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Last update: 2021-12-27
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Chris Deal
279 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-16
Personal Experience: I joined immediately when I heard the launch of Mailsy. I'm part of the first 1000 members of this new safelist program. I get to promote my blog and got viewers immediately. I got a few signups to the other programs I promote too.

Like: Very nice commissions scheme of upto 50%. Cheapest upgrade of $7 per month or get the maximum benefit by upgrading to a year membership for only $77 and get 30,000 credits per month to promote other money making programs.

Dislike: Very simple similar to Twitter.

What makes it different: It's new but soon it will be part of my long time list of safelists that have been paying me commissions all the time.
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Daren Hood
35 Followers   4 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-04
Hello everyone my name is Daren Hood and I am young Business Entrepreneur.

I use a lot of Safelist mailers to help build my online business.

I came across a really good deal of 1000 FREE credits at a up and coming mailer called MAILSY!

So I decided to take it for a spin and to my surprise have been getting great results just from the free mailing.

I decide to take the upgrade it was I real no brainer! You get 30,000 mailer credits monthly for only $15.00 WOW! I can mail to the list every other day and the list is responsive getting me a 4% click thru rate on every mailing and I am very happy with the results since my list has been growing with each submission.

So far I have found nothing negative to say about this mailer.

But on the other hand if you are looking for a mailer that gets real results and sign ups, you should give this a try. What you got to lose? It's Free with 1000 free credits after joining.

So good luck to you my friend in your venture.

Daren Hood
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1421 Followers   9 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-01-18
This is currently one of my top recommendations when it comes to safelist sites. While other safelist sites might let you mail more often, the difference with mailsy is how responsive this list is. If you upgrade on this site, you can easily start bring in signups for your programs each and every month.

Another thing that I really like about this site is how simple the design is. It cuts out a lot of the BS that you typically find on safelist sites. You've probably seen this time and time again on other safelist sites. It's the features that you can't use unless you upgrade to the highest level or some poor attempt at getting you traffic/signups that is outdated or simply doesn't work.

At mailsy, you'll find a mailer, text ads, and banners. It doesn't get much simpler than that! And with the free signup bonus, you can start mailing to members as soon as you join. Try it for yourself!
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Clive Anderson
110 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2021-12-29
If traffic was branches and trees, then Mailsy is the chainsaw that cuts away the branches, allowing you full access to the tree-trunks, "The Real Source of Traffic. "

I joined Mailsy in 2018 as a means of driving traffic to my websites, but I soon realised there was a driving force behind this system that was getting my adverts across to the right people.

That's the thing with any source of traffic system online. If the traffic you're getting from it isn't suited to your projections, then you're just shooting your efforts into the wind.

The thing I like about Mailsy is the leads are authentic and beneficial to income systems and such-like. The results are worthwhile and I upgraded within a week.

What I think about Mailsy as a Safelist Mailer is that they have pretty much got their act together really well and it all works like clockwork. I've had consistent results over the years and love the fact you can create html messages in the email system they have.

The owner is very approachable and helps out straight away without fuss.

Dislikes, if I had to list would only possibly be superficial and include things like promo graphics etc. Nothing really on the scale of things as the results are what counts here and Mailsy provides plenty of them.

My Final Verdict would be that Mailsy is a system that works, when people use it, they gain results, and as that is basically the bottom line for what online marketers are looking for then Mailsy is a real winner in my eyes. "I wouldn't dream of not using it. "

Clive Anderson
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