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Last update: 2020-10-18
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Mashell Chapeyama
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Last Update: 2020-10-18
Levelnaut offers an educational service to online income earners. It teaches people about legit and profitable online opportunities. All the opportunities that Levelnaut has are legit and profitable. Within a month of dealing with Levelnaut, I am able to market my products. I have also started earning an income.

What I like

The cost of starting is small, only $10 for the first package of $10.

I get free business mentorship and tutoring. You do not pay any additional money for these.

I have a choice to invest in both cryptocurrency and fiat projects.

There is option for me to pay for the package in fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

There is 24/7 support.

The company has a well-paying referral system.

Within a short period, I am almost an expert affiliate marketer due to the coaching I get daily, through my native language.

What I dislike

The $10 you pay is not an investment that accrues interest.

The referral system is only three levels deep.

Final Verdict

Levelnaut is a great site for people who have no enough knowledge and experience for working online. It also guarantees returns within a short period of time such as 2 months.
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