports sponsorships just like redbull. This alone creates massive awareness for the FN brand.

Starting to see just how powerful the futurenet brand is?

Earning Money With FutureAdPro

Here is an idea of the returns you can expect with the $50 adpacks to give you a goal to shoot for:

10 AdPacks is about 5 dollars a day

50 AdPacks is about 24 dollars a day

100 AdPacks is about 48 dollars a day

200 AdPacks is about 95 dollars a day

300 AdPacks is about 143 dollars a day

500 AdPacks is about 237 dollars a day

750 AdPacks is about 356 dollars a day

1000 AdPacks is about 475 dollars a day – The maximum amount of AdPacks

The daily pay varies based on advertising revenue which is on average 1 percent a day give or take. No guarantees.

The 3 ways to grow our adpacks are:



-Sharing with others

Do one or all 3 to get your best results. Every person results will vary based on their own commitment to success. Also note, you must watch 10 ads every 24 hours to earn that days pay.

Also, this is not all about crypto currency: you can certainly pay and withdraw in many different currencies, but you earn in US Dollars.

In a world of crypto "opportunities" whereby you can earn set returns, which inevitably most fail, Future Ad Pro is tried, trusted, tested and sustainable: maybe it is time you took a look again!

The recent launch of Futurocoin, Futurenet's own cryptocurrency based on the Dash blockchain has broken records on being the only crypto coin in the world to have been listed on an exchange just a week after its official launch. John Mcafee was actually chocked by this. And this was possible because of the huge user base futurenet has.

We can go on and on with this review and will definitely be updating this review later on but for now I'll leave you with this so you can check out what other members are saying.
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Nelson Da Silva
27 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2020-10-06
My experience with this site is a very bad one. It started off good until I made the purchase of $500 for a mining package in futurocoins. My package expired in June of 2020, and ever since the expiry date I can't login anymore. I have considered myself robbed of my $500 and whatever I earned. I am constantly emailing support about this and they send me a canned message once every 3 months more or less telling me to be patient and just forget about me. Now maybe they paying some and not paying others.

What I Like

I enjoyed it at the start, after I made big purchase of $500 mining package everything went downhill, and support went to sleep, and they wake up for a pee every 3 months or so.

What I Dislike

It turned out to be a scam for me. They robbed me.

Final Verdict

Not sure what to say? They maybe paying some and n ot paying others. My guess is the big sponsors who bring unsuspecting members are getting paid, and people like me who get a referral maybe once a year get drowned out. Until they pay me in full this site Future Net that whole network is scam. Good luck to those who join it.
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