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Last update: 2020-09-06
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Mike Savage Jr.
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Last Update: 2019-12-08
My experience with the program so far is turning out great. I'm liking the results from buying Ad Packs, leading to more Advertising for what I'm promoting. Yes we can earn free advertising credits just by viewing/visiting other peoples ads. CST Bonus is great to earn while viewing ads, three great way's to earning in this unick advertising platform.

What I Like is that you don't need anyone in your downline to sponsor. If you do sponsor and they become inactive that won't stop you from earning income back. Sponsoring is optional but if you do you'll have months to years of affiliate commissions. That's more money for you being that much more active.

What I Dislike about this advertising opportunity is not very much to zero complaints from me.

Final Verdict

Even as a free member you will earn as you buy your own Ad Pack. Up-grading is optional from the start to life long membership or free membership.

You can test drive as a free member and start making money online without telling a single person. The choice is yours just like many existing members.
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Last Update: 2020-09-06
Quick update, May,13.2020.

As promised update when I will receive first cashout after reopening is here. I requested cashout on May,9. And received on May, 10. News: there is a new adshares type with name FX365. That means duration is 365 days or when ROI reach 150 % (what comes first). Earning (cashback) depends about market status at the moment but you can expect return for new type adshares (FX365) about 1.5 % daily and for old adshares about 1% daily (I have both types adshares and this numbers are from my own experience). That means about 3 months will last to reach expected ROI. Notice: old adshares you cant buy anymore but still have earning until reach expected old ROI (127.5 %). Price is the same: $5 per adshare with 250 advertising credits. ROI is increased from 127.5 to 150 %. If will be some significant changes I will make a new update. 4 stars will go to 5 stars now because this cashback advertising network pays members since 2018.

Important update, April,18.2020.

CryptoSurf has been reopened. Mark Dosier has come back and everything will be as usual with CryptoSurf advertising cashback network. There are some changes regarding purchases because of stability. New update will be when I will receive first cashout after reopening. For now I will give 4 stars but probably with new update about cashout change to 5 stars.

From March, 18. 2020. Earning has been stopped. Admin reason is world corona crisis and bitcoin big drop to $3700. Now Bitcoin has back to $6000+ but there is no any changes and any news from admin. Maybe this world crisis is just excuse to scam people. Good thing that I received cashout on March, 18. (cryptosurf site). He could just disappear. Also admin stopped with purchase option. Still believe that Mark Dosier will come back. Until any fresh news dont recommend this site and any other from his big network. I will update this review when I will know any news.

My Previous Review:

I joined in this program in December, 2018. In beginning I was a little sceptical because not so good experience with revenue share (cashback advertising) programs, such as trafficmosoon and some others.

But because I was already in some other programs from Mark Dosier such as WePayCommissions, WeeklyICO I decide to try it.

First I bought few ad packs to see how it works. Everyone can afford to try it because ad packs are $5 and cashback is 127. 5 % plus 250 credits - 250 visits to your sites.

Hits delivery is petty fast and good quality (I promote my blog and I see avg duration is much better in compare with similar traffic sources)

Great thing is that you can start for FREE and collect every day FREE CST tokens for viewing ads, then later you can use tokens for ad packs or advertising.

But real game will start if you decide to be serious and make yearly exclusive upgrade:

For $67 you will get auto promotion from admin through his very popular ViralTECoop site in next 365 days: special splash page with your CryptoSurf referral link in rotation with additional 2 banners - you can advertise inside your 2 popular programs. In this upgrade you will also receive additional 3 solo ads (on-site), 2 solo ads monthly - 27 solo ads in 1 year total.

You will also receive:

- 1500 credits (page visits) monthly

- 7500 banner credits (impressions) monthly

- 1:1 earning credits ratio (instead 3:1)

- 6 seconds surf timer (instead 10)

- 50 url slots (instead 3)

- higher CS tokens rewards

- 40 % affiliate commissions from advertising/upgrade (instead 10%)

- for adshare earning boost is required to surf 3 sites only (instead 20)

I received many referrals from this promotion: in cryptosurf and other 2 programs.

What I Like

Admin is very trusted and proven in several programs. Daily surf is not required for daily earning. If you want faster earning you can get it surfing 20 ad daily as free member or only 3 sites if you are Exclusive member. (earning booster)

Also from time to time you will get extra earning if market is bullish. Usually extra 1% per ad share. Account is very secured - every withdrawal an/or payment processor change needs to be confirmed via email. Several payment option are supported, in my experience the best option is LiteCoin because of small fees. Also hits to your sites have fast delivery in compare with similar sites and traffic is good. Even as free member you can earn and advertise converting CS tokens.

What I Dislike

Traffic quality is good in compare with other similar sites (sources) but you can't expect some big results from advertising. There is typo in offer: it says 1 solo ad monthly but you will receive 2 solo ads monthly in yearly exclusive membership.

Final Verdict

This is a long term program. Trusted admin, good traffic, stable passive income. Cashback advertising is good solution if traffic is good like on CryptoSurf. Even as free member you can earn and advertise here.
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