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Last update: 2022-01-14
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Roderick Toliver
214 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2022-01-20
The program is great it has good information for newbies

What I Like

I like the Training it offers Youtube, Facebook.

What I Dislike

So far I haven't seen anything I dislike

Final Verdict

It's a good marketing tool to use for your business.
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Nelson Medina
67 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2021-03-07
Mega Marketing Pro is a simply spectacular system where you can find from free to paid earnings stream that, in addition to generating automatic income, provide excellent value for the client in training and application of digital marketing in real cases.

It integrates with other different marketing platforms and offers the client multiple ways to earn silly money with the system, such as with the client's main activities or businesses.

It is a Free Marketing system; however, within it, there are, as I said before, multiple ways to earn money ranging from:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Traffic Systems
  • Marketing funnels
  • Autoresponders

Among the most important.

My experience using this system is great, and it has brought me multiple sources of leads and referrals to my business in no time.

What I Like

Honestly, I like it the most because it is a potent system, free and straightforward to configure at the same time.

What I Dislike

I honestly have no complaints, and I can't say anything that I don't like about this system; everything is great.

Final Verdict

I was not looking for a marketing system as I have a compelling one, and I pay a modest sum of $ 54 / m for everything I have.

I entered Mega Marketing PRO because I have been following a Crypto Trading company for a year and decided to join at the end of January 2021.

When I entered the company, my sponsor sent me the link of the marketing platform, telling me in a couple of words, "this is the free marketing platform that we are using and believe me, from the first moment when I was faced with the 3 setup steps loved it.

This platform has given me great value in the automation of my tasks as in knowledge and application of digital marketing.

I recommend it with my eyes closed, and I know it will add tremendous value to you as well.

Better than this, I haven't seen anything yet

Nelson Medina
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Adam Lassak
649 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2022-04-28
My experience with the program so far

I was happy to find once I joined mega marketing pro that there were 4 easy to follow steps to set up my business and make great use of my own autoresponder(optional). I enjoyed setting up my e-mail series and tailoring them to my liking and I even had a chance to edit my lead capture page they offered me to promote the site. I was also pleased to find that I had a place in the back office to promote two programs or businesses of my choice to all of my incoming downline members.

What I Like

I like the well made training videos and simple set up instructions provided to set up my own personal sales funnel.

What I Dislike

There is so much inside the member site that it can get confusing at times although the owner goes through great lengths to make sure he provides plenty of value and simple steps to follow for all members.

Final Verdict

I like this site and marketing system and I actively promote it. The admin/owner is active and very helpful with his members. I feel comfortable using the system.
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