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Last update: 2021-02-13
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Michael Williams
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Last Update: 2020-12-07
With this product I have achieved a 100% open rate of my marketing messages.

I achieved this through the use of SMS messaging.

From my own personal experience I know that every text message I have ever received, I've read.

I can't say the same for my emails. Lol. Most of those. Possibly into thousands by now, remain unopened and unread.

So for me this has been far more effective than email marketing or even facebook messenger marketing.

With SMS I have no worries about account restrictions that are often doled out to me by facebook.

Also I will never fall foul of any anti-spam laws because every person I send my marketing messages to have personally provided me with their phone number with the express desire for me to communicate with them.

So you see this is a valuable marketing tool which will prove a godsend and be of great benefit to you in increasing the profitability of your business. As it has with mine.

Some Key Benefits of This Product:

The first plus for this product is the 100% commission on product sale, which is $100.

If the $100 asking price is outside of your available finance you can get started for just $10. But your first sale will be passed up to the affiliate who recommended this product.

The costs of sending texts is just $0.01 per text.

Minimum text bundle purchase is $10.

There is a monthly charge of $1 for the phone number provided.


The only downside would be that, currently, there is only the facility to promote one additional business using this service.

However there are ways around this.

Final Verdict

The one time $100 may be a big ask for some people, however the work-around of enabling clients to pass up their first referral for the service and just pay a minimum payment of $10 is a great solution.

The company site is well designed and the marketing for the product is extremely well put together and will prove a great assistant in converting leads into sales.

The multiple payment methods, which include Bitcoin, mean that there's a way for most people to get paid
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Carlos Anastacio
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Last Update: 2021-03-20
My experience with the textbot.ai so far is that this platforms helps promote any offer you tell it to promote.

Imagine having automated messages going to your prospects when they call a number, pretty amazing if you ask me.

What I Like

I can buy credits, share a number, plug in my favorite affiliate opportunity and let textbot.ai take over and follow up with my prospects. This is new technology so there might be some glitches here and there but for the most part it's an excellent platform to use as a marketing tool. Unlike email that has low open rates , people are glued to their cellphones and are more likely to open your texts.

What I Dislike

You are limited on how you use this tool, but don't really think it's an issue since the best practice would be to use textbot.ai as added tool to follow up with leads and prospects. I would recommend adding your textbot.ai number to your social media sites, email signatures and even on your capture pages. The sky is the limit. Just don't spam your number or you will get banned.

Final Verdict

Textbot.ai is affordable to the masses, depending on what specials they have you can get started for $100 with zero set up cost. Other times set up cost will be about $50 one time. Great tool, awesome technology to use in every day marketing.
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Nelson Medina
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Last Update: 2021-03-07
TextBot A. I. It is one of the best chatbot apps I have ever known, it is very simple and fun.

I believe that it exists very recently, however, it has become one of the best-selling applications in recent weeks on the internet and thanks to it, I have been able to cover a market for text messages that I did not expect to reach.

What I Like

It is very simple to operate, you only bring traffic to the application and it is in charge of selling your services and also pays commissions for sharing the app with others, it is like having a very efficient virtual assistant. It is very friendly, especially for newbies.

You can try it with a free account, and, to start promoting your business through it and earn commissions by sharing it with others, you can upgrade your account to a minimum membership of $ 100 in a single payment.

This will allow you to increase your income in a considerable and simple way.

What I Dislike

I'm very honest with you, there's actually nothing I don't like about TextBot A. I.

Final Verdict

You've also spent trying to automate tasks for your internet businesses... With TextBot A. I. And its support community make a great team that will not leave you alone at any time. We'll share additional marketing tips and tools to help you take your opportunities to the top with TextBot A. I.
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