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Last update: 2024-06-10
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Ronnie Cotton
55 Followers   5 Reviews
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Last Update: 2024-04-17
My experience with the program so far

Unlike other courses that leave you stranded with mere knowledge and no tools to execute, Funnel Freedom is your all-in-one companion, simplifying every aspect of the process from funnel building to email marketing, website management, and social media strategies. My experience so far has been awesome. The software, group support, and tech support are on point. Plus, I've made a hefty amount of recurring commissions.

What I Love

  • Free Ready-To-Use Course: Instant gratification for your email list growth.
  • One-Year Automated Email Feature: No typing emails. You get a year's worth!
  • Premade YT vids: Why reinvent the wheel when you can hitch a ride on the YouTube bandwagon? It's like borrowing your neighbor's Wi-Fi – free and easy.
  • Pitch Several High-Ticket Offers: Because who wants to put all their eggs in one basket when you can have a whole omelet? Options, baby!
  • No Cap on Content: Unlimited funnels and websites? It's like having a bottomless pit of creativity – dive in and never hit rock bottom.
  • Unlimited Contacts: Expand your audience like a magician pulling rabbits out of hats – except these rabbits are potential customers, not fluffy critters.

What I'm Not Crazy About

  • No Built-In Traffic: So, you've built your digital empire, but where are the people? Funnel Freedom won't send them your way – gotta shell out $1500 for that secret traffic sauce.
  • Too Reliant on Systems: Like leaning too hard on your GPS and ending up lost in the wilderness, relying solely on pre-made systems can leave you feeling stranded.
  • Expensive: Funnel Freedom ain't cheap, folks – it's like buying a Ferrari when you're still learning to ride a bike.
  • Confusing Choices: High-ticket offers galore, but which one to choose? It's like being a kid in a candy store – overwhelmed and slightly panicked.

Final Verdict

You know what? I'm all about it, man! As a coach helping regular folks dive into the online biz world, Funnel Freedom is like the ultimate gift wrap for affiliate marketing newbies.
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Benny Lo
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Last Update: 2024-06-09
My experience with the program so far

The creator of funnel freedom is Jonathan Montoya. He is a 7-figure affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur.

The funnel freedom is 100% cloud-based software, which means you can set it up anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

Jonathan realizes that there is power in the email list and has grown his list to over 500,000 at the time of writing this blog post. He teaches that the list is how you will get people to like, know, and trust you.

The funnel freedom software allows you to enter key information about yourself, such as your name and your social media handles, and creates a squeeze page, a lead magnet (a free affiliate marketing course), and an email campaign for your leads.

What I Like

The funnel freedom software automatically generates a squeeze page, lead magnet (free affiliate marketing course), and email campaign for the user's leads.

The lead magnet is a white-label affiliate marketing course that users can customize to some extent.

It has 1 year's worth of pre-written emails that will be automatically sent to leads, including a mix of value-based content and product offers.

It aims to provide an ‘unfair advantage‘ for affiliate marketers by automating key aspects of the affiliate marketing process.

Funnel Freedom seamlessly integrates with popular affiliate tracking platforms, ensuring accurate tracking and commission payments.

Affiliates can easily generate unique affiliate links and monitor their performance through comprehensive reporting and analytics.

By joining the affiliate program, individuals have the opportunity to leverage the power of this innovative software while earning substantial commissions and benefiting from a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

What I Dislike

It's not for newbie.

Final Verdict

In the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, Funnel Freedom emerges as a powerful solution, offering a seamless and automated approach to promoting high-ticket offers.

With its comprehensive suite of features, including ready-made content, automated email sequences, and a user-friendly funnel builder, this innovative platform streamlines the process of attracting leads and converting them into loyal customers.

Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newcomer to the industry, this cutting-edge software provides a solid foundation for success, empowering you to maximize your earning potential while saving valuable time and effort.
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Bill Saunders
85 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2024-06-10
Most people fail because they don't have a proven system to make a sale once and keep the continuous revenue flowing.

Clone a 7-figure business in just 2 seconds and start making 100% profits from your sales immediately.

Enjoy a unique dual-income system that offers both upfront earnings and passive monthly revenue on autopilot.

We're talking about a system that lets you sell a done-for-you product and earn 100% of the profits, while also benefiting from recurring monthly revenue with zero extra effort.

This system has been designed to empower you to achieve financial freedom quickly and efficiently.

Here's what you get with our system:

Master Resell Rights plus Monthly Recurring Revenue. Resell the system and keep 100% of every sale, plus enjoy ongoing revenue from monthly subscriptions.

Proven Strategies:
Leverage successful products in your niche to turn your passions into profits.

Perfect for anyone, whether you're juggling a 9-5, managing home duties, or simply passionate about sharing your interests.

Comprehensive Tools & Resources:
Benefit from follow-up emails, Done-For-You videos, additional products with private label rights that you can sell as your own and a done-for-you funnel system.

Expert Guidance:
Learn from leading experts in digital and affiliate marketing through comprehensive video trainings and live coaching sessions.

This system not only streamlines your business but also elevates your game by showing you exactly what content to post and how to convert your leads into hungry buyers.

My experience with the program so far

I have been blown away by how much Jonathan has put under the hood for the Funnel Freedom software. After only using the software for a little over 2 months, I have had 408 people sign up for the 14 day trial, and converting at around 37%. The system is very easy to setup and use.

What I Like

Funnel Freedom comes with a staggering 100+ days of follow-up messages. 15 revenue streams. Email & SMS system to reach out to your clients. Very easy to use. Support is quick and 24/7, with a great Facebook community to have questions answered and share best practices.

What I Dislike

At first you may find it a little pricy, however it very quickly starts paying for itself. To this day, I have never found a worthwhile business of any kind that you don't have to invest a little to start making money.

Final Verdict

The Funnel Freedom system is a game changer, and I see me using it for a very very long time.
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