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Last update: 2023-02-09
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Robert Kunces
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Last Update: 2023-03-08
My experience with the program so far

As soon as I signed up for Easy Earn, I logged into my account and saw that I earned $25 as a sign-up bonus as promised in their ad. They say it is limited so I suggest you sign up early to not miss the bonus. You earn money by watching videos, playing games, testing apps and more, and of course with referring. They have links to various social sites and I posted my link with a few clicks.

What I Like

It was Free to join and I earned over $230 in my first hour of just posting links, watching a video and nothing else.

It's easy, fun, and easy to share. You can even watch videos while opening a new browser and still earn, I posted this while I had the video playing, After two full days I've earned over $615 spending about one hour posting and watching videos throughout the day.

What I Dislike

Not much to dislike except you do need to earn $200 to cash out. Since I've earned over $230 within my first hour, I realize, I also have the requirement of "You must invite 30 friends to cash out for the first time. " I have had hits to my site and I can buy referrals at about a little over a dollar per referral within the program and once that reqirement is met: "Once you have invited 30 friends and removed the limits, you will not need to invite new ones to withdraw your earnings. " Caution: I haven't been paid yet, after 11 days of earning($2,308) but I continue to make money.

Final Verdict

They are what they say they are, an earning network dedicated to monetizing social media traffic. They are Free to join, places are limited.

There are three easy steps to earn:

1. Join EASY EARN and earn $25 signup bonus as soon as you join! It is easy to join & they don't share your info.

2. Make money - Earn money by watching videos, playing games, testing apps and more.

3. Get Paid Get your money when and how you want to be paid, Theycan pay by mail by check, ****, Cash App, Bitcoin and other mainstream payment methods.

EASY EARN claims they are the #1 marketing network. With over $14 million paid to 300k members, with no requirements. EASY EARN lets regular users make money with social media and friends! I concur that it is the easiest money I've made online.
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