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Last update: 2020-02-10
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Loratadine Shack
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Last Update: 2020-02-10
FeelingSurf is an autosurf, which is a system for exchanging automatic traffic among members. I have been getting about 4000 hits per day from it. You can download and install a program which makes the hits, or they have a web based surfbar so you can use your browser. Whichever you choose, you can leave FeelingSurf running and collect hands-off traffic.

FeelingSurf offers a decent amount of control over the visits you will get. Options include:

- the traffic source (HTTP Referer) can be direct, from FeelingSurf or a custom location of your choice if upgraded
- upgraded accounts can geotarget their hits
- upgraded accounts can get hits from certain devices only, eg desktop, mobile phone or tablet
- the visit length can be fixed or random, with durations from 10 to 300 seconds
- upgraded accounts have access to bounce reduction, where some links are randomly followed to simulate engagement
- the amount of hits per hour can be limited to avoid overdosing with traffic

There is also a PTC feature, where you can click to view sites and earn credits. Or you can spent credits you have earned via the autosurf on having your sites as PTC targets.

One unique feature I enjoy is that their program does not have a window to show the site being viewed. Other autosurfs with special programs to install typically open a window that automatically shows one site after another as it is being visited. That makes it difficult to run them on a computer you are using for other things due to the distraction. But with FeelingSurf, you can install their program and leave it running minimized with no fuss.

Free accounts are limited to only 2 site slots, so if you want to promote a wide range of offers, this will be problematic. A somewhat mitigating factor is FeelingSurf automatically approves your sites, so you can change them without a delay for manual review.

Also, because FeelingSurf has a windowless viewer, only the users of the browser based surfbar will see your offers. In my experience, autosurfs do get low yet nonzero conversion rates, so people do look at them. But for FeelingSurf, you will probably find a conversion rate lower than normal for autosurfs.

If your aim is purely to get traffic hits, and user engagement or conversion isn't in the picture, then I think the FeelingSurf windowless viewer system is a very tidy solution.
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