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Last update: 2021-01-14
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Mohd Aliff Mr
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Last Update: 2020-05-13
I discovered an easiest work at home program, I couldn't believe this, I thought this was another scam but I were surprised it wasn't a scam, far from it!

What I Like

Payment received is Automatic! No withdraw request required. Program does not keep a single cent, all are Automatically credited to participants own Trust Wallet accounts.

Since then I receive 16 Ethereum ($3,000) and more instant pay again and again in my Trust Wallet, I received my initial investment of 0.05 Ethereum($12) plus profit on first day I joined, 1 April 2020

What I Dislike

Why I didn't know about this program earlier when it launched in February 2020. It's never too l ate anyway.

Final Verdict

Since it is a proven lucrative program that pays me again and again which I experienced after a thorough fact finding and investigation and I personally communicated with the Founder, Mr L Okhotsnikov of Russia and my upline Mr V Dubinin of Israel , I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt. I am giving it 5/5 score!
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Last Update: 2020-05-08
My experience with Forsage so far is great.

It's a program built with decentralising in mind which means we the end user are in control its not got any admin that can take your funds

What I Like

It's a transparent business which is hard to find in the crypto space every thing is done to make it a long tern business

I'd say it is an opportunity to accumulate income at your own pace the system is set up so that it on the blockchain and is very transparent three is no admin that controls the funds everything is done seamlessly using the smart contract

What I Dislike

It requires some work to get it moving only 3 people to get started

Final Verdict

It's a trusted program that will pay for years to come it allows you to take control of how much you earn and at your pace.
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Waheed Azeez
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Last Update: 2020-06-25
My experience with the Forsage program has been an interesting one. The system sends you Thereum daily like clockwoks, but you need to add some efforts to make it big. I started as a skeptic but later thought I should have been on the program earlier. Members are making lots of money big time and the success rate is staggering.

What I Like

What I like most about this program is it's clarity and simplicity. It is literally impossible to scam the system because of the layers of security and decentralised control system. It is also newbie friendly as no experience is needed to succeed on the program. You can consistently make $100s every single day with zero risk to your personal investment which is minimal. You only need $12 to get started.

What I Dislike

What I dislike about the program is that despite its brilliant performance, it might take you up to a week before you receive your first payment. However, as soon as the first payment goes through, the system will continue paying you ad invinitum.

Final Verdict

I recommend this program for anyone that wants to make serious money on the internet rather than peanuts.
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Roland Medve
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Last Update: 2020-06-30
Guys totally impressed with what I've seen.

Paid the 0.05 ETH and getting hits to affiliate link. Referring not totally necessary but can make big difference.

I've seen accounts with over $500,000.00. I joined the number one team in Forsage. People are earning just from the spillover without even recruiting anyone.

Joining amount only 0.05 ETH = 12 $ and Earnings 1430 ETH (Ethereum) = $302,101.80

You have nothing to lose here. One time payment for never ending payments.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2020-08-03
I have been trying to find ways to make money online and after years learning and spending money on memberships and programs that don't give results. I have finally made my first income online with this platform and I continue to make more income, so far I am happy and excited for whats more to come.

This platform gives me the opportunity to compound my investment X2 in a short period of time and I look forward to helping others achieve the same results.

What I Like

Small starting capital as little as 0.05 ETH roughly $15

100% of the income comes to members, project creators don't touch or keep your crypto

You get your payouts instantly and directly to your ETH wallet

Project is completely Decentralized

Complete Transparency you can see transactions and the income of everyone with specific IDs on the Ethereum Blockchain

What I Dislike

No lead generation system but depending on which team you join you will have access to it like our Team.

If you lose your 12 recovery phrase for your Ethereum wallet you can lose all your earnings that's why the project indicates the importance of keeping your phrase safe and to never share it with anyone.

Final Verdict

This is a project I would recommend to anyone people looking for additional income or those who are unemployed, most of us missed the Bitcoin wave and now with Ethereum the second largest Cryptocurrency, we are given a second chance to ride what I like to call the "Crypto Wave" lets ride this wave together.
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Ralph Siphiwe Maphumulo
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Last Update: 2020-08-26
My experience with the program so far

It lives up to all its claims

What I Like

It is a smart contract and runs on the blockchain network

What I Dislike

There is nothing I dislike about this program

Final Verdict

It is legitimate and sustainable
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Angela Peters
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Last Update: 2020-09-23
Forsage is a smart contract written on the ethereum block-chain. It is the first ever 100% decentralized matrix project.

The platform has 2 programs, the forsage X3 and the Forsage x4, each program has 12 income streams giving you the opportunity to earn on 24 income streams OVER and OVER again.

When I was first introduced the the platform I had never heard of words like smart contracts, ethereum, block-chain, decentralized.

These words were all new to me, I didn't even own an E-Wallet, I have to say it has been an exciting journey.

I feel like I am in the right place at the right time as smart contracts are the way of the future and I am fortunate enough to be at the beginning of it all.

I have come to think of the Forsage smart contract as a crowd funding platform where 100% of the commissions are deposited instantly and directly into the members E-Wallets.

The smart contract runs on auto-pilot according to the code that was uploaded to the blockchain, it cannot be changed or hacked.

What I Like

  • Low start up costs only 0.05 eth to register.
  • 100% Commissions Instantly & Directly to your E-Wallet
  • No Monthly fees
  • No Admin Fees
  • No Sign Up Fees
  • Ethereum Is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency second ONLY to Bitcoin
  • Developers can not change the code
  • Developers do not store any of the funds

What I Dislike

Can only use 3 wallets

  1. Meta Mask
  2. Trust Wallet
  3. Token Pocket

Final Verdict

If you are new to the world of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies like I was, it might take you a while to get your head around the concept.

However once you get it, you will never settle for earning less than 100% commissions instantly and directly.

This is the future, the world is going through a shift at the moment and the traditional way of crowd funding is dead.

Smart contracts are the future and Forsage is at the cutting edge of this trend.
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Kamozo Mouzaki
99 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2020-09-25
Forsage ingenious contract allowed tons of people to earn $300 Million in Ethereum in just a few months. This very smart system has definitely created a new and brilliant way to earn crypto currency online. This is a much needed new opportunity for the so many people stuck at home and for the others as well.

The success of Forsage on Ethereum inspired the team to write a similar but better contract on Tron blockchain. In just 2 weeks it has already paid out $12.3 Million to 102.000 members.

The time to grab this unique chance is now and all you need to do is follow the clearly explained steps:

  1. Download a Tron wallet from Google Play like Tronlink or Tronwallet or Tokenpocket if you use your phone.
  2. On your laptop or desktop you can install Tronlink Chrome Extension.
  3. The next step is to fund your wallet in Tron. You can swap Bitoin or Ethereum for Tron on any of these wallets.
  4. To join Forsage you go to the wallet DApp browser. If you choose :

    • Tronlink click on Me and on Advanced Features and DApp browser
    • TokenPocket click on Discover and DApp browser
    • Tronwallet click on the bottom left icon.

Enter my Forsage link and give it 1 minute to load.

Click on Registration, then on Tron. The automatic registration will take you on to pay the first position for 200 Trx or $7. You can pay as many positions as you want. The best strategy actually is to buy as high as possible for great and fast earns.

There are 15 positions on each one of the 2 programs X3 and X4.

If you don't want to refer people you should buy more in X4. You will get excellent rewards from all the people in the system.
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Last Update: 2020-10-30
Forsage is a popular MLM Crypto earning Program that allows user to earn Ethereum and Tron currency with 2 types of matrix referral structure on Ethereum and 3 types of matrix on Tron Blockchain, the project works on a Crowdfunding system.

The system which include X3, X4 and XGold are the best Matrix which I have seen on any other platform. I think this will help people to earn more crypto currency...
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Erik CryptoLove.life
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Last Update: 2020-08-27
So far loving the biggest pre launch of 2020 - 100% decentralized ethereum smart contract matrix.

So easy to get started and get direct payments that quickly grow into an unstoppable ethereum income machine.

What I Like

- Decentralized Application / Smart Contract Coded in the Ethereum Blockchan

- Soon the website will be on a decentralized domain. IPFS - InterPlanetary File System. This will make it the first interplanetary matrix project in history.

- No Admin Needed to Run/ can't be shut down.

- No chance of scamming out as no one can alter the smart contract.

- Forsage is leading among all MLM projects on a smart contract (according to DappRadar).

- Marketing is the most thoughtful and long-term.

- People's crypto is always in people's wallets. (decentralized)

- Owners can't shut down or run with people's money like with all current and past centralized crypto projects.

- Anyone can join at any time and even earn more than id # 1 which is the founder (founders never touch member's crypto).

- International. Anyone can join with as little as .05 Eth. And build a huge organization.

- A very lucrative business model and a breath of fresh air in a world of centralized crypto scams.

- There's members coming in and profiting 400 eth in 5 days! (individual results of course vary)

- Supportive team group chat, resources, ad-coop, live webinars and so much more.

- New video coming soon, other exciting news and more... Stay tuned.

What I Dislike

Honestly that some people still live in a bubble where they think they can just do nothing and crypto will magically fall from the sky into their wallets.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is: Don't wait for spillover. Build Your Team. You only need 3, easy to duplicate!

Those who set up funnels, conduct webinars or create videos about the project usually earn the most. (this is true for any program online, really. )

There's a cool High Converting Funnel For PLS members only. More info at forsage.1kleads.com

Even though its been over 10 years of cryptocurrency growth and history, seems like some people have been living under a rock and still don't understand the power of the second largest cryptocurrency in the world: Ethereum. I encourage you to do your own research, educate yourself more on crypto and the power of a smart contract program like this.

Final Verdict

I'm beyond excited for this program.

While this program can be intimidating for those lacking recruiting skills or ad-budget, the great thing is that it offers a very small capital start up that can be leveraged with team resources to build and grow to reach any income goals.

Treat it like a Real Business and You Will get Paid like a Real Life-Changing Business.

I'm grateful to share a safe way to help others grow lots of crypto fast.
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Last Update: 2021-01-14
Update, January,14. 2020. Recently this platform has launched X Gold Ethereum. Because of high fees (gas price) in ETH blockchain I suggest to avoid ETH Forsage smart contracts and join via Tron smart contracts platform. Also inside platform you can see some educational materials about digital marketing - that means no one can say that is without products. You need to click on gift icon and you will see educational materials. Remember signup fee via Tron smart contracts is only $5 plus just a few cents for transaction fee!

Update, September, 21.2020. salina58@abv.bg Because of big fees on the ETH blockchain, Forsage team have implemented Tron smart contracts with very small fees (only a few cents). Everything is the same, only about 100k members has joined and it is the perfect time to join into Forsage via Tron. Just choose Tron option. (expected number is about one million just like on ETH blockchain).

Update, September,2020. Philippines SEC removes allegations document - now it is safe to use in the Philippines too. No more country restrictions. From official Forsage videos you can see that in near future we can expect products from this program (Forsage team working on it! ). This is a good sign because Forsage team claim that Forsage is a crowdfunding platform.

Important update:
Country restriction. If you are citizen of the Philippines it is not safe to use it. Philippines SEC issued a warning about Forsage. For now outside of the Philippines is safe to use Forsage.

I was searching about this "Forsage" thing few days ago and my search lead me to interesting video from channel that have over 65k subscribers. This guy honestly saying that he need to think about this program and after few days will publish the new one video. In some other videos I have seen that this guy make a big money online - my next action was click on subscribe button.

After 2 days he published a new video and he finally joined into Forsage. He told everything is true and reason to join. After that video I joined.

Everything is easy even I have never used Metamask crypto wallet. I opened wallet, fund some ETH (about 0.07) for start. After I opened Metamask and funded ETH I was ready for registration: I opened his referral link (guy with 65k followers most likely will send me some referrals via matrix), connect wallet, made first purchase and I am in this big game.

After first purchase I made another 4 purchases and bought 3 slots in X3 and 3 slots in X4 mtrics. (about $90)

After just few hours first earning start coming into my Metamask wallet even if I dont have any referrals! Cashouts are automatic - you dont need to do anything - just check for new transactions - payments received inside your wallet.

Every payment is going fast - you just need to click confirm button just like while you want to log in. Fast and easy!

What I Like

Everything is decentralized, this is a real fully crypto blockchain program ever. Smart contract connect your wallet (Metamask) with your account - with program. You dont dont need to have worries that someone will hack account or email - you dont need them. Just click on sign in option inside wallet and you are logged in. No one, even big governments are not able to stop this. Forsage recognize your account via connected wallet via smart contracts.

What I Dislike

I have iOS devices and not able to use Trust wallet because it is required to have iOS 13 version but I have with last update iOS 12 version. But MetaMask wallet is also good solution and work smooth.

Final Verdict

Great program even if I dont like matrix programs. Here we have smart contract as product and system really rocks. Be aware that every program is a risk and there is no guarantee for earning but at this moment I dont see any risk with Forsage program. Of course you need to be careful with transactions and to secure your wallet properly.
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Muhammad Akbar
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Last Update: 2020-12-21
The reason I joined Forsage can drive Forsage enthusiasts to continue with their excellent efforts, pushing it ahead. I know the Forsage team in whole has done a tremendous job to pitch the company, creating a brand, harnessing the power of the community and shining in this world of established and emerging cryptocurrencies.

About me

I am someone who works online always, spending more than half the day on the internet. Above this, I am a staunch believer in earning online and a devout supporter of the Gig-economy. For a very long time, I never had a focus of working anywhere else but online.

Forsage was all across the Internet

So why did I join Forsage? The first thing is the great advertising effort of Forsage. There was a time that I would see the Forsage ads popping up on various pages. Twice or thrice per day, I would see Forsage adverts on internet.

My first reaction, and of course for a long time, was that it was a scam. So I developed a hatred of it. However, the more I saw the ads all over, the more I thought it could be a legit company. I put it on the list of potential investment opportunities. However, I could not raise the required amount of ETH to join the ETH program so easily.

A potential that is obvious even to teens

One day my child, a 13 year boy, who was doing his homework research online came running to me and said, 'Dad, I have found you an excellent platform that will pay you a lot of money. ' I froze for a moment before gaining my composure and said, 'What is it. Show me. ' So he showed me. Now, guess what I saw. Of course it was an Ad of Forsage.

I did not take action on that time, so I shelved the idea aside for some time. One day, not so long ago, one of my friends said to me: 'Do you know that TRX shall be the best crypto in the world soon. If you want to make money, buy and hold TRX. ' What he said resonated in my mind.

How I started

The soonest moment, I got some funds; I purchased TRX. I joined the Forsage Telegram group and someone assisted me. Therefore, I made my first deposit in Forsage.

When the xGold Program came, I made another deposit. Now I safely smile because I made the best decision. I know there could be many people who are still skeptical about TRX and Forsage. But the time for such skepticism is over. The best investment currently is in TRON and the best investment destination in terms of not only TRON but ETH is Forsage.

What I Like

Lessons I learned

This seems an ordinary story, but there are several lessons here.

The collective intelligence that the Forsage community shows is pulling people to join. Forsage is a community centered business model, powered by team spirit. Now, since most people know about Forsage, as individuals, it is the best time to promote your Forsage business.

Currently, Forsage has created a glorious name, a great brand which is self-selling and stands out as one of the best online opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. The prime prospects of TRON is luring many people to invest in it. The world is really watching. The various other projects running along the marketing strategy of Forsage will not compete with it. Forsage is the platform to be and an income opportunity, not only for 20202 but also beyond.

The establishment of its own token, FRS shows the focus which Forsage has. Since its community is growing every day, the value of FRS will skyrocket soon.

What I Dislike

Nothing at all. In fact I Love Forsage for giving community a new way of Earning and breaking the silence.

Final Verdict

In light of this discussion, it's clear that the Tron project is a worthwhile income project to pursue. However, to reap the best rewards in a short space of time, Forsage enables you to acquire tons of TRX. Thus, Forsage creates an enabling environment for everyone to succeed.
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